Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Minute

I do enjoy the Monday Minute and answering the questions...It is fun. This I get from Christy at Happilyalawmama blog. I have no idea how to do the link so I thought I would just spell this out. Anyhoo here are my answers...

1. Would you consider yourself an artistic person?

Hell Ya! I love creating with my cards and writing. I love interior decorating...No I do not believe in painting wood! I do not understand a beautiful old door, baseboards or furniture with lovely oak, walnut, mahoghany wood and then these so-called designers paint over it...are ya nuts!!! Paint over old crap, sure but not beautiful wood. I have seen them paint antique furniture...Antique!!! Are they nuts??? Oops that is for another question I guess. I do digress which means I follow a less logical form of thinking. I believe in stream of consciousness thinking and let the mind fly away. My boss would agree with this statement since I can just mix him up with my talk and he shakes his head and then says "Jesus Christ" ever so slowly and in a low voice. He is logical, says less than 5 words, numbers man...snore...

2. If you could automatically learn to speak another language, what language would you choose?

Esperanto! It was supposed to be the universal language. In fact there was a whole movie made in the language of Esperanto starring....William Shatner! Not Kidding, One day I will see this..I must see this. It is just too weird. Not Esperanto?? OK How about Latin? The official dead language that only a few priests and geeks now know. I took latin for 5 years in high school and I enjoyed it but it is one tough language. Having to memorize masculine, feminine and neuter is one thing but then one had to learn the 6 different endings for I, You, You polite, we, they and they polite...I don't know, something like that, and the 6 were different for verbs, adjectives, pronouns and then, to get really confusing there were 6 for the present, 6 for the past, 6 for the past perfect...OK I am tired now. Never mind...I think I would want to learn German. I know some already and I do like the is so rough and ready. Gotta love that.

3. How long does it take to clean your house?

I thought the mice did that? It feels so good when the house is clean...and then the next day have to clean again. Rather mean isn't it. I wonder how many hours we spend in our life time! Dusting can be the worst 'cos those dust particles just come back like that annoying birthday candle you blow out only to come back til you take that damm candle and dunk it under water. Oh yeah back to how long...well if I do just a quick clean-1 1.2 hrs but if I do a thorough clean 4 hours if not more and then I am done and wasted the day cleaning when I could have been out sipping wine somewhere enjoying a lovely day..Oh I do rant:)

4. What colour shoes are you wearing?

I am wearing my nice comfy slippers in a steel blue. Before that, my comfy hiking boots in brown with green and purple on it too. I can't wait for summer and go barefoot. The day before..I borrowed Lady GaGa's shoes in sparkling silver that were so high and bent my feet to such a degree I thought they were bound up like the old tradional Chinese ladies. It was sooooo much fun walking, falling and then breaking my lip open on the curb (just kidding). I was so happy to look like a freak from Star Trek.

5. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

Blue, blue, blue. Any kind of blue. I LOVE blue. In fact when I was 3 I asked my mom for blue paint (she was painting at the time). She asked me why? I obviously told her "Because I wanted to paint my dog blue". I did not get the paint. Blue means the sparkling sky that whisper heaven. It conjours up the dreams of the ocean that gives life to all. Would it not be great to have a dip in the beautiful waters of the Caribean....let's dream:)

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  1. I am so with you on the whole NO PAINTING WOOD!!!! LOL!! Hubby and I agree on this 100% I don't get it! People paint over gorgeous wood...WHY?!!