Thursday, March 30, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks: TV Edition- Book Adaptations


TV time again and it's all about shows adapted from a book(s). This was a toughie for me. One came into my head right away but I struggled a bit since my brain is slowed from all the rotten weather. Today, it was sunny  then the winds picked up, rain followed by blizzard conditions and now it's a balmy -1. Hey, I wouldn't be a true Canadian if I didn't bitch about the weather. Head on over to Wandering through the Shelves to see what the others have chosen. Here are my 3...

1. PLAYHOUSE 90- 1956-1960

This was a weekly anthology series with some great stars and directors doing a live version( for the first year) before it was taped. Some of these TV renditions were later made into films like "Requim for a Heavyweight" and "The Days of Wine and Roses". Many of these shows were adapted from books. I haven't seen all episodes but I have seen a few, like Requim and this was stellar TV. The 50s had some great TV...can you imagine this being on regular TV now? I mean,  how can it compete  with the Kardashiasses and the real Love Boat? Our brains have really shrunk to walnut size.


Michael Landon went from Bonanza fame a studly Little Joe Cartwright to PA Ingalls, a dad with a wife and 3 girls..the middle one being half-pint, Laura Ingalls who wrote the stories of her family many years later. I read them when I was a kid and I was surprised at the differences but I was a kid and didn't know any better. I still love watching the show but PA Ingalls is a lousy carpenter. Everyone else seems to have a nice home where his family looks like they are in s big outhouse. The novels are simple but the tv show isn't and made a star out of Melissa Gilbert. Some episodes are amazing.

3. POLDARK-2015-2019

I've spoken about this series before but it's such a good show and Aiden Turner is so damn nice to look at that I had to talk about it again. Poldark comes back to England, from the war in the Americas, to find out people thought he was dead for the past 5 yrs. His dad is dead, his home is a shambles and his fiancée is engaged to his cousin. That's the first 15 minutes and it goes on from there where we get involved with Poldark  as he gets involved with dastardly plots against him and his land, war in France and politics. We get involved with other characters as well like a good doctor, a nasty pissant who marries his fiancée, his beautiful wife and her brothers  and more. It's well acted, written and the cinematography is excellent. 

Which TV shows can you think of that came from books?

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Happy Anniversary!

I love my Harley and I believe my former in- laws would have too. They loved dogs and knew how to train dogs! Dad( not my Daddy) had trained the dogs that, when they went camping, he would just tell Trixie to pack and she would bring her leash, bed, and dog bowl to the camper. I bet they could have trained Harley to behave around food. He grabbed the chicken bone, again, off my plate and, this morning, he got another bone off the ground plus a sandwich in the plastic wrap! We have to get a better doggie muzzle. Anyway, March is rough for my ex because his brother died on March 1st, 6 yrs ago; dad died on March 14th; mom's( my other mom) birthday is the 18th and their wedding anniversary was on the 25th. Mom passed away April 14th, I believe. Dad followed that next March over 10 yrs now. I like to send a tribute to these 2 dog loving, camping loving, wonderful people who got married back in 1950.  Here are the top songs from that time...


This song was written by Ray Evans and Jay Livingston for the film, " Captain Carey U. S. A." In 1949 but became famous by Nat King Cole's smooth vocals.


My daddy hated this song because his brother's wife's name was Irene and he wasn't overly fond of Auntie Irene..maybe because she was not not the faithful sort. I liked this song and had no clue this was done by the famous Leadbelly back in 1933. Apparently, he was inspired by a song  named, " Irene, Goodnight," by Gussie Lord Davis back in 1883.


This song, written by Pee Wee King with lyrics by Redd Stewart back in 1946, was released in 1948 but became most famous by Ms. Page. I can see mom and dad dance to this. I bet they are dancing to this now.

Miss You and Love You.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks- March Sucks


Harley loves to go out into the snow and slip and slide like a goof. He loves being held...but not held I hate March and the weather because we can get snow, sleet, sun, rain and back to snow all in 1 day. This happened a couple of weeks back. It was snowing when we went into the grocery store but was raining when we came out. We went to another store and 10 minutes later, it was whipping icy snow pellets onto our face. Ughh! Keeping that in mind, I thought I would choose 3 films that spark this fun.

So...yesterday, was my Oscar songs- who won, who was nominated and who came up with nuttin. The winner was " The Last Time I Saw Paris" and boy, was Jerome Kern pissed for winning! Yup, you got that right because he created this song a few years before and Kate Smith sang it on her radio show frequently. He thought it was ludicrous to win for a song that was old. Due to this win, the Academy changed the rules where a song had to be introduced in the movie. The nominated song was "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and the song that got nuttin was "So Near and Yet, So Far." Actually, "Chattanooga Choo Choo" was supposedly the favourite to win...oh well.

Now back to the storms...


I spoke about this film before but I do like it and the rain is important. You have Myrna Loy as a married woman, in India, who is a bit free with her wandering eye. She meets up with an old flame and they share more than just talk. Enter dashing Tyrone Power as a selfless doctor who gives to the people who need it.  Of course  Myrna falls for him just as the rains come along with the cholera. This is an exciting picture as well as a romance thayvi can watch again and again.

2. THE ICE STORM- 1997

I remember the ice storm that crippled much of Quebec. It was quite devastating to put it mildly  and one that took a few lives. This film takes place in 1973 with all the harvest gold and ugly fashions in tow. You are witness to 2 families who are imploding and we are witness to it as we see kids experiment with sex and drugs while the adults do the same. It stars Kevin Kline, Joan Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Christina Ricci, and a bad ice storm.

3. EVEREST-2015

I just rewatched this film and it is so good albeit sad because it's based on the true story of a failed expedition to the top of Everest. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Josh Brolin who lead people up to the top. The unfortunate disaster is the weather because a blizzatd suddenly springs up and it lasts. You see how the people try to make it down and some do but some don't. This disaster occurred in 1997 and one can still see a couple of the people up there to this day because the bodies are not brought down but are left where they died. I have no desire to go there and see the bodies who look like they are asleep.  From what I know it's like a traffic jam going up the summit, of live people not the dead ones,... No thank you.

Any storms you can relate to that were made into movies? 

Oh, rain for the next 2 days but might become snow by the weekend....I hate March.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Oscar Songs-1941


It’s 1941 and  the World War is raging and the Oscars keep going strong. This year it was a bit of a controversy with the songs but I won’t say what for…yet. You know the drill, which one won, which was nominated and which was neither.  So, let’s get on with the show…


These gals were big during the war years and this was one of their biggest hits, written by Hugh Prince, with lyrics by Don Raye. This song, performed by this legendary sister group was from the Abbott & Costello film, “Buck Privates.”


This is a lovely song written by Cole Porter for this wonderful musical, “You’ll Never Get Rich” starring Astaire and the lovely Rita Hayworth who, apparently, was Astaire’s favourite dance partner. I love the dancing.


This is just a beautiful song written by the great team of Jerome Kern (music) and Oscar Hammerstein 11 (lyrics), before Hammerstein met Rodgers. It’s been recorded several times and was written at a time when Paris fell so the sadness is all too real. This was from the film, “Lady, Be Good.”

So, which film won the Oscar, which was nominated and which got neither?

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Thursday Movie Films-Hollywood


I’m inspired by Wandering Through The Shelves, who has reduced her posting themes to twice per month, to keep posting weekly but I’m choosing my own themes. Since the Oscars were just on( I talked about them on my previous post, with some Hollywood songs), I decided to keep with the Hollywood theme and chose 3 films that’s all about Hollyweird ( like that, Stephen) and I have a little bit of a theme within a theme…

1. A STAR IS BORN-1937

I decided to choose this early version of this oft filmed story somewhat based on a true story ( either based on Elizabeth Bergner’s marriage or Barbara Stanwyck’s first marriage). It’s all about a young woman who wants to make it in Hollywood who meets an alcoholic film star who sees her potential. They fall in love but as her film star rises, his declines. This is a really excellent film starring Janet Gaynor and Frederic March as the 2 lovebirds and they are so good in their roles with Janet exuding sweetness but strength dealing with the man she loves who selflessly promotes her star power. I do prefer the Judy Garland version the best but this is a good one to see.


This film stars Kirk Douglas as a son of a famous film producer who also makes a mark for himself but on the backs of 3 of his former friends, a writer, an actress and a director. A movie producer mogul, played by Walter Pidgeon, brings these 3 together, Dick Powell, Lana Turner and Barry Sullivan and we learn, in flashback, how the producer, brought them to success but at a cost. Each one wants to kill him but, without Kirk, each one would not be famous. They are all a success. This is, apparently, based somewhat on Val Lewton, who was a producer and director most famous for his atmospheric, eerie films like “Cat People.” This film is well done with Kirk Douglas playing a bit of a slime and exceeds at it. Gloria Grahame won a Best Supporting actress Oscar as the wife of the writer.


I normally discuss the earliest film first but I wanted to showcase Hollyweird from a newcomer to established to, finally, forgotten. This is a great film and one that angered some like Louis B, Mayor who thought Billy Wilder, the director, should have been horsewhipped. I spoke about this film before but it is a must see with William Holden as a has been writer on the lamb from 2 guys who want to repossess his car. He takes a turn into an old place from yesteryear and meets a stern butler, the Lady of the house who seems larger than life and a dead chimp. Soon he realizes he has met the once, great Norma Desmond who was a major, silent film star but now is forgotten living in a decaying mansion that once hosted huge parties. Gloria Swanson just nails it as the slowly going insane Norma as does Holden as the insensitive cad who succumbs to Norma’s advances but doesn’t mind being used. So much of this film has great references to what was the dream time of Silent Cinema. Gloria was a famous silent film star who worked with Cecil B DeMille many times and, yes, he did truly call her Little Fella. Erich Von Stroheim, who plays her butler was a famous director during the silents and the house was one of many mansions, most now gone to the developers’ wrecking ball, sadly. I love Mae Murray’s reaction upon seeing this film ( she was a famous actress who, today, would be a reality star but a better one than the dreck that’s on today), “None of us floozies was ever that nuts.” I love that quote.

What a Hollywood films can you think of?

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Going Hollywood!


If I was sitting behind that irritating cloud, out would come my scissors!

I'm all about Hollywood and, of course, I watched the Oscars. First, I picked 3 songs that just work for me and I am adding this to the Monday Music Moves Me post. Here are 3 songs I hope you enjoy...


This was the first song that popped into my head and I had to use Der Bingle's version. This was from. The 1933 film of the same name written by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown.


This was written by Johnny Mercer ( lyrics) and Richard Whiting (music). The lyrics have some slang and other things in it that we may not know but I do like that the one lyrics makes it a fact that a hatcheck girl can be a star if she does more than just act. The casting couch was already around for decades...sadly. This is sung by Frances Langford and Johnny Davis.


I hope this is the song....This is also from a movie of the same name starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis when they wouldn't even talk to each other. It was the last film they made together. The song was written by Sammy Fain( music) and Paul Francis Webster ( lyrics). Dean always sings so well ...I do like his voice.


Of course,  I watched the whole thing and it went rather swiftly kn 3.5 I thought Jimmy Kimmel was quite good but would have loved to have seen Ricky Gervais there. I'm so happy Michelle Yeoh won (Michelle Williams looked less enthusiastic with her sad clapping) as well as Ke Huy Quon who I last saw as a kid, with Harrison Ford, in the 2nd Indiana Jones movie. Funny, Kimmel was right, 2 stars from the movie, "Encino Man" won Oscars- Ke Huy Quon and Brendan Fraser. Angela Bassett looked pissed not winning the Golden calf, um , I mean the Oscar, Jamie Lee Curtis did and others seemed....hungry. 

2 bad things- Hugh Grant is a scrotum for being condescending, rude and obnoxious to the interviewer, plus size model Ashley Graham, who is not a professional at this. He was an ass! The second was the In Memorium part where they gave more to dumbass Lenny Kravitz singing with sunglasses on, than to the people who deserved more than a split 2nd on the screen. They gave Irene Cara some love but Angela Lansbury just a quick picture? Really? Here are the people they missed and I'm just mentioning some of the actors: Marsha Hunt, Stella Stevens, Nehemiah Persoff, Robert Blake, Anne Heche, Tom Sizemore, Leslie Jordan, Paul Sorvino, Charlbi Dean ( she was in Triangle Of Sadness which was up for 3 Oscars), Pat Carroll, Barbara Walters ( she did all those Oscar interview specials for years), Bo Hopkins, L. Q. Jones, Sacheen Littlefeather, Robert Morse, Virginia Patton, Andrew Prine, Henry Silva, Sylvia Syms, Topol, Jean Louis Trintignant, David Warner, plus more..add if you want.

Now, I got 19 oscar guesses right! That's pretty good if I say so myself. I missed with Best Score whom, I think, should have gone to Babylon. That music still resonates with me where the others don't. 

Now, to bore you even more I'm choosing 5 best and 5 worst outfits. There were a lot more blecchhs out there than wow, that's beautiful but I tried my best.


Malala Yousafzai

Andie McDowell

Salma Hayek

Angela Bassett 

Jessica Chastain 

Yes, I love glitter...sue me. I didn't choose some others because I didn't like their attitude on the carpet. 


Florence Pugh- Spanx + Bedsheets

Jessie Buckley- Evil Queen dressed badly

Tems- got caught in a cloud of shame

Melissa McCarthy- she farted red

Leslie Petersen- Barbie has an off day

OK.. ...2 more 1 good and 1 bad, Gorgon Star Trek Bad

Kerry Condon 

Janet Yang in Shimmer Gorgon look from Star Trek.

Which is your favourite and which is your worst? Watch any of it? Think of any Hollywood songs?

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks- Movies Loosely Based on Books


Wandering Through The Shelves  picked an interesting theme which put my thinking cap on. I believe I chose some good movies that work so here are my 3...

1. KISS ME KATE-1953

This fun musical stars Katherine Grayson and Howard Keel as a divorced  couple who play opposite one another in a musical version of the "Taming of the Shrew". The problem  is that these 2 bicker just like their Shakespearian counterparts. This is a funny, fun and musically gifted film with Ann Miller, Tommy Rall, Bob Fosse, and Keenan Wynn rounding out the cast.


I decided to choose this original  film version rather than the remake with Eddie Murphy because this was Jerry Lewis’s baby. I am not a huge fan of Lewis and, to be Frank ( or Ralph or Archie), I found this character annoying... both the nerd and Buddy Love. I can't help but think Jerry Lewis was closer to his Buddy Love character. Anyway....nerdy scientist decides to take a potion which turns him into a suave, handsome man about town but who is rude and obnoxious. The object of the dual Lewis is nerdy scientist teacher's student played by Stella Stevens ( she recently died). Unfortunately, the potion wears off at the most inopportune times. This movie is based on Stevenson's, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


This is an excellent film where the back story on the making of this film is just ad crazy. This film is based on the Joseph Conrad book, Heart of Darkness but, instead of the Congo, the film takes place duringbthe Vietnam War. Martin Sheen ( who suffered a heart attack while making the film) is required to go deep into the jungle and kill insane soldier, played my Marlon Brando. You join in with Sheen as he travels up the river  to kill Kurtz. I get mesmerized by many scenes and the music is excellent. This is a true classic.

So...what films can you piece together from a book  you have read?

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

I Am In Charge of a 4 Day Festival!


So, I can’t resist. Monday Music Moves Me that I find over at Curious As A Cathy, suggested that you have the ability to create a 4 day concert of music with people, living or dead ( in the case of the Rolling Stones…the Undead) to be part of your musical festival. I have to participate so this is lengthy but, you might like it…appreciate it? Oh well, I love it so, so there🤪.


ABBA ( well, duh!)


This was one of the very first songs I heard from this group I love so much. 


I think ABBA could create a song that, sounds, almost, classical. I think of my best friend, Loretta, when I hear this song. We are THE best of friends.




From their iconic album, “ Days of Future Passed”, I find this piece haunting.


This is also from the same album and, maybe, their most famous song, understandably so. I love this s well as the lament.



I was a weird child as this guy was one I really wanted to see. I loved watching him on PBS especially when he conducted his famous symphony( due to him) during the July 4th celebrations. To me, he is one of the best conductors ever.


Yes, lengthy but Tchaikovsky never sounded so good….I hope



I love Andre Rieu and his beautiful orchestra where the men are dressed in their best penguin attire and the women look like princessessesss. My mom loved him and we saw him twice and…I will be seeing him in Toronto with my mom’s best friend…who doesn’t know that yet, late Christmas and birthday present. Carl Orff’s music never sounded so good.


Guess who wrote this beautiful piece? He was 19 years old when he wrote this waltz in 1964 but was too scared to ever have it performed until his wife sent it to Andre Rieu who decided to premiere it with this man in the audience. Who is this man? Yup, Anthony Hopkins, that’s who. 

Who would you have perform at your 4 day music fest?

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Star of the Month



BIRTH: March 3, 1911

DEATH: June 7, 1937

AGED: 26 yrs old

DIED FROM: Cerebral Edema caused by uremic poisoning due to Kidney failure

REAL NAME: Harlean Carpenter

NICKNAME: Baby-she thought that was her real name until she went to school. Sis but only by Clark Gable. The Blonde Bombshell; The Platinum Blonde

MARRIAGES: 3-a rich playboy, Charles McGraw(1927-1928), Producer, Paul Bern (1932), Harold Rosson (1933-1934)

AFFAIRS: Abner Zwillman, notorious mobster; Max Baer, a famous boxer.

ENGAGED: William Powell

TALENT: Knew how to make sex OK before and during the censorship stronghold. 

KNOWN FOR: Being Godmother to Bugsy Siegel’s daughter. Cradled the famous dog, Rin Tin Tin when he was dying of old age. She was known for her peroxide, bleached hair and extreme, penciled in eyebrows. Wearing a lot of white gowns and, no underwear so had to, apparently, dye her pubic hair platinum. Took ice cubes to her nipples so they would stick out from the outfits she wore. 

This is one famous, classic film star that Marilyn Monroe idolized and where that term, blonde bombshell, was coined( by Howard Hughes). She was pretty free-spirited even though she and her mom were extremely close. Her mom credited herself for making “Baby” famous when, in fact, she and her mobster husband, often took advantage of their daughter’s fame and money.  When Harlow married Paul Bern, an MGM Producer, married, no one expected he was to die 2 months later leaving behind a note ending it with, “Remember, last night was only a comedy.”  The suicide by gunshot still stands but I don’t buy it nor do I buy that he had underdeveloped genitalia because, simply, this gal would never have  been with him as she loved sex, in my humble opinion. I believe, like a book I read ( I can’t think of it now…Maybe, it’s called “Deadly Illusion.”) that he was still married to his first wife whom he had institutionalized and never told anyone. She escaped and he had to tell his “new” wife about his actual wife but asked Jean to leave so he could talk to his first wife. This first wife shot and killed Paul Bern with MGM execs covering up the fact that their star was involved with a bigamist. His first wife was found a few days later, drowned and, it seems, she jumped off a bridge into the river. Jean Harlow never talked about it.  She married her 3rd husband, with his understanding, since they were good friends, to ward off unwanted publicity from her affair with the boxer, Max Baer because his wife was going to name Harlow in the divorce proceedings. 

She met and fell hard for William Powell who was quite a bit older than her, but they seemed to be quite happy until she started to get weaker. People commented on how she looked ashen and bloated but, when she saw a doctor, he misdiagnosed her. She was making her last film, Saratoga Trunk with her friend and oft-filmed companion, Clark Gable when she collapsed on set. When Gable went to visit her,  he could smell urine on her breath but, by this time, it was too late and, she died at only 26. For decades and, in many of my books, it was written that Her mother, Mama Jean, a devout Christian Scientist, refused to have her looked at by a doctor, but that seems to be debunked and, let’s face it, MGM would never let one of their stars languish like this without a doctor because she was too much of a commodity for them.

She was actually too young to die.


1. Hell’s Angels-1930

2. Public Enemy-1931

3. Platinum Blonde-1931

4. Red-Headed Woman-1932

5. Red Dust- 1932

6. Dinner At Eight-1932

7. Bombshell-1933

8. China Seas-1935

9. Wife Vs Secretary-1936

10. Libeled Lady-1936

Friday, March 3, 2023

What I Watched in February


I feel, and know, I watched more than what I post but I already talked about it or I came across it and didn’t see the whole thing, so I don’t talk about those missteps. I also watch animal shows and the news and, sometimes, I find the animals are more humane than what I see on the news. So let’s get going and I am going to try to limit how much I gab…


1. GLORY-1989

Excellent and true film about a young Col. Shaw, played by Matthew Broderick, who commands the first African-American regiment with expert performances by Denzel Washington(he won the Oscar for this role), Morgan Freeman and Andre Braugher( equally excellent) as some of the soldiers. Cary Elwes plays 2nd in command and Shaw’s best friend. Stirring, sad, excellent. The one time I can say Broderick deserved to be nominated for his role.

2. EVEN MONEY-2006

A sad sack of people who gamble and lose more than just their money. Kim Bassinger, the wife of nice guy Ray Liotta, gambles instead of writing her novel. Danny DeVito is a hasbeen magician and Kelsey Grammar is a rough PI trying to figure out a murder. A good movie but not one I'll see for a while.


Stupid, but I didn't expect much so it was fun and parts were funny. Take it with a grain of salt. Oh, the Ghost gal was just plain irritating.

4. TAR - 2022

It's a film that takes place in the world of classical music with references to Gustav Mahler. I enjoyed it but people may find it a shlog. I liked the film  and Cate rules every scene as a neurotic, caustic, brilliant conductor of the Berlin symphony. It's...a bit batshit crazy to be honest but it was worth watching. 


Kate Winslet and Idris Alba are on a small plane when the pilot has a heart attack and crashes the plane up in the mountains. They survive with the pilot's dog. Should they stay or should they go? They go and feel each other up on the way down. It's ok with more of a romance than I expected. 



I may have spoken about this before but it's so funny and the guys are hilarious! 


Ted Finch leads his team to derelict places ready to be torn down where he grabs whatever he can from great wood beams to some neat finds that he can sell in his shop. I love that he saves as much as he can and sees more than the average Joe.


This series predates Capt. Kirk...well, kind of, since he appears in a later episode but it's about Capt. Pike and his crew which includes Spock, Uhura and #1. I enjoyed watching this series with some compelling episodes. We  have to dedicate an episode to Pike's hair. 

What did you watch?

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Thursday Film Picks- A Lamb or a Lion?


This week it’s just me continuing on with a movie theme and I am still thinking …is March coming in like a lion or like a lamb which is why  I have chosen these 3 films. Wandering through the Shelves will be back next week. 

1. BABE-1995

I love this sweet film about a young piglet who escapes the fate of becoming bacon and ends up on a very pretty farm that seems to come from a fairy tale which is what this f8lm is…a fairy tale. The pig can talk with the other animals and vice versa with the female sheep dog feeling badly for the lonely piggie and takes Babe under her wing. The farmer also loves the little pig while his wife does too…for future bacon. Babe goes with his doggie mom and her partner, who dislikes Babe, to work the sheep but doesn’t like how the dogs treat the sheep. Babe becomes friends with the sheep and the farmer, played by James Cromwell, notices this and begins to train the pig to be a sheep dog for the annual competition as to who is the best in sheep herding. When the sheep are attacked and some are killed, the farmer thinks it’s Babe and  now Babe faces the knife but can the gentle farmer carry this out? I love the gentleness of this film that didn’t shy away from meanness but you just love the animals and the unique way they made it look like they talked. I loved the mice that  were the small( Haha) chorus that United one scene with the other. Ac5ually I loved these mice so much that I dreamed they were singing and I asked if I could join them which I did and we all sang that song arm in arm. The next morning my ex asked me what I was dreaming about and when I told him he knew what I was singing because I was singing out loud while dreaming. Apparently, I still sing that because my hubby, now, has heard That song.


This is, apparently, based on a true story about 2 male, maneless lions who took a liking to human flesh and killed a number of Indian and African labourers who were building a bridge, for the British, in 1898. The skulls and stuffed lions are actually in the Natural History Museum in Chicago. This film stars Val Kilmer as Patterson, a British officer sent to Africa to take care of these animals and meets up with Michael Douglas, an American hunter who also tries to kill the animals ( Douglas’s character is completely fictional). It is a scary movie, to me anyways and one that makes me think why the cats worked in tandem and did not give up on their taste for human flesh. Now, it has been panned by many critics but I think it is quite a good movie and one that is freaky.


This stars Haley Joel Osment before he turned into a creepy, pudgy adult, as a young boy sent by his derelict mom, to go live with his great uncles, played by Michael Caine and Robert Duvall. At firs5 the 2 old men don’t want the kid around but they realize the kid is more like them than their greedy relatives and other public who are convinced the 2 old bears have a fortune hidden on their farm. The boy learns valuable lessons from the 2 and gains a friend in a gentle old lion that the 2 codgers buy thinking they can try their hand in  big game hunting. When they get the lion they soon realize the lion is old and from a circus who is gentle and a sweetheart. The lion thinks the corn field is his jungle and stays in there. This is another fairy tale type film that includes a sweet lamb like lion.

What kind of lion or lamb films can you think of?

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Is It Snow, Is It Rain, Is It Ice? No! It’s Canada!!


There is Harley, Kaspar and hubby’s legs all vegging in front of the tele…they love their daddy-I love their daddy too. We have been having  a curious bag of typical Canadian weather with a major storm every week that starts off as snow becoming freezing rain before venturing to rain before going back to snow, or it could be the other way around….who the hell cares! It’s March 1st and I say I am seeing the lion instead of the lamb. I am joining up again with the Monday Music Moves Me that I always check out at Curious As A Cathy, which is a great blog. Here are my festive choices.


I always liked this song by this great duo who don’t really like each other but, boy, can they harmonize so well. I know it should say “Snow” in the title but, I don’t like rules and winter is finally coming to visit in my neck of the woods.


This  was the first song that popped into my head and I remember when it came out enjoying the song knowing that it’s about a bad woman who took the man’s heart to the cleaners. I’m not sure what that says about my 14 year old self, but I loved this song and still do.


I love this group and have their greatest hits album because…I love their best hits which were many. I loved dancing to so many of their songs. This one was more just to listen to and watch their video which was…interesting. 

What type of songs would you choose for your weather?