Saturday, February 27, 2016


I am hoping one of you could help me. I just bought an Apple I Pad air 32 mg and I am learning but the one problem is, how do I get a picture on to my blog here?  I wanted to write about the upcoming Oscars and I downloaded a pic onto the pad but I have no ide now how to get it into my post. On the laptop, I would go to the picture screen and there would be a "browse " button which I could press and it would bring me to the documents area and pict,urges area et,c... But now, from here, it doesn't have this. I just has the Picasso album area, URLs etc...

Do you know how to help me?

Thank you🐶

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Love Triangles

We have seen films about love triangles and heard about such things in the news but have you ever been part of one? Have I ever been part of one? I'm not telling (I bet neither are you), but great books have been written about such romances and films have been made as well. Check out what the other people have chosen over at Wandering Through The Shelves.

By the way, I haven't been on much lately because my hubby wants his computer back after 5 years (or is it 6). We got the router re-programmed and husband could not reconnect back on the internet! I don't know what he did but my ex came over this eve and my ex even tried, to no avail, so they added an extra cable so I could be on this tonight(Tuesday). I bought an I-Pad! Yahoooo!!!!!! Of course I can't use it because I need a router with a password so I can connect which we don't have because my hubby forgot the password and never marked it down which resulted in trying to reprogram it which still did not work...breathe...... Tomorrow(Wednesday) my hubby will buy a router, I will tell him what password to use and hopefully I will be up and running!! Sorry for the lengthy spiel. Onward to my 3 picks


This is a great comedy simply put. It starts off with the demise of a marriage-Cary Grant to the haughty Kate Hepburn which you see in the span of 30 seconds. You already know they are a match in more ways than one. A while later-couple a couple of years or  a few months, she is engaged and ready to marry a well established man. Since her family is well to do and often in the society pages, 2 reporters come to showcase the wedding. One of those reporters is played by my favourite actor, Jimmy Stewart. You get to meet her entire family who are all a bit nutty. Cary Grant is back, of course, giving Kate much conflagration(great word eh?). Of course, her fiancee is not amused by her ex hanging around and neither the fiancee or her ex are happy that Stewart's character is now falling for Kate as well. The great party the night before the wedding leads to all types of hi jinks including a late night skinny dip. Who will tame this Haughty gal? Watch the movie:)


Or should it be called Lust in the Dust:) This is one crazy, nutty film that I love! I am actually surprised this film was made with all the censor boards going nuts. A gentle man takes in a young beautiful woman as his daughter even though she may be of Native American blood. When he dies, she is sent to live with his former flame played by the great Lilian Gish and her family. Her husband doesn't like it one bit but their 2 boys do...can we say Cain and Abel? OK it's not them but there is the good son played by the under-rated actor Joseph Cotton and the bad boy played by...Gregory Peck! The good guy treats her like a lady with respect while bad boy lusts after her like his hormones are on overdrive. Which will she choose? Hmmmmmmm

3. BANDITS-2001

I could have picked so many films but this is an under-rated gem. This is also a newer film (again for me). These 2 men, one cool and calm while the other a nervous hypochondriac but who is always polite, break out of prison and the two become bandits, although very nice bandits. They end up taking a hostage played by the wonderful Cate Blanchett who proceeds to drive them nuts! They are not sure what to do with her but soon they both fall for her and she for them. All three get into a mess of trouble especially when her twit husband realizes she doesn't want to go back. Do they get caught? Whom does she choose?

Which 3 would you pick?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's a Birthday Month..One of Many

Addicted to Stamps-Anything Goes
Chocolate Baroque-Deep Burgundy, Orange, Yellow, Hot Pink
Craft Your Passion-Always Anything Goes
Fairy Tale Stampers-Anything Goes
Glitter and Sparkle-Anything Goes
Whimsy Stamps Challenge-Anything Goes

My mom has a best friend and her Name is Brigitte. They met on a ship back in 1960 bound for Canada (from Germany) when Brigitte was a mere 24 years old. They became fast friends and have remained friends to this day. In fact, Brigitte is the only friend who visits my mom on a regular basis and always brings my mom a little flower or something my mom might be able to use. Brigitte is a true sweetheart with a heart so big that it could fill a palace. She is sentimental yet level-headed, cries at the drop of a hat but is very strong, she is the best budgeter I know, yet she is generous in heart and spirit. This past Friday she turned 80 and received a whole bunch of cards saying 80 on it and she didn't like that:) I decided to create a card for her that I thought summed her up especially that saying.

I used deep burgundy, orange and yellow cardstock, embossing the orange using my cuddlebug with little flowers. I had used the sizzex before and had this frame laying around so I used some pinkish alcohol inks for the look. I stamped the saying in bronze but used a deep burgundy embossing powder and heated it up so it sets. The butterflies are stamped and embossed in black and then coloured with twinkling H2O's. Lastly, I took some perfect Pearl powders and placed the yellow and pink on white cardstock, stamped and embossed the flower (small and big one) and then fussy cut the flowers as well as the butterflies and placed them on the card. I added the bling in the centre of the flower and some orange stickles to frame everything. Voila!

We had a nice time at Brigitte's place with some coffee and torte today which is why you see just one card-The torte and her Apple yeast cake was delicious! Yum Yum!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Declarations of Love

It's Love month and this week, for Thursday Movie Picks, it is about Movies with memorable Declarations/Confessions of Love. Head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to see what the others have chosen. This one was tough for me because there are some great Douglas Sirk films but it has been a long time since I have seen them or I haven't seen them yet. I have this image of a silent film star running towards the man she loves but I have only seen clips of that film (I think it is Colleen Moore). I also know the scene of John Cusack holding up a ghetto blaster...I have no desire to see that film. Anyhoo, here are my picks and I hope they fit the bill.


There are many versions of this famous novel and some better than this one (Ralph Fiennes did a fine job as Heathcliffe) but this one still makes me swoon. OK I don't swoon, but I still think this is one moody piece on the moors. Olivier plays Heathcliffe to Merle Oberon's Cathy and they make a nice romantic duo who grow up together in the household of her loving father after he saves Heathcliffe from the streets. They do have one messed up love thing going with Cathy marrying  one of the rich Linton's and Heathcliffe leaving to become rich and gentlemanly in his style but he still can be a bad boy. Everything is brought to a head when she is seriously ill and only calls for Heathcliffe and Heathcliffe, wrought  with guilt, goes to her side where they declare their love. This film does not show the 2nd half of the book but it is still quite the romance film (even though the 2 leads disliked each other).


Is this film really from 1980? Wow! When I saw this poster I knew I had to see it because I really wanted Han Solo and Princess Leia to be a couple-I was only 16 you know so this was all about the romance. No it wasn't...I am not that dreamy and icky-I loved the opening scene when those bad guys in elephant looking tank thingys are coming to crush the resistance. They escape-Luke to meet Yoda and Han and Leia(with Chewie) in his space junk trying not to be eaten by a worm. It is a dark ending but when Han is ready to be freeze-dried and Leia says "I Love You", my heart did do a flutter...until he said "I know." What is it with women loving these moody bad boys?


You know this will be popular today because there is so much about love in this film. They show all these different types of love in this film and they are all connected in some way and it is brilliantly done as well as written.  Most will speak about the Keira Knightly's character newly and happily married wondering why her husband's best friend is so aloof. My favourite is Colin Firth who leaves to write his novel, after he has caught his wife and brother doing the shake and bake. He hires a young woman to help him out while he is writing and, even though neither can speak the other's language, they slowly fall in love. When he finally goes back to her hometown to tell her he loves her, the entire village is swept up. I love that and I love Colin Firth-hubba hubba

Which film can you think of that meets a declaration of Love?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Belated Valentine's Cards since the blasted pictures wouldn't download!

Grrrrrrr. I was finally able to create some cards and when it came time to download them...nuttin! This has happened ever since...well, you know (Blasted F%$@! Mother%^&$%# windows 10). OK So my wonderful hubby was able to get it working this eve and I wanted to get them on here even though I should be snoring away. Here are a couple of cards...

Alphabet Challenge- "Y" for You Choose
Craft Your Passion- Always Anything Goes
Fairytale Stampers-Anything Goes

I decided to choose these flowers since they have been floating around my room for a couple of years now. Well, not really floating, that would mean I would have some neat powers, which I don't....but wish I did. Anyway, I was reading a fellow Blogger who loves to have her hands in the dirt, literally, since Kathy Lynch loves gardening and gives some great tips. It seems she needed a little Valentine's card so I made this for her and, if she wants me to send it her way, I will! You can check out her blog over at The Dirt.  I just took some card stock and layered it up. A piece of light lilac, I placed in the cuddlebug to get the background design and used my fancy scissors to cut around for a fancy border. I placed these flowers on top and continued doing so with some small pop up dots for a 3D effect. I added some stickers and a little bling. I thought these flowers needed to finally get chosen:)

Addicted to Stamps-Anything Goes
Eclectic Ellapu- Pink Team-Anything to do with Love
Glitter and Sparkle-Love is in the Air

This was made for my hubby since he calls me his sunshine (cue the awwwwww or the  puke, I don't care cos I go all gooshy, with the awwww that is). I created the background using alcohol inks in a pink, red and bronze. Oops, I did it again but  replaced the bronze with a yellow. I stamped my  sun on the background and then, again on the one with yellow on it. I cut out the sun face from the yellow one I used plus the hearts I made and placed the face on top of the so one can see a subtle difference and then added the hearts around it. This was placed on a pink, then yellow card stock (the yellow has a shimmer to it). I used the sizzex machine to cut out the borders and added a little bling in the shape of hearts. My hubby loved his card. So that is all for now...have a great week everyone!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Mock Squid Soup Film Society-My Pick for February

Finally, another new pick for the film society which is held over at The Armchair Squid, if you would like to see the others' choices.  Last week I gave my 3 clues and I stumped all of ya! Many mentioned "Dead, Again" but I have not even seen that film so that was not it.  Here are my 3 clues...

1.I love the music which is very haunting with the piano at the beginning.
This music starts off at the very beginning of the film and is throughout the movie. I consider it a major part of the film. It was composed by John Williams

2.  The main star is still going strong after all these years
The main star got his big break in 1977 playing a devil may care smuggler and he reprized his role for the huge blockbuster that came out at the end of 2015... Harrison Ford!

3. Did he/she or didn't he/she do it??? Hmmmmmmmm
This film came out in 1990 where Harrison Ford is charged with the murder of his fellow co-worker/lover


This is one of my favourite Harrison Ford films because he is not playing Mr. Action hero or Mr. President but is playing a regular man caught up in love, lust and murder.  He plays a high powered prosecuting attorney for a law firm but you feel he is a lawyer with a conscience-you know, fiction:) He seems happily married to his college sweetheart and they have a wonderful home, a station wagon and a great son. When he gets to work, you find out that one of their lawyers was viciously murdered. The victim, played by Greta Scacchi (who was the go to girl at that time to always take her clothes off),  takes on the sick cases that no one else wants. You find out that the Ford character was having an affair with the Scacchi character.  His wife knows about the affair and the Ford character maintains that he never loved Scacchi but, as the movie goes along, you see that he seemed to be obsessed with her.  To say that Scacchi  wants to get ahead ( in more ways than one) is an understatement since she seems to go through men to get to the top (again, in more ways than one).  Did he kill her? You just don't know. 

The film shows power, love, lust, betrayal and sadness. The music really struck me since it is throughout the film.  I should find the soundtrack (yes I still buy CD's)

The acting is well done with an excellent supporting cast-Brian Dennehy, Bonnie Bedelia, Raul Julia and John Spencer.  The setting is great because it feels like a movie from that time and his home looks the part of a typical nice upper middle class family. 

If you like court dramas and whodunits then you will like this movie.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-May/December Romances

It's another Thursday and, in keeping with the romance month, it's all about May/December Romances or the typical old coot lusting after a young chick. Today it is known as your typical old rich famous guy marrying a gold-digging tart with her IQ placed in her triple D chest. Going against the grain,  Harold and Maude would fit perfectly here(Old gal with a young man) but I have yet to see the movie (I know!!-I have to see it), so I have chosen the 3 below. Head on over to Wandering Through the Shelves to see what other bloggers have picked.


I love this movie even though Leslie Caron could be Astaire's young daughter. She plays a young orphan in France who gets the chance of a lifetime when  her "Daddy Long Legs" happens to see her when his car breaks down and offers the orphanage tons of money to have her get the proper schooling in America. We all know how much better the schooling is in the States (eyes roll into the back of my head). She never laid eyes upon him when he was in France but just saw his silhouette  so she calls her benefactor DaddyLL. She writes to him but he never answers until his romantic secretary, played by the wonderful Thelma Ritter, tells him to get his butt over to the school. He does just that and sees what a young, beautiful girl she is turning out to be. He takes her out on the town and literally sweeps her off her feet. The dancing is excellent and it has one of my favourite songs "Something's Gotta Give" in it.  I do enjoy this movie even though she is a young thing-Fred Astaire felt the same way for his role in this film.


"Hello Grandpa! My, you look sexy with all those wrinkles and pained look on your face but, no worries, I can fix your hot water bottle for ya." It seems Audrey Hepburn had many on screen romances with some of the oldest guys around from Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Henry Fonda, Fred Astaire to Gary Cooper. Only this beautiful elegant lady could pull it off. She plays the daughter of Maurice Chevalier who is a PI. One of his clients wants a man shot for playing footsies with his wife and the man playing footsies is Gary Cooper(known to have been quite the ladies' man). Audrey "saves" him and the romance is on. She knows how to drive him batty and forget his "amour" ways. Directed by Billy Wilder, it is clever even though you feel Cooper should be giving her a lollipop rather than his lollipop.

3. VENUS-2010

This is actually quite an excellent film and Peter O'Toole got another Oscar Nomination (although, once again, didn't win) for his portrayal of an aging one time big star. I saw this film only a year ago and I loved the relationship between him and his best friend's niece who is a bit of a wild child. You sense there might be more to their relationship but you also know he is a great teacher to her and a friend. A wonderful film.

It seems every old guy with money seems to be marrying very young girls who say their hearts belong to Daddy. I say, if that man was Ernie Schwartz from midtown Wisconsin on a basic pension, there is no way in little green acres Fifi Boobitart would give him a second glance. On the other hand, men look at this set up, notice this old coot getting his all from va va Voom and all men say "What's wrong with that?"  I guess they are right....ughhh

What 3 films would you choose?

Monday, February 8, 2016

My Favourite Alan Rickman films

I have been wanting to write this for a while and since I have been to crippled to make a card or 3 this past weekend (which has bummed me out) I have decided to commemorate one of my favourite actors-Alan Rickman. Most people recall first seeing him from Die Hard but I remember him from Sense and Sensibility. When most gals were going hubba hubba for the pasty Hugh Grant or Greg Wise but I was all over Alan Rickman. I loved his voice and his intelligence just shone through everything he did. I almost went up and licked the screen but thought better of it considering I might get the plague and/ or be dragged off by the cops. I have decided to list my top 10 favourite films of his and they are placed in the order that I feel I like...for right now but this could change at any time. One movie that he was in but I can't stand that crappy piece of doggie do-do is Robin Hood with Kevin Costner. The only redeeming thing in that film was Rickman. Anyway, here is my top 10...


This is an under-rated western which I saw in the theatre and thought it was quite good. It stars Tom Selleck, of Magnum PI fame, as a cowboy who knows how to shoot and is hired by a man from Australia to help him rid of some pests.  He ventures to the Outback only to find out the man who hired him, played by Rickman, wants him to shoot the Aborigine's. This, obviously, does not sit well with the Selleck character and so the film goes on from there. Rickman was at his evil best.


This was actually on HBO and I saw this years later on TV and was spellbound by his performance. He captured the Mad Monk perfectly and showcased how much Rasputin orchestrated himself into the Russian Royal family. It was an acting tour de force.

8. BLOWDRY-2001

I stumbled across this fun comedy with some serious overtones centering on the nutty antics of hair stylists. He plays a hairstylist who ends up in this contest who can create the most original hair style-totally off the wall and it co-stars Bill Nighy whom I also love.

7. DOGMA-1999

Oh...this is not for everyone but I love this film! It stars Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as 2 angels who were thrown out of heaven and sent to Wisconsin to live out eternity. A small loophole made by a daffy bishop played by the late great George Carlin, may bring these 2 angels back to heaven but that would mean the end of the human race. One woman can save humanity and Alan Rickman plays a metatron who helps her out, so does a black angel, a muse and Ray and Silent Bob.

6. DIE HARD-1988

 I think most of us have seen this film at some point in our lives or at least Bruce Willis jumping off the tower shirtless. Bruce plays an off duty cop who realizes his estranged wife and a group of her fellow co-workers are being held hostage by a devlish man played by..yup Alan Rickman. Alan Rickman was so great being menacing.


This is a story about love in all forms whether it be love found, love being new, lust, love lost, you name it and all the characters are interwoven. It is a great piece of filming and Alan Rickman plays one of the many people who has love in his life. He is "happily" married but screws it up. Emma Thompson plays his wife and the scene when she gets her Christmas gift is powerful with her stellar acting.


Oh-I think this is a hoot! and it is a priceless take on the Star Trek series and fans. Tim Allen and his co-horts are all actors from a famous TV show that took place 30 years before. They now are showing up at these fan expos and most of the actors are disillusioned. When they are taken to an actual ship by aliens who believe they truly are  what they portray on TV, hilarity ensues. Alan Rickman plays the actor who was an alien on the TV show. Throughout the entire film he wears his head piece...even when he is at home. If you need to have a luagh-watch this movie.


I am just picking the whole series because I can't choose one over the other and Snape plays a big part throughout the film. Alan Rickman left you guessing whether he was evil or good but you still liked him. This is strange since he was very menacing throughout and you know he never cared for Harry Potter but yet he did. Difficult job to do and he did it well.


I fell into lust with this man when I saw this movie. To me, he was the one I would pick if I lived during that time. This is quite a good film and his portrayal of the love struck older gentleman wishing for his love, played by Kate Winslet, to love him back. You really felt deeply for his character.


This is an off-beat comedy-drama with true heart and soul and I just loved it. A woman loses the love of her life, played by Alan Rickman. She goes about her day wishing he was back with her as she mourns the loss of her great love. One day, he is back and is sitting on the couch. She is overjoyed by having him return. she knows, and so does he, that he is dead but they are together. Unfortunately, he is always cold so the heat is often on a bit too high. Soon he asks her if some of his friends can come by and she soon has more dead people to contend with. Is this holding her back? Should her love still be with her? It is a different take on love and it is my favourite.

So that is my list. Which ones have you seen?

Friday, February 5, 2016

3 clues-can ya guess?

If you wish to join, head on over to The Armchair Squid and sign up for the film society where you can choose a  film you have seen and talk about it. Before this happens, we are to present 3 clues to see if you can guess the film.

Here are my clues...

1. I love the music which is very haunting with the piano at the beginning.

2. The main star is still going strong after all these years

3. Did he/she or didn't he/she do it??? Hmmmmmmmm

So my wonderful hubby is in another fit because now he can't get onto his email...Haaaahahaaaahaaa. His brother came over to fix things so I could get onto my blog but I guess my sweetie pie can't find his e-mail address. This is his 3rd e-mail address. I can't wait until I buy my I-pad, then he can have the laptop, which is actually his but I have confiscated it which all self respecting women should do. :)

So...Did ya guess the movie?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday Movie Picks-Star-Crossed Lovers

Before I begin, let me tell you of a story between a man whom I would love to create stars over his hubby. I am smiling over clenched teeth since he started to show an interest again, in the computer....this is a bad thing because he has no idea about computers, hell, he has no idea how to use the remote! He downloaded some game his brother sent him and he had difficulties with it so he deleted it....with his new e-mail. Last night he decided to try and get this back so he spoke to his brother for quite a while but, in the end, he just told me his brother needs to come out. Now, I decide to try to go on my blog and ...I can't! Why? It now says my Google+ address is his e-mail (which he spelled wrong) and no clue about the password. I love him, but when I asked him what he did, he claimed it was my fault. You know what I saw......BAM! POW! KAZAM!! His brother came by today and let's hope I can get on my blog at home.

This week's movie theme is Star-Crossed lovers. I am never one for just a romance story so I am having a tough time with this one. If you wish to find out what the others have picked, head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves.  These are my 3 that I picked...


What more can be said about this great film except, if you haven't seen it, what is wrong with you??-lol.  Just about everything takes place at Rick's Cafe owned by the tough talking Bogart. Intrigue, spies, name it happens in this club. This has a superb cast, my favourite being Claude Rains as the prefect.  All seems aok until Bergman comes back into Bogart's life, or should I say Ilse and Rick. Rick has certain papers everyone wants their hands on and you wonder who will Ilse end up with, Rick or her Husband... Watch the movie!


This is a great comedy with a dramatic flair. The beautiful Audrey Hepburn stars as a sheltered princess visiting Rome on a tour. She wishes she could be a normal, carefree girl so she escapes her life and meets...Gregory Peck who happens to be a reporter, but she doesn't know this. You walk with these 2 in Rome (let's dream) as she experiences many things for the very first time. It is a very sweet movie with a truth that you wish would not be so.

3. LOVE STORY-1970

"Love means never having to say you're sorry".....WTF??? What mind bending trip was she on when she said this? A boy from a wealthy family meets a girl from a much less wealthy family and they fall in love while at school. The boy's father disapproves. of the union and so begins a zzzzzzzzzzz, oops sorry, I fell asleep there for a minute. This was a huge hit back in the day and I still don't know why but I bet many do like this movie, just not me.  I won't give all away but it is a love story tear jerker that makes me want to turn the channel and watch the 3 Stooges, which I do like by the way:)

What 3 films will you pick? I bet The Notebook will be big this week:)