Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A card & fixed up before computer crap

Blue, pink, yellow, white cardstock. Birdy stamp, tombow markers, border stickers

Fairy Tale Stampers- Anything Goes
Crafty Creations-Always Anything Goes
Alphabet challenge-Beginning with P-a bird-I goofed but still entering it:)

So, I have not been able to get my pictures to work nicely..why?? I get that blue screen of death as some of you have called it. My ex has to come over soon and fix it as I have made some cards but can't show them. I created a Fall card from the Battle of the Bands based on Vivaldi's 4 Seasons. I made a card for my hubby plus a couple of others. I wanted to create a card with Alfred Hitchcock on it for my Thursday movie picks but, alas, that will need to wait.

I created this card quite a while ago for a little girl who loves ducks. OK so it's not a duck either but the gull that I now call Petrov in near the pier so I hope this made the Alphabet Challenge:) This card was done quickly but with lots of fun!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday Movie Picks-Adopted/Foster families

Another week  has passed and I can't believe it! This week one gets to pick 3 films that are dealing with the topic of adoption/foster families. If you wish to see more, head over to Wandering Through The Shelves and see what everyone else has been choosing.

Last Saturday my hubby and I went out for a dinner and a movie-we had gift cards for both events so that was even better. We dined at the Keg and had steak and crab legs-it was delicious but we were there later than we thought we would be which meant we showed up later to the cinemas. Our first 2 choices were out due to being too packed(Black Mass) or it had already begun (A Walk in the Woods) so we went to see The Visit. You know the new M.Night Shayamalan film. Need I say more? Nope so let's get to 3 good/great movies.


I knew Cary Grant from great films like Arsenic and Old Lace, The Philadelphia Story and Operation Petticoat, when I was a kid so when this film came on one night (Elwy Yost at the Movies every Saturday night-I miss this so much), I watched it expecting a typical comedy. I was surprised! It has comedy but also tears and boy I was weepy. It starts off where he meets the wonderful Irene Dunne, marries her but due to an accident(well, earthquake) she can't have any children so they decide to adopt. Their wish comes true in the form of a baby girl who captures their heart, especially Cary Grant's. It was sweet when they kept checking in on the baby to see if she was sleeping and...that is all I have to say as you have to see the film to find out more. Beautiful film that showcases Grant's acting.


This film is simply enchanting! When I rented it, I didn't expect much but was so pleasantly surprised by how well acted the film was especially by its young star. She is a rich, haughty young thing living in India with her parents who care more about entertaining than their child. There is an earthquake (hmm another one with this  disaster) where her parents die so she is sent to England to live with an Uncle she never knew she had. The place feels cold and very unwelcoming and this girl just seems to upset the apple cart. She goes outside to play and comes across a walled up garden in total disarray. Since she feels like the garden, unwanted and unloved, she decides to bring this garden to life. It is a story of loss, love and redemption...and being gutsy. It also co-stars the wonderful Maggie Smith so this is a gem.


I do love this film and no, I have not read the book which is probably a good thing since the books are always (usually) better than the film. It is well acted and, since this is right at the beginning of the film, Death is the narrator. A young girl and her brother are sent to a German couple to live since their mom can no longer afford to keep them. Her brother dies enroute, but she makes it to the couple and sees, first hand, the problems her new parents face.  For once, they show Germans during war not all being fervent Nazis. I took to this film, not only for the strength of the characters but it reminded me of my mom who also kept books hidden. She was born and grew up near Wittenberg, Germany and survived the war, she was 17 when the war ended. She remembered how, at first, only porn books and other such things were censored but it didn't stop there. Soon more books were banned and she was sad to see many books being taken out of the schools and library to be burned so she hid some (my mom was/is amazing as some of you know). After the Russians marched in, they took all books and burned them including photo albums and mementos so she hid even  more books and other "treasures". Later, when she would hear about censorship in this country, she was opposed to it because she knew that it never ends. Once people taste that power, it never does stop, censorship will only increase.

Which movies have you seen about this topic? Have you seen any of these?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday Movie Picks-Journalists/Reporters for Print/T.V.

It is another week and that means Movie Picks. Each week there is a topic where you can pick 3 films that work with that week's topic. The films can be ones you love, hate etc... This was created over at Wandering Through The Shelves so just wander on over and see what other people picked. Here is my List:)


I can watch this film over and over again, it is that good! This is the first film to win all 5 major Oscar awards (Picture, Director, Actor, Actress and Screenplay) which did not happen again until Silence of the Lambs. Colbert plays a spoiled rich heiress who literally jumps off her father's yacht and takes off. Gable plays the reporter who finds her, doesn't tell her who he really is, so he can get the "big story" as they say. She has no idea how to live in the real world which is in the throws of the Great Depression but she can rely on Gable to help her through. From the famous hitch-hiking scene to the Walls of Jericho scene, there are so many great parts it is sure to put a smile on your face! This came from Columbia Pictures which was known as the studio from poverty row. Gable was loaned out by MGM as a punishment, to Columbia to do this picture. Colbert thought she just made the worst picture in the world...boy were they wrong!


This is the film that started one of the most respected love affairs in film history-Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. She stayed with Tracy through thick and thin until he passed away in 1967. In this romance, he plays a sports writer and she plays a political affairs columnist. They come from completely different parts of the industry but they fall in love anyway. The problem is when they start living together and he must deal with her hoity, toity friends. She even becomes a "mom" when she volunteers to care for a refugee child but she seems to love her job more than being a wife or mother and finds out the hard way. I actually found this to be quite modern in feel despite it being made in 1942 at the height of the censor boards. Great beginning to a film and personal relationship of these 2 great stars.


I truly enjoy this film because it is a step by step style docu-drama about Edward R Murrow-one of the best reporters ever (who must be rolling over in his grave with all the crap on TV now), publicly admonishing Senator Joseph McCarthy who, for a while, gripped the country in fear of Communism. Through Murrow's relentless but calm approach to discredit  this Senator, one can see how CBS helped stop the continuing witch  hunts that were happening across the U.S. Now despite  one's feelings about that time which is still  a hot topic, many innocent people ended up without jobs and many even committed suicide. I am not saying Communism wasn't around and that true spies were working against the country but the fear that was being created reached fever pitch. Many people, when young and full of idealism, joined the Communist party or wrote for some "leftist" paper, were basically tarred and feathered for something they were in 20 years before. Some film people committed suicide, some died from the stress (John Garfield) and some couldn't find work for years (Gale Sondergard). How sad is that? I find this film compelling.

What films would you pick? Have you seen any of these? Love to know:)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I have concluded my computer is nuts...Oh and a couple of cards:)

So, On Sunday, late afternoon, the computer decided to be an a-hole and not work...again. I wanted to post these 2 cards I made but I couldn't so I informed you all that I may or may not be able to work this Black Swan (see the stupid movie) due to Windows 10 or as I like to call it-the devil.

Last night, lo and behold it was working! I downloaded the pictures and I wanted to "fix" them up-the quick retouch and that is when the computer laughed devilishly, toying with me like I was some mouse until finally it just went all blue screen on me. Obviously Windows 10 and the picture retouching don't like each other so I apologize for the not so nice looking pictures.

Alcohol inks, various stamps, prisma colour pencils, die cut, sizzex machine, crackle paint (yup didn't work), distress ink, cardstock, ribbon.

Craft Your Passion-Always Anything Goes
Dream Valley Challenges-Autumn Colours
Eclectic Ellapu-Pink team-Anything Goes

OK, so a new Battle of the Bands (At Stephen T. McCarthy' Blog) is now on but this is from the last battle. I love listening to all the battles because I am learning so much but I had the bright (cue dim bulb) idea of being inspired by one of the songs. Janie Junebug at Women:We Will Overcome, had Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" as her battle challenge and that was my choice. I just truly believe in...believing no matter what! Sometimes that is all we have to go on plus faith- they almost go hand in hand. I love my Da Vinci Gal and she looks a bit lonely as she gazes down and she will not stop believing whether it be love or whatever. Now I bought this new "paint" which is a crackle paint that you can place on with a foam brush which I did. After 10 or so, one is supposed to see it crackle...well it didn't happen! I have no idea what I did wrong so if anyone can help me, please do:) At this point I need all the help I can get.

Cardstock, border stamp, bird stamp. Gold die ink and god embossing powder. Burgundy and purple die ink and clear embossing powder for the birds (it really isn't for the birds-it really works well:). markers, water and glitter:)

Glitter and Sparkle-Something with the letter "G"
Simon Says- Use a Stamp (no Digi which I never use:))
Eclectic Ellapu-Purple Team-Use Stash 6 month or older
Crafty Creations-Out On A Limb

So I missed the Color Q Challenge because of my schizo windows 10 computer (OK I have bitched a lot about this:)) but I still think this works as a card for almost anything whether it be a birthday, anniversary or whatever. I used watercolour cardstock so I could use my markers to colour them. I am having a brain-melt at the moment because I can't recall the name of my markers which I love and use often. I added some glitter to the white border and pieced all of it together. All my stamps, glitter, markers are way over 6 months old-I keep things forever.

Tomorrow my hubby and I will celebrate our 9 year anniversary when we first met. Since I am working, we won't celebrate until Saturday with a nice dinner and a movie. I can't believe how fast time flies.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Yup-It did it again!

So, yesterday, I was looking at some things on youtube and the sound went. I knew the computer was acting up. I could still look at my blog but i soon left and decided to shut it down.

My hope was, later on, all would be right in the world and the computer will have decided to change its mind and  work like it should. Oh wait! Did you see out your window that pig fly? I have made a couple of cards I wanted to download, one pertaining to the recent Battle of the Bands but I can't because of this ^%$# computer!

It states there is some major error (like before) and no icons on the bottom left were showing up. When I tried to go on google chrome, it was still loading after 20 minutes. My ex won't return from his camping trip until the weekend. My hubby, bless his heart, will get the rolling pin over his head if ever he says he will upgrade the computer in the future. I know some have had no issues with it and others have, of course i am in the latter part.

If you do see me on at night, that means the computer from hell has decided to work again. I am at my work right now so must get back to work before I sign off. I might just sign off later on with a few Vodka and orange.  This is one frustrating $&(^#$ experience. My lumberman ways are coming out...sorry:)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Film Society-Film Review or shall I say Reviews:)

Oh..I haven't forgotten...it's that time again for the Mock Squid Soup Film Society blog hop put on my Mock and The Armchair Squid. This month we were to pick a film from the previous sessions and review it. I happened to pick 2! I wasn't planning on this but I found the one film at the video store and since I have been wanting to see it for years, I took this time to see this film. So the first film I chose to watch is......


This was initially reviewed by Toi Thomas and since I love Fairy tales, I decided to see this film and I was not disappointed. Now it is not as good as "Ever After" but it still brings more to the table than I thought it would. Of course, Jolie plays the "evil" queen but you realize she is not evil but was just badly betrayed by a man she trusted who happens to be the King. Elle Fanning is great as the young Aurora and brings sweetness and light as she is supposed to. I love the costumes and the cinematography. Of course there are some parts that I wonder about like how she can sleep through the night not realizing her wings got "clipped" (sorry) but, who cares? It's a great story and inventive in this retelling.

Now my 2nd review is for the film I had been wanting to see for a long time...

Three Days of the Condor-1975

This was initially reviewed by Mock. Yup, I waited many years to see this 70's film with the very handsome Robert Redford and I can now say I saw it........Big whoop di do. It is so 70's especially in the ending which is why I hated so may 70's films. I can't stand those non endings. Please for the love of God, can't they make a bloody ending instead of just leading you around and then...that's it! Grrrrrrr. Now Redford works for the CIA reading books-any books and gives info to the CIA of what he thinks. He stumbles across something he shouldn't have but doesn't realize it and his fellow employees all get whacked. Redford, Code name Condor, is now out to search why this happened and to try to stay alive. It all sounds thrilling but I just couldn't truly get into it. Of course he "kidnaps" Faye Dunaway (why anyone would want to kidnap her I have no idea) just to escape from the people who want him dead. They go back to her chic 70's apartment (it's a hoot to see what the decor was back then-brings back the horror of 70's design), he proceeds to tell her the story which she doesn't totally believe. He ties her up in the bathtub and leaves only to come back later, unties her so she can answer the phone to tell the man she loves that she will meet him the next day. Now as any woman will do because I know I would, she ends up sleeping with the Condor because I guess, she just loved the way he tied her up. The best thing in this film was Max Von Sydow who I think is a great actor and is wonderful in this film.  OK, it is Robert Redford so maybe I do understand why she hit the sheets with him.

I'll watch Maleficent any day before Condor. Oh well can't win'em all.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday Movie Picks-Train Movies

Yes another week has passed by and it is time again to visit Wandering Through The Shelves and see what other people have picked for their 3 films. The theme this week is train movies.

Now I have already talked about one of my favourite films, "Strangers on a Train" so I will not include this one here. There are some other films I have not seen like "The General" starring Buster Keaton who also directed it and is considered one of the best films ever done. I could have done all Hitchcock since he had a thing for trains especially when they go into tunnels (North by Northwest)-I don't think he was getting any. Anyhoo here are my 3 picks.

1. The Lady Vanishes-1938

This time the Hitchcock heroine is a brunette, not a blond, and she becomes friendly with a kindly old lady on a train. The old lady disappears and nobody believes the young lass and thinks she has gone a bit batty. The train becomes stuck due to an avalanche which means the plot thickens! You meet all sorts of characters including 2 men who love cricket and sleep in the same bed-remember this is the 30's! Michael Redgrave (father to Vanessa and Lynn Redgrave, Granddad to Natasha Richardson), plays the love interest. It is quirky, funny and still very much a Hitchcock film. Highly recommended.

2. Von Ryan's Express-1965

Yup, a war film which I love and I love Westerns to boot! Believe it or not I really enjoyed this film even though it stars Frank Sinatra. Sinatra plays one of the few Americans in a POW camp which mainly hold British soldiers with the leader played by the under-rated Trevor Howard. They find a means of escape even though the British are wary of Ryan and where he stands. They end up on a train trying to head for Switzerland with the German's right behind them. It is action at its finest and a very enjoyable film.

3. Murder on the Orient Express-1974

I just love this film! Can I say...I love this film!! It is star-studded with the likes of Sean Connery, Albert Finney, Lauren Bacall and Ingrid Bergman. It take place on the most famous of trains which also gets stuck in snow and murder is afoot! Agatha Christie (I love her books) weaved in the true story of the Lindbergh Baby kidnapping case with a cast of characters each unique. I have to say Lauren Bacall, to me, deserved the Oscar over Ingrid Bergman in this film. You just have to see this gem!

So there are my 3. Which ones have you seen? Which train movie, that I don't list here,  do you like? Love to know.

Friday, September 4, 2015

I am going to scream!!!

 OK So I am at work and this is just a head's up-that damm F$#@!&^%$(*&%^$#@*()&% windows 10 is screwing up our computer at home and my hubby has informed me that he can't get onto the internet or anything....AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am missing my wonderful craft card challenges. I have not listened to all the Battle of the Bands. I have not read all of the Insecure Writer Support Group stuff nor can I read people's blogs which I enjoy. All because of that flipping Windows 10!

My ex is gone for 2 weeks camping and I don't know anyone who knows this crap. So if you don't see me it is because of this! My hubby is in the doghouse for wanting this thing. Can you tell I am pissed!! OK I shall calm down and figure out something but I do not plan on waiting for 2 weeks. Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday Movie Picks!-Teachers

Every week there is a topic that you have to showcase 3 films that you have seen and talk about. They can be great films, films you love or hate but they must adhere to the topic. This week the topic is Teachers. This was created over at Wandering Through The Shelves and you can find the rest of the participants there. Who knows maybe you will want to join:)

So here is my list.....

1. The King and I-1956

You know, this was my Dad's favourite film! A man who worked in the lumber industry all his life and was a veteran of World War 2, loved this film! It's very loosely based on a true story where a teacher travels to, then Siam (now Thailand), to help teach the King's many wives and his many children, Western culture. Now can I say, I don't care a rat's ass about political correctness here because it is a beautifully photographed film with great performances and wonderful music. My dad's and my favourite scene is when the King introduces all his children to the teacher (played by Deborah Kerr). Yul Brynner reprized his Broadway role as the King and won an Oscar for this role. In fact, later in life he toured in it and I had the privilege of seeing him in this role in the early 1980's.

2.  Teacher's Pet-1958

I enjoy this movie so much because it is light but quite funny. Doris Day is a teacher who asks old-fashioned reporter, Clark Gable to talk to her journalism class. He writes a nasty letter which she proceeds to cut up in her class room while he is present (at his boss's insistence). It showcases old vs new style of journalism with romance thrown in. Gig Young is hilarious as Day's boyfriend (love the drunk scene).

3. The Miracle Worker-1962

I was going back and forth between "Goodbye Mr. Chips" to "To Sir, With Love" and another film which I am saving for later but my mind kept coming back to this riveting film about Annie Sullivan who teaches Helen Keller sign language. Realizing how big Helen Keller became, it is hard to imagine that she was this wild child who didn't even eat from her own plate. Helen Keller would not be known today if it was not for the teaching of Annie Sullivan. Powerful performances keep you enthralled in this story.

So these are my three. There are newer films like "Good Will Hunting" and "October Sky" and one film, "Dead Poet's Society" I still have to see but I chose the three above.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Insecure Writer's Support Group...The Sausage Incident.

It is that time again folks where we release our fear and insecurities to the world about writing, publishing  and all that other jazz. Of course, I am not a writer-hahaha! but the wonderful Alex J Cavanaugh, who spearheards this IWSG, has graciously said that I can join in on the merriment so I have been doing just that.

I can say that if ever you feel like giving up, let this true story be a lesson in stubbornness. So without further ado, let me start my story of the ...(hear the doom, doom doom music and you must hear that title in a baritone that echoes) THE SAUSAGE INCIDENT!

I was a sweet (HA!) blond, blue-eyed lass of about 7, maybe younger, who knew what she liked and what she didn't. I did not like sausage and, in fact, still hate sausage to this day (get your minds out of the gutter). Even the look of them makes me think of fat slime greasy things...you know, like Donald Trump. We always had family dinners and there was just the 4 of us-we were like the typical family from happyland (again HA!). Our Dining area was right beside the kitchen with a counter separating the two areas. My mom was making the dinner and we all sat down in our usual spots to begin eating. At that moment, my mom placed an ugly sausage on my plate. I looked down at this, this thing from another horror show and looked up at her with disgust. My mom thought it was time again to let me try the greasy, fatty thing called a sausage to see if I would open up my realm of food and give this piece of crap a try.  She looked at me and said in a nice calm voice, "Birgit, give it a try, you might find you like it now."  I looked at her wondering what drug she was on believing she has been replaced by a pod and my real mom had been snatched away. I replied, "I don't like it, I don't want it!" ( yes I was such a sweetie).  My mother calmly tried to talk to me believing her words would entice me to eat that grease slick called meat on my plate. I just replied "I don't like it. I don't want it." She took the plate away and cut up the piece of crap thinking this would entice me even more. I just glared at her thinking she wanted to change  me into some strange girl who always agrees with what she says (that'll never happen). She now had developed a certain, shall we say, edge in her voice and said I should give it a try because "one never knows until one tries something." I folded my arms and repeated my saying. She nudged the plate closer to me so I could smell the vial stench and, as any good brat will do, I pushed the plate back and said "I don't like it, I don't want it!" Now my mom, who usually made food that my brother and I would eat and usually would not push the topic, must have had a bad day or maybe I was her bad day, because she suddenly got very angry and in a voice only mothers can do, told me I must take a bite of this sausage. I started to cry and told her I don't like it and will not eat it.  She threw up her arms and said loudly that she has no idea what she will do with me walking around the counter to the kitchen area.

My dad finally piped in and with his loud voice said, "Ruth! Don't force her, let her eat what she wants. Birgit, What would you like to eat?" I answered, "Chocolate ice cream!" My dad chimed back, "Ruth, get her some chocolate ice cream!" With that, my mom totally flipped her lid, could not utter a word but just high pitched sounds, came back towards me. I realized that the chocolate ice cream stunt went a bit too far as the devil that was formally my mom, picked up a fork, stabbed the greasy gunk off my plate, pulled my hair back and tried to ram that sausage down my throat. Now you would think, by this point I would give in, but you are wrong,  By Grabthar's hammer, I refused to open my mouth as the slimy mass went all over my face. My mother, normally very sweet and truthfully a wonderful mom, went further into cuckoo's nest territory, and plugged my nose thinking I would open my mouth. I was on to her for, you see, I saw an I Love Lucy episode where Ricky tried to force feed Lucy, so I did the exact same thing Lucy did and just opened my lips slightly but had my teeth clamped down tighter than a monkey's butt.

With that, my mom threw the fork down on the plate, my dad told my mom she was a wild woman and to calm down and I was victorious since I did not taste that vile fatty thing called a sausage. Yes, you can say I am stubborn and yes, I did put a few grey hairs on my mom's head, but rest assured, you can also say I never gave up!  Never give up-never surrender!