Thursday, March 31, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks:TV Edition-Family Comedies


Talk about a wide open theme this week. I decided to go the 60s route and pick 3 TV shows that started in the 1960s. I almost went with Family Affair but I chose this one before. I will be curious what everyone else will choose so head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to find out. Here are my 3...

1. MY 3 SONS-1960-1972

I used to enjoy watching this show and have caught a few episodes recently since it is on a local station showing all the classics. It stars Fred MacMurray as a widower of 3 sons who must deal with all the things 3 boys in straight-laced 60s suburbia can get into. The family is held together by Fred's father in law played by William Frawley but later, when Frawley was declining in health, William Demerest joined the cast as the brother of Frawley called Uncle Charlie. It's funny that the eldest son left the show and then just ...went away never to be talked of again. Since it was called My 3 Sons, they brought in a kid whom Fred adopts. Later on, 2 of the kids marry including one just 17 yrs old which, even when I was a kid, I thought was too young. Fred MacMurray would only do the show if they could tape all his scenes in one day which the studio did. The rest of the clan had to go in every day and, obviously, the show was shot out of sequence which really screwed up William Frawley. 

2. THE LUCY SHOW-1692-1968

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz started Desilu Productions out of the old RKO lot. They were suffering financially in the early 60s with only The Untouchables being a hit. Arnaz left the studio anmd Lucille Ball became the head of the studio-pretty cool for a woman at that time eh? Anyhoo, it was decided she would star in a TV series but she didn't think it would keep going for the next few years. It starts off as Lucy with  a teenage daughter and a young son and Vivian Vance as her best friend who is divorced (first time on TV) with a son as well. Of course, the 2 get into hi-jinks every time they are together which makes for much laughter. Gale Gordon is a bank manager who is often steamed by Lucy. Vivian Vance didn't like her commute so she asked to be written out of the show but would return occasionally. Lucy decided to move out to San Francisco to be closer to her daughter and enrolled her son into military academy(thanks, Ma) and...well....soon the kids were dropped all together. Lucy ends up working for Gale Gordon. Funny, Lucille Ball ended the show but started a 3rd, "Here's Lucy" starring her real-life kids Dezi Jnr and Lucie. 

3. THE DORIS DAY SHOW-1968-1973

Poor Doris Day...her husband Marty Melcher was her business manager and when he had a heart attack, she found out he squandered her fortune leaving her deep in debt and having to do a TV Show. She had no idea that he signed her to do this but ever the gal, she pulled up her boot strings and started this series and paid off all her debts. In this story, well, the beginning, she is recently widowed with 2 small boys who comes home to her dad who lives on some farm. We meet a variety of people as we see her try to deal with her kids and build her life. Suddenly, midway through the series, she moves to San Francisco with her kids and the dog and meets a nice couple whom she rents a place from. After that year wrapped up, Doris returns but without a dog and no kids and she is referred to a Miss being a single gal working her way up the ladder. My guess is she offed the boys and dropped the dog off at the pound but, hey, it was still supposed to be the Doris Day Show. 

Which 3 can you think of?

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Let's Go Out With a Lamb...or Sheep


What a cutie! How can anyone eat something so cute (don't answer). On Thursday, we are to be up to 16C but rainy. Screw the rain and Lion, I prefer the cute lamb regardless of the weather. Since we always think lion, I decided to go the route of the cute lamb or sheep. So let's see what I chose...


This song appears in the film, "White Christmas" and is known as a Christmas song but it has nothing to do with Christmas except being in the film. Irving Berlin wrote it, inspired by what his doctor said to him. Berlin had trouble sleeping due to stress. His doctor told him to count his blessings instead of sheep and this should help alleviate the stress. I don't know if it worked but this is a pretty song.


I did watch this show a few times but always remembered the opening which was song so flat, it irritated the hell out of me. So, I decided to include it here. This was composed by Mike Post who was famous for many TV show themes. 


This is a famous and beautiful rendition of this classical piece by Johann Sebastian Bach which was composed in 1713. It is often used in weddings now but it was not meant to be this at all. St. Martins in the Fields was created by Neville Mariner (with John Churchill) in 1959 in England. They became quite famous for playing the music in Amadeus. I just think it is quite a pretty piece that we need to listen to when times get tough.

So any sheep songs you can think of? Is it more like a lion or a lamb in your neck of the woods?

I have not spoken about the Oscars because of the shit show caused by Will Smith. Can you imagine if it was Don Rickles up there? He may have said that Jada belongs to the Yul Brynner fan club and got a slap down also. Ricky Gervais would have ended up in the hospital. So let's have some fun with these fashions...

This is my favourite worn by Stephanie Beatriz (who knows?)

Javiar Bardem looked classy

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis look classy but I had to do a double take as they don't look like themselves.

Now I know where Nicole Kidman can hide her sandwich to eat halfway through the Awards.

Wear a shirt! You are not ripped and I bet I couldn't find one hair on your puny little chest.

I need some of those gold straw thingys off of Lupito N'yongo's dress to create a card. I bet you would get major paper cuts if you touched that dress.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith in, what I call the Broccoli outfit. She had a hard time walking in this thing.

Kristen Stewart woke up in someone else's bed at 4pm after a night of partying. Idiot.

When plastic Barbie dolls go bad.

She jiggled those ta-tas in the pre-show and I thought my eyes were shot out of my head. NO!

David Oyewole found this mandela image in black velvet and went crazy with the yellow pen.

Um....Star Trek called and they want the alien outfits back. Also...what if you have to pee a little? I mean, seriously?

Hey, Billie Eilish, give me back my garbage bags!

Wesley Snipes...WTF?

Let's end on a high note with this pretty dress worn by Saniyya Sidney which, I think, is just very pretty. She is in King Richard playing Venus Williams. I had to look her up.

Hope you enjoyed these Fashion do's and Dont's. I just felt many of these gals really wanted to see how they looked standing beside a lamppost. Maybe it's just me... Hope you enjoyed the music.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks-Gaslighting


I think we have all been gaslighted at one point in our lives and, if you haven't're lucky. Wandering Through The Shelves picked another winner and one that, I know is popular in the movies, but my brain went numb. Of course, the first film that came into my head was Gaslight (1944) with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer but I already spoke about this film last year and I have not seen the original British film starring Anton Walbrook and Diana Wynyard (1940). On came my thinking cap and a few small sparks flew out so this is what I came up with...


I watched this film just last year because of the 2 stars whom I adore-Barbara Stanwyck and George Sanders. Barbara is in her apartment when she looks across the way and sees a man kill a woman. Frantic, she contacts the police who go to the scene of the killing except no one is there except debonair George Sanders who conveys complete innocence while laying blame on Stanwyck that she is cuckoo for coco puffs. It comes to pass that even Stanwyck feels she is losing grasp but is she? The police don't believe her and she does not seem quite credible. This movie is good, not great, but good especially Sanders who always excels especially the diabolical characters. To me, the problem is the wonderful Stanwyck who just seems to strong a person to convey a wispy, unsure of herself woman doubting her own sanity. Bergman excels in this and Joan Fontaine is good in this type of role too but Stanwyck could pussywhip poor George into submission on a bad day. I would say to see it for sure but it is not the best work she has done. Oh and the ending part made my eyes roll into the back of my head because George is more than just what he is. 


Predictable, sweet, fun...This is the movie that fits even though many of the characters are not that first and some would end up in prison but this is just a nice comedy. It stars the dynamic duo of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell who have actually been together for over 40 years now. Every once in a while, they make a movie and this is one of them. She plays an over the top spoiled rich bitch who fires the carpenter's ass, played by Russell, when he tells her what he thinks of her. That night, she falls overboard (it all took place on her yacht), hits her head and wakes up with amnesia. Her husband decides to be rid of her so he can whore around and spend her money. The carpenter see this as payback and tells her that she is his wife and brings her back to his swamp of a home. To say it is disgusting is an understatement which includes his 3 sons who are all in on the scam. He makes fun of her every chance he can get with her none the wiser but, big surprise, he starts falling for her and she helps him realize his dream. It's a nice comedy that makes you smile even though I would never go with a man after doing that to me. 


This is a film produced, directed and scored by Clint Eastwood based on the real life events of Christine Collins and the Wineville Chicken coop murders(1928). Angelina Jolie plays Christine who comes home one day to find her son missing. She contacts the police who, initially try to help her but, due to the media and pressure to find the boy plus other children who have gone missing, they get a boy to pretend he is her son. When she states it is not her son, the police and government state she must be hysterical and delusional. She takes this boy in but does not give up on the police finding her actual son. The police end up sending her to a mental asylum, which they could do back in the day. This film seems a bit long, from what I remember, but that is not a major issue. It is upsetting what happened to Christine and how she was treated and Jolie manages this quite well. She acted this role quite well and deserves more meatier parts than what she has been getting as of late. It is worth a look for sure.

Which films would you choose?

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Oscar Songs 1937


I was thinking about all the songs (not Score) that have come from the movies and wondered which songs won, which songs that were nominated and which songs that were not even on the list. There are thousands so I decided to pick a year and I went with 1937 because...what the hell. I have chosen 3- the actual winner, one up for nomination and one that was eligible but not even nominated. I am going to do a little game and ask you which song do you think won the actual Oscar and which one is your favourite. This means you will have to listen to them and I hope you do...Here we go. I hope you don't google the answer either:))


This song is from the musical, "Shall We Dance" with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  It was composed by George and Ira Gershwin and introduced by Astaire in the film. many of the big composers of the day actually loved Astaire's voice and would think of him when they created the song. Fred was a close friend of George Gershwin before Gershwin died at age 38 in 1937 from a brain tumour.


This song is from the film, "Waikiki Wedding" which starred Bing Crosby becoming a big hit for Bing. It was written by Harry Owens the day after is daughter was born, named Leilani, in 1934. It is Hawaiian meaning "Heavenly garland of flowers." 


 This song was introduced by Nelson Eddy in the film, "Rosalie" with Eleanor Powell as well. It was written by Cole Porter and has gained so much recognition over the years that it has been sung by many, many other artists. 

Which song won the Oscar that year? Which would you have chosen? I tried to stick close to the originals but are there any recordings of these that you would like to share?

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks: Choose a Film With a Body Part in The Title


Wandering Through The Shelves picks another original..Body Part in the title. Actually, the idea came from Brittani, a fellow movie lover. At first, I thought of all the "Eyes" used in the titles of films but wanted to avoid "Eyes." There are still countless films but it does make things tougher to think about. So, without further blithering on, here are my 3...(I hope I pick a video that everyone can see. I have been getting videos that can't play in my great country of Canada which sucks.)


Let's start of with a musical that combined the dynamic talents of Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland. They made several pictures together and this was their 2nd outing as 2 young people  who have parents down on their luck because they were in Vaudeville. Mickey's parents decide to go out on the road but not take the kids so what are the kids to do? Yes, they are to put on a show! They sing and dance all around the neighbourhood because we all did that when we were teens, am I right? Before Mickey turned sour, old and looked like a dumpling with legs, he was a thin, ADD kid who could not stay still. Judy was fresh and such a big talent but, probably already hooked on drugs. The one operatic baritone, Douglas McPhail, ended up swallowing poison in 1944 after his career stalled, divorce and alcohol got a hold of him. Oops, I am talking reality here so, it's better to enjoy this musical and watch these kids put on a show and save the day!


The Supremes sang the song, Vincent Price starred as the Mad Doctor and you have Frankie Avalon as a co-hero with Dwayne Hickman bumbling through this campy flick to save the day. If you wonder where Mike Myers got some of his inspiration from when playing Austin Powers, watch this flick. It is funny, dumb as F$&* but you can't help but not enjoy it. Ok, maybe that is just me because I am a proud geek at heart, but I love Vincent, the surf movies from the 60s and the bumbling motorcycle gang headed by Eric Von Zipper. Oh..Plot-Mad scientist creates a bounty of female robots to seduce rich men to take their loot. 

3. MY LEFT FOOT-1989

One name-Daniel Day-Lewis. He is one brilliant actor who gets so involved into his character that he goes full on method and will not change out of his character even when the cameras are not rolling. This is a film that just blew me away as he portrayed Christy Brown, an Irish poet and painter who had cerebral palsy, and could only paint and type with his left foot. He became quite famous especially in his home of Ireland. You see how he comes from a poor family of 15 with most, especially his dad, thinking he was mentally deficient until he spelled "mother" on the floor with a piece of chalk. He had no problem getting into trouble and speaking his own mind, with his foot. It is so worth seeing this film especially if you start to feel you can't do something because this man shows you can. 

Which films can you think of?

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


I love Maureen O'Hara who was not only beautiful, strong and vivacious but had a great voice. She loved her birth place, Ireland, and sang many songs that made her think of her beloved home. I thought I would share some with you...


Isn't this great? Well, I think so with a nice group of traditional Irish songs. Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral is one of my favourites as I heard it sung by Bing Crosby in the film, "Going My Way." It was composed in 1913 (Happy Birthday daddy-March 14, 1913) by James Royce Shannon for Tin Pan Alley musical, "Shameen Dhu." "Dear Old Donegal" was made popular by Bing Crosby, again, and was written by Steve Graham back in 1942. "When Irish Eyes Were Smiling" is a popular tune for sure sung by Der Bingle and many others. It was written in 1912 with lyrics by Chauncey Olcott and George Graff Jnr. and music by Ernest Ball. Finally, we have "Did Your Mother Come From Ireland" written in 1936 by Michael Carr & Jimmy Kennedy first performed by...guess? Yup Bing baby. 

2. DANNY BOY-1913

I had this song, sung by her, on previously but how can one not choose "Danny Boy. I had to showcase this song again with Maureen singing it because she was such a huge Irish patriot (and loved her second country -U.S.A.). This was written by Frederic Weatherly and it was set to the music of Londonderry Air. 


This is such a pretty song and is a traditional Irish folk tune but I could not find out who wrote it nor when. Maureen came out with a few records and this stems from her 1961 album of Irish standards. 

Which Irish tunes do you like? Any Celtic songs or performers you love? Let me know.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

2 Cards..2 Cards, Not Just 1


Happy Little Stampers: Dies/Stencils-Anything Goes

Sparkles Monthly-Something Big/ Something Small

We Love Stamping-Anything Spring

Stamplorations: Stencil-Anything Goes

Addicted To Stamps-Any Occasion

Crafty Animals-Anything Goes

This is the first time I used this Glue stuff to spread over a stencil (like icing a cake), let it go clear (take an hour or so) and then you place this very thin foil over top of it. You tap down on it slowly making sure every part of it is covered and sticks. You take off the foil and you are left with a shiny design! I really love this because it is quite easy to do. I used a purple background, used this stencil design and covered it in pink foil. It turned out quite well, I have to say. I stamped my sleeping bear, which is one of my very first stamps I ever bought, in silver and coloured him in tombow markers as well as the pretty spring flowers. I fussy cut him out only to realize he did not show up well against the background. I took this white cardstock scrap, adhered it to the front of the card before I stuck the bear heart on top with pop up dots. I then placed a small little folder with the paper in between through the cuddlebug to dry emboss the image of the baby carriage...this is the something small. I coloured this image with the tombow markers too. I added the bow which took me forever to make and glued that in place. This was for my hubby's niece who is having a baby (April 26th) and I had to go to the shower last weekend, which was nice, even though it's a shower. You know...I think we should all have showers every 10 to 15 years to get new stuff. We buy nice towels, bed linen etc... for showers and gifts and we deal with our old crud. What do you think about that? Nah...that would mean more showers to go to and dumb ass games. 

Color Throwdown-ctd683-Gray, Pink, Lime Green

Simon Says-Bit O' Green

Dream Valley-Add Some Bling

Retro Rubber Challenge-rrcb177- Tic, Tac, Toe-Used Metallics/Crafter's Choice/ Embossing

I heat embossed my dragon in green metallic which, I thought, might be more lime green isn't. It still turned out quite well otherwise. It's hard to see but the background, I used my new gel plate (It's square, clear and rubbery). I took my roller and rolled on light pink as well as dark pink onto the gel plate. I took my distress gray stamp, put the colour down on some wipeable paper and spritzed it with water before dipping a brush in it and splattering the gray over the gel plate. I took my card stock and put it on top of the gel plate making sure it was completely covered. When I lifted the paper off, I had this neat coloured image on my paper. My dragonfly, which is at least, a decade old, was stamped onto that paper as well as the saying but the saying was heat embossed with turquoise glitter. I coloured up the sticker borders in lime green (looks different here) layered the paper on gray, lime green and pink paper, added the bling (crystals) which is my choice and there ya have it.

I hope you like my 2 cards. Have a great night and day tomorrow.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks-Falsely Accused


It is Falsely Accused week over at Wandering Through The Shelves, and I think I am getting old timer's disease. There are so many movies with this theme...Hitchcock loved this theme but my mind went blank. I decided to stay away from one of my favourite directors (Hitch) and actually went to 2 newer movies (newer in my mind) so let's get on with the show...


This is a brilliant film by Preston Sturges and one that people should see at least once. It actually inspired the Coen Bros to make "Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou." The film was written with Joel McCrea in mind as Preston didn't want anyone else but him to star as the director of comedies. McCrea  plays Sullivan, a rich, Hollywood director of escapist comedies but he wants to make a film about the reality that people are facing every day-poor, downtrodden, unable to find work so he decides to go out on the road with only 10 cents to his name to understand the true meaning of what the average joe is going through. The first day turns out to be a disaster but he does meet a beautiful, out of work actress ready to give up and go home. He brings her to his home and when she realizes he is not a bum but a rich director, she pushes him in the pool.! The next time, he decides to try again but she comes with him. After being separated and he is hit over the head with a rock to steal his money and shoes. When he wakes, he has amnesia and ends up in prison-10 years hard labour. What happens, well, watch the movie. It is not just a comedy but it does hit the dramatic points about people who live on the edge of society. All are treated with respect. Veronica Lake is the girl who was famous for her peek-a-boo hairstyle and was so happy to get the part she didn't tell Preston she was pregnant until she showed up on set and Preston nearly killed her (he didn't touch a hair on that head of hers). The famous costumer, Edith Head, created outfits to hide her pregnancy. Unfortunately, she was known as one difficult beyutch and Joel McCrea vowed never to work with her again (he did, years later). See it if you can.


Harrison Ford plays a lawyer for the district attorney. he appears to be happily married with a nice home and a lovely son but not all is at appears because he had a lusty affair with a fellow colleague. What's worse is that she has been raped and murdered and he looks to be the prime suspect. he hires the great Raul Julia to defend him and we learn, in flashback, how the affair started and ended. Harrison is stating he is innocent but he?  Brian Dennehy (one of my favourite actors) plays the District Attorney who also had an affair with the gal and we learn this gal was climbing up the ladder on her knees. I enjoyed this film which made me think if he did it or not until the very end. I also love the music which was composed by John Williams. 


I really like Ashley Judd and, boy, does she kick ass in this thriller about a seemingly happily married woman who asks her dear friend to babysit her son while she and her husband, played by Bruce Greenwood,  can have some sexy time on their yacht. Poor Ashley wakes to a bloody mess which is all over her, the sheets and on top. She finds a knife which she, stupidly,  grabs onto looking at the bloody railing. At that point the coast guards come and arrest her. The police drag the lake but can't find a body but, she is convicted & sentenced to prison for the death of her spouse. Her child has been taken by her friend who soon leaves town, son in tow. Ashley finds out where her friend went and calls her so she can speak to her son. While she speaks to him, she hears her son yell, "Daddy!" She realizes that her bastard husband is not dead at all and realizing she can't be charged for the same crime twice, she starts her revenge. When she gets out of prison, on good terms, she must stay at this home run by the parole officer which is Tommy Lee Jones who is watching her every move. Of course, you know Ashley will be on the road looking for her bastard of a husband so she can get her son and Jones will be hot on her trail. Ashley Judd holds the film together and, although there are some issues with this movie, it is still quite good and fun to watch. Ashley Judd deserves to make films that utilize her talent.

So what films can you come up with??

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Daddy's Birthday is Coming Up


My dad would be 109 come March 14th so, in honour of my dad, I am showcasing the big hits from 1913! Let's get the party rockin'...hahahaa. The flower part on the lower left is a poppy because he was a WW2 veteran who fought along the Rhine, was part of the liberation of Holland and was badly wounded in the Reischwald Forest. He is wearing my brother's hat because my brother liked to think he was a hippie back in the 1980s. Let's rock 1913 style...


I hope this plays. I first heard this song when I watched Easter Parade with Fred Astaire and Judy Garland and laughed at this dumb ass song. Every once in a while, I will call my hubby this just to see his reaction which usually looks like he is ready to call the white coats to bring me to a home. These gals seem like a good fit for the song.


I have to admit, I do love this rendition by Doris from the film, "Love Me or Leave Me". It was written by James Monaco with lyrics by Joseph McCarthy (not the nutty senator who started the witch hunts in the late 40s and 50s). It has been performed by many people with Judy garland being one of the most famous.


My dad's favourite comedic team was Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy so I thought this was fitting. It's from their film "Way Out West" (1937) and it is nice to listen to especially when Stan starts singing in a low voice before going all out soprano. The Voices were Chill Wills and Rosina Lawrence which just cracked me up. This song was written by Ballard MacDonald(Lyrics) & Harry Carroll (Music).

By the way...I got a job!!! I worked on my resume so it looked better and sent it out (I got a tip from a friend of mine about this job). I have not yet signed the paperwork but I have been told I will start work on April 4th with a bankruptcy office of Goldhar & Associates. They just called me on Monday and told me that I fit for a full time position and will be working out of their Niagara Falls office. The first week I have to travel to Mississauga for training so I am very happy. So I will buy the sparkling Spumonte Bambino and you provide the plastic glasses:)))

Friday, March 4, 2022

What I Watched in February


Let's all be my 3 cats and just chill.... If only. I am trying to create my resume and it seems to be a huge thing to make sure to use action words and descriptions and percentages but keep it all short and on one page. I this resume shit because my mind immediately travels to the same words plus simplistic. That's right, little squirrels are in my mead and they control my brain. Oh, and our gas has gone through the roof! It is $1.67 per litre which is nuts!!

I have not watched as many films this month but I still have watched some but I am not going to do lengthy write-ups like before. I talk too much!


I couldn't find a trailer via youtube through Blogger. Red Skelton as inept man who can't keep a job. Funny!!


Crazy bitch Barbara Stanwyck, married to an idiot(Kirk Douglas in his debut) tries to keep Van Heflin in her web. When the dick is up, their brains are up their ass (my grandmother's was in German originally). 

3. WIDOWS-2002

Before Sandra, Cate, Rihana...we had these 4 gals in a 2 part TV movie. These 4 gals are connected by their husbands who stole for a living. They must now steal a priceless painting. A nice mix of humour with raw emotion and some humour as well, by mainly Brooke Shields and Rosie Perez. It's a bit uneven but well worth the watch. Filmed in Toronto!


Hilarious! Stupid, yes...Foul language..Oh man, yes! Crazy nut jobs, yes! Morgan Freeman, meh, why not! I laughed so much with poor Ryan Reynolds looking worse and worse.

5. SPENCER-2021

Lady Diana is going nutsy at the last Christmas she has with Prince Charlie and the family. Kristen Stewart is quite good...irritatingly so. Music drove me nuts. Meh...


Based on a true story with Lady Gaga kicking ass in an over the top performance but it works. So does Jared Leto in an over the top performance and I bet you can't pick him out in this clip. Jeremy Irons keeps losing his Italian accent. A good movie to watch and enjoy a family in dysfunctional glory.


1. BONANZA-1959-1973

 If you learn one thing from watching Bonanza, never fall in love with any of them because that meant you were going to die. Dad, played by Lorne Greene has 3 kids from 3 different moms-he was widowed 3 times and, no, he didn't kill any of them. The oldest is Adam, He's the one with the tack up his ass in the intro. Genial Dan Blocker is Hoss Cartwright who ended up dying from an embolism after surgery. They had Hoss die in the series, which was rare for that to happen in those days. Little Joe is the youngest who is a quick draw and loves the gals played by Michael Landon who went straight into Little Outhouse On The Prairie. Love this show!

2. I LOVE LUCY-1951-1957

If someone doesn't know this show then you have been living under a rock. I am re-watching this show and loving every part of it. Love Harpo!


Love, Love Love this show where people bring in some of the oddest things that may not mean much to us if we saw it in a garage sale but you hear the stories, see how they are fixed and look at the faces when the owners come back to pick up their treasure. It is all done free of charge! Most people are in tears and ask if they can pick it up even though they own it. Love it!

That's it until next month? What have you seen? Any suggestions?

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks-A Dig (Archaeology/Palaeontology)


I could have written another 3 for the modern movies but, you know me.  Wandering Through The Shelves has created some fun ones for her weekly themes and this is one (well, most are pretty damn great) is a fun one. So let's get on with the show...


I wish I could have found a better trailer since we are looking at a role by Stepin Fetchit, which makes one want to just shake ones' head, but this was typical for the day. By the way, he played these roles like this to, apparently, pull the wool over the "white" man's eyes by having the white man do the work feigning laziness when, in fact, he was anything but this. According to African American biographer, Mel Watkins, he is known more as a prankster who could con the white man into doing the work. Stepin (real name is actually Lincoln Perry) was the first African millionaire from the film industry. OK, now, about the movie, There is a dig going on in Egypt but when the head dude of archaeology goes missing, Charlie Chan and his #1 son are brought in to find out where he went. Soon, they find him, wrapped up like a mummy. They unravel(get it:)) art treasures being taken, missing people, Strange things happening, Stepin, and Rita Hayworth in one of her first roles. You should invest, one day, into viewing some fun Charlie Chan mysteries as they are a lot of fun.


This is a a great adventure film that stars Stewart Granger (I always found him a bit...icky), Deborah Kerr and some of the tribes of Africa including the Watusi who would not allow themselves to be filmed until this film. Beautiful Kerr is in search of her husband who was looking for a huge amount of diamonds in a cave. She meets Allan Quartermain (not the character from my soap, General Hospital) who is a legend in this part (and others) of the world. He doesn't like women on his treks but he knows he can't argue with a red haired vixen like Kerr so off they venture. I have not seen this in years but I remember being amazed at the tribes, feeling very sad about the elephants and laughing when Kerr cuts her own hair but looks like she still came from a beauty parlour. I need to see the earlier film starring Paul Robeson as Umbopa who plays the faithful servant to Allan only to come forward, later on, as the rightful king to his tribe. In this version this character is secondary but still important. 


Don't you love that music! It is composed by the great Bernard Hermann who also composed "North By Northwest" and "Psycho" plus many others. James Mason plays an University professor who stumbles across information from a scientist whom, he believes, has found the centre of the earth. Before you can say Holy Hot Magma Batman, he brings in his student assistant, Pat Boone (yup, that Pat Boone but no white shoes here) to travel to Iceland to find out more information. There they meet Arlene Dahl(who just past away last year), who's husband was murdered for finding out more information, and Peter Ronson who helps them out of a feathery situation. All of them venture down a volcano, with Gertrude the duck of course, to locate the centre. Along the way, they meet a diabolical man who is trying to claim this find for himself. They find riches, salt and some nasty dinosaurs (well, they are just lizards made to look really big) as they go ever deeper. I watched this movie every chance I could get when it was on tv and I never tire of it. It is the best version of Jules Verne's novel with the special effects being quite good plus I love Gertrude. 

Yup, I stayed away from the popular ones that pop into everyone's head (Raider's, Lara, Some park). Which ones can you come up with?

Sorry...something happened and it never published when I wanted it to..Just found out:))

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Weekly Song Fest


I believe, in my neck of the woods, March is coming in like a lion. The weather is supposed to be rainy or icy...maybe some snow....blecchhh. Between the dumbass truckers (my blog, I can say that's true), dumbass covid and scary Putin, I mean, Puddin', we have a lot of angst in this world. In Lviv, Ukraine, there is a Cat Cafe where 20 cats live, roam, sleep etc.. at this cafe. Instead of leaving, the owners have kept their cafe open and will not leave because of their cats. Talk about love! We need to hear more love and more laughter so I am presenting some laughs to cheer one's soul. I hope you like the theme I picked


Yes, I am doing Mel Brooks this week and I had to include this gem from Blazing Saddles. I laughed so hard ("Come on Girls!"). I already showcased the great Madeline Kahn a couple of posts back from the same film so I chose this one. They break, no, obliterate the 4th wall in this climax of a film and it is so much fun. You have a feeling that everyone had a great time making this film...except Hedly Lamarr..oops Hedy Lamarr who sued Mel.


I was rolling in the aisles when I watched this on the big screen. You can tell how much Brooks loves the old musicals in this one especially, once again, Esther Williams' movies since she helped bring synchronized swimming to the foreground.


I just love this movie and this song also made me laugh. You have to admit it must be something for some men to wear these tights.

I was fully going to use "Springtime For Hitler" because it is hilarious, in my opinion but because Putin is trying to take over Ukraine and he has been under many investigations for murder, taking money by the billions (he is estimated to be worth around $40 billion), plus many other atrocities, I thought you might kill me if I put this one up even though Mel Brooks is Jewish and knows how foul Hitler is. I just stopped myself. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

March 1st...My Second Star to Showcase

 My dad was born on March 14, 1913, well, we always celebrated on March 14th but we found out his birthday was actually February 15th. He was adamant that the government was wrong even though my mom mentioned that he could have been baptised on March 14th. He would have none of it, so I will always state his birthday was March 14th:)). He was 51 when I was born and 52 when my mom and dad started the sawmill business. I would never want to start something brand new at 52...yikes! Anyway, in honour of my dad, I chose a star born on March 14th who never let age stop her (or good genes).


BORN- March 14, 1904

DIED- May 11, 2010

AGE- 106 Years Young

DIED FROM- Aneurysm



AFFAIRS-Nacio Herb Brown (song writer). He wrote, "Singing In The Rain" for her

KNOWN FOR; Being the last Ziegfeld Girl. Introducing the song "Singing In The Rain"

This lady really impressed me because she danced until almost the day she died. In the very early days, her elder sister Pearl, another sister, Mary and brothers, Joe & Charles, were billed as the Seven Little Eatons even though they were not all siblings (I think a cousin or 2 were in the act) nor were there 7 but it didn't matter because they became well liked for being prompt, knowing what they had to do and being gifted (Big sis Evelyn was the  "stage mom"). Mary became quite famous on Broadway and starred with The Marx Brothers in "The Coconuts" before her career went sideways. Good Ole Doris  was a Ziegfeld showgal when she was only 14 which was a huge no no. To avoid the Child Labour Laws, she changed her name to Doris Levant  until she turned 16 and was legal to dance on stage in skimpy outfits. 

Doris landed in films and Broadway as an understudy to Marilyn Miller and she is the one who introduced  the songs "Singing In The Rain" and "The Doll Dance" where she wrote the lyrics to the latter song but never got the credit. By the mid 1930s her career was winding down so she ended up at the Arthur Murray dance studios as a dance instructor. This career spanned 32 years where she owned 18 dance studios and had her own TV show in Detroit. She married one of her pupils, in 1949 ( Paul Travis) and they started a horse ranch! Their marriage was very happy and they remained together for over 50 years until he passed away. Oh, she graduated from the University of Oklahoma at 88 years old Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa and, at 101, she went back to get her Masters!

She became even more famous when she appeared, with 4 other former Ziegfeld gals, at the restored New Amsterdam Theatre, for an AIDS benefit and danced the same dance she did back in 1917 or something like that. She was asked back every year after that and appeared on stage in many other places. She wrote a book about herself and her family titled "The Days We Danced" and spoke about her days in the theatre and film including the sad part of her family members, like Mary, who died alcoholics and Pearl, who was murdered (Unsolved). She credited her good health to staying away from alcohol and dancing. What A Gal!


Tell Your Children-1922

The Broadway Peacock-1922

Taking The Count(Short)-1928

Street Girl-1929

The Very Idea-1929

Man On The Moon-1999

Isn't she the bees knees?