Friday, March 4, 2022

What I Watched in February


Let's all be my 3 cats and just chill.... If only. I am trying to create my resume and it seems to be a huge thing to make sure to use action words and descriptions and percentages but keep it all short and on one page. I this resume shit because my mind immediately travels to the same words plus simplistic. That's right, little squirrels are in my mead and they control my brain. Oh, and our gas has gone through the roof! It is $1.67 per litre which is nuts!!

I have not watched as many films this month but I still have watched some but I am not going to do lengthy write-ups like before. I talk too much!


I couldn't find a trailer via youtube through Blogger. Red Skelton as inept man who can't keep a job. Funny!!


Crazy bitch Barbara Stanwyck, married to an idiot(Kirk Douglas in his debut) tries to keep Van Heflin in her web. When the dick is up, their brains are up their ass (my grandmother's was in German originally). 

3. WIDOWS-2002

Before Sandra, Cate, Rihana...we had these 4 gals in a 2 part TV movie. These 4 gals are connected by their husbands who stole for a living. They must now steal a priceless painting. A nice mix of humour with raw emotion and some humour as well, by mainly Brooke Shields and Rosie Perez. It's a bit uneven but well worth the watch. Filmed in Toronto!


Hilarious! Stupid, yes...Foul language..Oh man, yes! Crazy nut jobs, yes! Morgan Freeman, meh, why not! I laughed so much with poor Ryan Reynolds looking worse and worse.

5. SPENCER-2021

Lady Diana is going nutsy at the last Christmas she has with Prince Charlie and the family. Kristen Stewart is quite good...irritatingly so. Music drove me nuts. Meh...


Based on a true story with Lady Gaga kicking ass in an over the top performance but it works. So does Jared Leto in an over the top performance and I bet you can't pick him out in this clip. Jeremy Irons keeps losing his Italian accent. A good movie to watch and enjoy a family in dysfunctional glory.


1. BONANZA-1959-1973

 If you learn one thing from watching Bonanza, never fall in love with any of them because that meant you were going to die. Dad, played by Lorne Greene has 3 kids from 3 different moms-he was widowed 3 times and, no, he didn't kill any of them. The oldest is Adam, He's the one with the tack up his ass in the intro. Genial Dan Blocker is Hoss Cartwright who ended up dying from an embolism after surgery. They had Hoss die in the series, which was rare for that to happen in those days. Little Joe is the youngest who is a quick draw and loves the gals played by Michael Landon who went straight into Little Outhouse On The Prairie. Love this show!

2. I LOVE LUCY-1951-1957

If someone doesn't know this show then you have been living under a rock. I am re-watching this show and loving every part of it. Love Harpo!


Love, Love Love this show where people bring in some of the oddest things that may not mean much to us if we saw it in a garage sale but you hear the stories, see how they are fixed and look at the faces when the owners come back to pick up their treasure. It is all done free of charge! Most people are in tears and ask if they can pick it up even though they own it. Love it!

That's it until next month? What have you seen? Any suggestions?


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    We need to stop meeting like this! :) Wouldn't you know it, I slept in this morning thinking you were finished posting for the week. You always entertain me, and I am happy to drop back in to see you today.

    I watched The Fuller Brush Man many years ago. Red Skelton was a favorite in my household. My dad was especially fond of Red's warm, down-to-earth, nerdy style of comedy. As a boy, I misheard and/or misread the comedian's name, and for years thought it was Red Skeleton.

    Strangely, I never got around to watching the film noir dramma Martha Ivers, even though I like all four of the main cast members. I like Brooke Shields, but never saw Widows.

    I laughed all the way through the trailer for Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, and that's a very good sign that it is the kind of movie I would enjoy. I'll be looking for it.

    Mrs. Shady and I tried to watch Spencer a few weeks ago. Only a few minutes in, we were both asking WTF?... and we ultimately bailed out of the film. Yet, it gets rave reviews and awards. Go figure!

    House of Gucci looks great, too. I love (there's that word) Lady G, and the trailer won me over. That trailer is a fine example of how much trailers have evolved. They are carefully edited mini movies. This one is superb, enhanced by Blondie's hit song "Heart of Glass." Music is a powerful selling tool, and the driving beat of that classic of the American new wave genre helped sell me on the Gucci film.

    I think I told you before that my dad and I watched Bonanza every week. My mom avoided Westerns. Backtracking for a moment, my dad referred to Red Skelton as "Red Skel-e-gon" (which helps explain why I thought his name was Skeleton), and dad referred to Bonanza as "Banana." Hoss was Dad's favorite character and mine. Michael Landon made a name for himself as the Teenage Werewolf in the Frankenstein influenced horror movie of the late 50s, and later became a frequent flyer on The Tonight Show. The TV station where I worked in the 70s and early 80s carried Little House and Highway To Heaven. Poor Mike was already on the "highway to heaven" by the time that series ended in 1989. His last appearance on NBC was a guest shot on The Tonight Show in 1991, less than two months before he died at the age of 54. I watched the original I Love Lucy series but did not watch Lucy's later TV shows. The mirror gag with Harpo is a classic bit.

    I never heard of The Repair Shop. It seems like an interesting concept. I wonder if the guy could fix our democracy.

    I have three recommendations for you, BB: Ozark, Ozark & Ozark.
    Thanks for the morning entertainment and have a splendid day and weekend, dear friend!

    1. I will have to watch Ozark once I can find it:)) I love Barbara Stanwyck and she is really great in this film. It's interesting to see Kirk Douglas in this type of role too.
      I love how your dad pronounced Red's last name. I was really sad when Michael Landon died...way too young.
      Yes, your Democracy needs a slap upside the head but I would want Trudeau there too since he does all the wrong things and then apologises after. I won't even talk about Fat Ford. Putin needs a curare dart blown into his neck.
      Spencer is irritating but Stewart gave a great performance. Gucci is great, over the top, fun.

  2. The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Dumb but funny.

    1. It is dumb but so funny and I love Selma in this.

  3. Hi Birgit!

    Love these recap posts.

    The Fuller Brush Man while nothing extraordinary was a pleasant comedy, especially if you’re a Skelton fan. I don’t know what you’ve seen of Red’s films but his Whistling series of film where he was paired with Ann Rutherford (LOVE her!) are marvelously breezy affairs. I also liked him in DuBarry was a Lady and Lady Be Good.

    I haven’t seen Widows but that’s quite the eclectic cast! I’ll have to see if I can track it down.

    If you ask me your treasure of the month is The Strange Love of Martha Ives. That’s a GREAT undervalued noir with a dynamite performance by Missy Stanwyck. This is such an atypical role for Kirk Douglas, that does make it more intriguing since in his very next film-Out of the Past-he found his zone. I know this wasn’t Lizabeth Scott’s first part but it’s so representative of her signature style it serves as a wonderful introduction to her. Have you seen her dip into evil noir villainess territory Too Late for Tears? It was almost a lost film until a few critics championed it in the 90’s and spearheaded a restoration. The new print is a vast improvement though the original elements were degraded so it will never be pristine.

    I share you adoration of I Love Lucy! It’s endlessly rewatchable, all four main players could not be bettered.

    You’re so right about the ill fates for all the unfortunate women who loved or married the Bonanza men!! I wasn’t a slavishly devoted viewer but watched enough to know the characters and their stories. I remember when Little Joe finally married (to Bonnie Bedelia no less!) and she didn’t make it to the end of the episode!

    I didn’t see anything devastatingly wonderful in February but did watch two that were decent films.

    The first was a Douglas Fairbanks Sr. silent based on the Man in the Iron Mask simply called Iron Mask. Lots of derring-do as was standard in Doug Sr.’s films. Good escapist fun.

    The other was a British filmed saga called The Angel with a Trumpet starring none other than Eileen Herlie who played Myrtle Fargate on All My Children for decades. It was a bit slow moving at points but overall, a decent picture.

    Since you asked for suggestions and knowing your desire to see more of my girl Linda Darnell’s films, I’ll offer up one each that is more obscure but worth seeking out.

    This month is It Happens in Roma (though it was also known as The Last Five Minutes or it’s original Italian title Gli ultimi cinque minuti) a saucy little comedy she filmed in Italy costarring Vittorio De Sica.

    1. I am so late!! I am glad you are enjoying my recap posts. Barbara is one of my favs and this is such a good movie to sink her teeth into. Yes! I have seen that Scott film which is superb but so sad that it went unnoticed for that long.
      I have not seen Iron Mask but love Doug Snr. I was able to see him "The Thief of Bagdad" which I loved! I haven't even heard of The Angel With a Trumpet but I marked it down to look for it.
      I marked down the Linda Darnell films and hope this one I can see on Youtube. She needs to be more appreciated.

  4. Good luck with your resumé, Birgit! Here's hoping you find a great new job, soon. Crazy about the gas prices, and we are lucky to be retired, sticking close to home these days. I loved The Fuller Brush Man! Red Skelton was such a skilled comedian. ☺ Bonanza was a favourite TV western as a kid (and there were so many good ones - Maverick, The Rifleman, Have Gun Will Travel...) I haven't seen Spencer or The House of Gucci yet, but they are on the list. Didn't know Martha Ivers was a German film. Cool! Who doesn't Love Lucy? Did you see the bio pic starring Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem? It's called "Being The Ricardos." I thought it was pretty good!

    1. Martha Ivers is a Hollywood film, not German. I was referring to my Oma's statement about men. I still need to see Being The Ricardo's which I will see.

  5. I hadn't seen any of the movies, but I loved Bonanza and Lucy:)
    Good luck with the resume. You'll wrestle it down.
    Gas and oil are going to be shooting through the roof. Looks like gas is up to $7 a gallon in California. I do believe we need to choke-hold Putin.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. I agree with you on Puddin' The gas is crazy and Canada is the second largest producer of this and oil so I have no idea why it is so high...crazy.

  6. Good luck with the resumé! Did the cat in the table draw the short straw?

    1. I will tell about the resume tomorrow and yes, Kaspar got the short end of the stick :)

  7. I got gas yesterday. $4.45/gallon. I'm not sure how that converts to liters. (I could figure it out, but it's Friday and I don't wanna.)

    I have not seen any of the recent movies, but I've read about all of them. I'm familiar with most of your titles, but not all.

    This past month I got obsessed with The Gilded Age on HBO Max. Nothing else has really caught my attention. I'm mostly keeping to the shows I already watch.

    1. I'd love to see The Gilded Age. I can't get the channel.... oh well. We have $1,.89/litre which is nuts. I can't figure it out at all.

  8. Just finished watching the Amazon Prime doc Lucy and Desi. Very interesting.

    1. I have seen docs on these 2...they led interesting lives together...and apart.

  9. I haven't seen any of that movies but I would like to see the Gucci film as I read the book. I know what you mean about dysfunctional family. But those are good TV shows. I am a big fan of The Repair Shop. Wish netflix would have more. And gas is crazy here too. Never mind all the other inflation. Happy weekend. hugs-Erika

    1. I am watching all of these shows which is on Makeful channel.

  10. Haven't seen the movies, but I've seen 2 out of the 3 TV shows. Bottom line, I love Lucy!

  11. Hi Birgit...the repair shop is very good isnt it...I have just binged on all 7 series of the books years ago and really enjoyed the series..take care xxx

    1. I thought you would know The Repair Shop. I have not seen Bosch but so want to. I have missed it when it was on PBS

  12. Love the kitties pic.
    I haven't thought about Red Skelton in years. He was so funny:)
    I paid 4.09 a gallon today when I filled up. I know there's a lot of places paying more.I am glad though, that Biden banned Russian gas.
    YOU take special care.

    1. I will take special care for sure. Our gas is $1.89/litre abnd would probably cost us $80+ to fill up our Honda Civic now....crazy! I know that we were still getting the gas and oil and i just don't get it(well, I know it's about money). Canada is 2nd highest in oil and gas yet we get it shipped to us...ughhh

  13. Oh CRAP! I am SO far behind. I'm trying to play catch up here. I confess I've only heard of one of your films this month and that is Gucci. I read there were some nasty words going around between the real Gucci's and the film. Apparently they didn't like it as much as you did.

    I'd never heard of Spencer, but after seeing the trailer, I truly want to. Although I was named for the Queen, my heart was and is always for Diana.

    Looks like you nailed that resume. You may even be a wordsmith.