Monday, February 23, 2009

Enchanting Christmas Bouquet

I really proud of this one since I took a class on how to do this type of card and I was unsure if I could replicate it and I did! I love the red paper because it glistens. It is hard to see but the lighter flowers have a little pink in them too and of course the inside window does as well.

Enchanting Christmas bouquet-Inside

I took a class on the weekend to find out how to make this type of card. When I got home I simply had to make this type of card for the February Christmas challenge. This is, of course, the inside of the card above.

Angels in Pink

I ma an angel lover and what better way to say Merry Christmas but with an angel or 2. I even have hearts above their heads they represent peace and love

Pergamano Christmas Rose

Yes I cut out each square and with pergamano scissors that look like cutcle scissors. You have to use a #2 perforating tool and puncture the pattern out and then cut by placing the the 2 tips of the scissors in each hole and with a slight turn cut and then in the other whole, cut etc, etc, etc,...Needless to say my fingers got quite sore and I have to wear a bandaid on the one finger because I always end upwith my one fingers a bit abused by the scissor. I can say though that I absolutley love Pergamano even though it is time consuming I find it very relaxing.

Christmas flowers

I started this card not knowing quite what I was going to do and I ended up a bit surprised at how it turned out. I think not too bad if I do say so myself:)

Ornamental Pink

This was my first one to do and what a challenge. I am not normally a pink gal but I think they all worked out well and even the little crystals are heart shaped although it is tough to tell from the picture

Thinking of You

It's hard to take a picture of cards when the card is shiny especially since I am still trying to get used to my new camera. I thought of sparkle, nature and colour. Nice way to cheer someone up.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I am cramming for a test that I hate to do but must so, to keep me sane, I made a card:). I love fairies, glitter and nature so what better way to keep me sane than to add a little fairy dust to my day

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wow My 1st Christams Card Challenge

Well due to my niece Jade I am finally able to showcase my cards. I can not believe it. I still have alot to learn but I hope you enjoy viewing them.

Old World Santa

my 5th card is with a nice old Santa that I love

Happy Holidays

My 4th card was my fun with the Cuttlebug!

Ho Ho Ho

My 3rd card, well, I like a bit of whimsy!

Santa in Green

This is my 2nd card. I just love Santa

Christmas Bells

My beautiful niece has helped me figure out how to work my blog! It is a day late but who cares! I am so pleased to have my cards on here and it is all thanks to my niece Jade. A truly wonderful young lady. I am so proud.