Monday, May 27, 2013

Fairy gal - Anything Goes - Sketch

I made another card for a cutie of a gal-my friend's little girl. I used some funky colours and love the card stock which looks yellow and green depending on the light. Flutter has a sketch and I tried it out here using other card stock laying around. I coloured the fairy with gamsol pencils.  I added the butterfly with glitter of course and used this pen that makes pearl drops. Now I am off to wash my one cat who is too fat to clean herself. We adopted her and she was too heavy when we got her. Trying to get her away from the other cat's food is like trying to tell a nerd he can't watch Star Trek. (I love Star Trek).

Fairy Land -Anything Goes -Anything Goes -Birthdays -H is for Happy

Well I have been out of commission for a while due to illness and it is annoying. I have been looking at blogs but not partaking. Yes bummer. Still have a cough and losing voice(although I think my hubby is secretly happy about that). Now we have had great weather here in Canuck land although it is supposed to get humid and hot which I hate. The Alphabet Challenge was fun to view-they had E for emerald, F for fantasy, G for glitter and gems and now H for happy. I decided to incorporate all of these in 1 card. I used glossy green cardstock and this nice card stock in a lighter green. I stamped the dragon in emerald green and stamped the fairy in a dark green embossing powder. I coloured her in tombow markers and glittered up her wings in 2 shades of green. I added the metal round things(what would be their right name??) and placed to gems (OK not real:)) on top and added the Happy Birthday and the corners in gold stickers. I placed the butterfly up as well in glitter. This is for our niece. Her birthday has passed but we have not seen her yet so this goes to her. Glitter and sparkle has birthdays as their theme and MIM is always anything goes. Whimsy has this as well. These all are great sites!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Best and Worst Movies Ever

I was really thinking about this since the great Alex promoted this event. I had some true time since I have been ill for a month which sucks big time and has prevented me from doing much on my blog. Now I was thinking about The Day The Earth Stood Still, War of the Worlds, Dracula, All Quiet on the Western Front and even It's a Wonderful Life(yup a TV remake with Marlo Thomas-sucked). I decided to do 1 film that had both Best and worst because it was remade twice barring all the other rip offs inbetween. I chose King Kong! That mighty ape and no I am not talking about the Toronto mayor who just this morning is in the news apparantly having fun with a drug bong but that mighty ape who dies at the end(oops spoiler alert but then if you haven't seen it you have been living under a shoe somewhere).

The first film was made in 1933 starring the wonderfully screaming Fay Wray. I love this film and, even though I don't believe it was the intention to bring a lot of pathos for the ape, one falls under his spell and you really route for him and wish he was never taken off the island.  Now they used Kong in many other films even King Kong vs Godzille which I am proud to say I have seen but they decided to remake it in 1976 with Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange. It grossed alot of money and was even up for some Oscars but this movie sucks. I am sorry but it was too campy and just plain awful in my books and beating one over the head with how bad humans are to the sweet misunderstood ape. It is weird as well that they chose the World Trade Centre and sad in some ways now to see this considering what happened but still-I wanted Jeff Bridges character to get killed to just shut him up. Thank God Jessica Lange decided to get more acting lessons.

The best remake is King Kong in 2005. I love this movie and Peter Jackson played homage to the 1933 film and still made it beautifully. The acting and special effects are great and it brings great acting including thr ape(Mr Sirkis you are amazing). I can't say more about this film-Just fab. So this is my pick. I do not have best and worst for songs because even though I have heard originals and the remakes of many I can't recall the names or the bands as I suck at that. So enjoy your day and I will too with the long weekend now looming:)