Monday, April 26, 2010


Well I finished my challenges for Christmas Cards All Year Round( 5 cards in baby blue, soft yellow, soft pink and pale green). I made one of the cards in the design for Christmas Stampin all year round(the Green one). I completed the Flutter by Wednesday(a sketch) and Crafty Creations(Distressing). The last 2 is the yellow card. As you can tell I did my 5 cards for Christmas all year round. I missed March(bummer) as I was on a mission to complete my scrapbook and I had alot of , um, well, crap go on. I am glad I finished the challenges. The yellow card I thought would work for Flutter as that is a closeup of a Da Vinci Angel and it came with its own saying. I used glossy paper and I distressed it by ripping the edges and then burning the edges. I has goldmesh from wedding favours(I think they were those awful sugar coated almonds in them). I tried to highlight pale yellow. The green card-well I goofed on the edges by trying to punch through 2 pieces of paper-that was a mistake so I had to improvise and patch things up:). I actually attempted a pink card as I am officially sick of pink but I wantred to try and so I thought up the idea of the star hanging around(hahaha). The Fairy Queen card well I did not use paper for the background. Wanna guess??? Remember those awful wallpaper from the 70's and one would use this in the bathroom etc... Well that is what it is-wallpaper! My mom, who collects everything(generation, she is 82) kept a wallpaper book from that decade of fashion and interior design sin and I found it and used it for the card. I stamped the fairy in silver and used silver sparkle embossing and then highlighted her wings with stickles. The last card, I must apologise, it was already seen yesterday for the 365 day challenge but it was my 5th card for Christams Cards all year round. Well You know what I did all day. Everyone have a fun day and evening! Oh I didn't reread anything for spelling mistakes so forgive me:)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

365 day card challenge and part Christmas

I always love the Sunday challenge since they are so much fun and I can use some of my card stock but mostly, it is fun:) I actually made my first of 5 for the Christmas Cards all year Round too so this is in baby blue. I stamped the snowmen in black and embossed. I coloured them with tombow markers using mainly soft blues. I stamped the images of the christmas lights in baby blue and cut them out. I actually used some patterned paper! I finished it off with some sparkly sticker borders and also used stickles which I love...cos it is glittery...what more can I say:) Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Glitter Butterfly

On Flutter by Wednesdays they stated to use glitter on the card. Well that is all I needed for this glitter queen! If I could wear glitter on my face and not look like a freak I would go for it. My friend calls me a magpie:) I used basic white cardstock and the transparant glue tape for the backing of the card. I masked the areas where I wanted the purple to go and then I poured white glitter on the background and purple for the edges. I had a butterfly sticker and I coloured inside with my tombow markers and then used all the glitters I have for the butterfly save the dark green. I now have glitter everywhere but, why not! It is a beautiful day today and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Have a sparkly day!!

I think I did 3 in One!

OK This is the sketch for 365 day cards and I believe I combined 2 other challenges...maybe:)) Yesterday, there was the challenge to have a flower with glitter on it and earlier in the week one had to do an acrostic poem. OK it is not really a poem but I think it may fit. Well of course this seems very much made for a wedding but it could be for someone who had a new baby or for your special someone because isn't that what love is all about. Now if I wrote this 6 years ago I probably would have had "Lumpy, Obscure, Vapid, and echh" but that was then and this is now:) Besides actually I believe Love is triumphant in many ways not just with that special man(or woman). It is for a child, a friend, a cause and of course, a pet. Well I used the stickers and handwrote the words. The pink piece is from alcohol inks. I used chalks in pink and orange on the card stock and I bought the flowers (amazing sale at my favourite stamp store-got tons of stuff) and glittered them up with stickles. Have a great day!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Helping Out

Well this is for my challenge at Flutter by Wednesdays. So I used white card stock that has some sheen to it. I used light and dark green chalk on the bottom portion and light blue on the upper portion but leaving the white at the centre with Mr. Mouse, AKA Mr. Jingles. I coloured him in tombow markers as well as the butterfly but I used the watercolour technique on the butterfly. I then used my twinkling H2O's to colour in the Hummingbird and the flower. Now I goofed by having my #$@! shaky hand put red on the white area above the hummingbird's head. I also had some black(the embossing dye) on the underneath of the bird. After i calmed down and wishing to destroy this card, I used white paint. It just looked even worse but then I thought, how about putting crystals over top??? Anyway I think I masked it enough. I used crystals in blue, green and white. Now I hope I can do the link that you have put on your blog. I am very computer unsavy(is that a word, if not I just made it up but you get the meaning:)) Everyone-Have a great Easter!

Today's Challenge

OK I tried many things with this challenge. OK not many, just one, but it took a while:) I used alcohol inks for the "first" time (the actual first time was with my friend and we had a few wines). I just used terra cotta, pearl and bronze. I used my cuddlebug but I noticed that in the middle area it did not depress as hard as on the outer layer...can anyone tell me why??? I kept it on a flat surface so i don't know. Anyway I used my tombow markers and watercoloured the flower. I used cast off glossy green and copper and then my silver stickers to end the piece. I thought I should make a "Man" card.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Well I have not done a 365 day cards for a while although i have been looking and longing to do some but I was on my mission to finish my scrapbook plus I had(have) other crap in my life but then, who doesn't:)) Well we had to use the colours white, green, yellow, orange and red. I had some glossy white cardstock with a previous dye part on it in green that I had rolled on use the brayer and I thought it could look like grass. I stamped the bunnies image (aren't they cute) and I then layered orange cardstock and this neat yellow that kind of glistens and then the red. I stamped and embossed the leaves and then coloured them in with tombow markers and cut them out. I used gold stickers for the edging and then I sponged a white piece with all the colours and used my cuddlebug! I had no gold letters so I tried my best with writing happy Easter. I think the lettering sucks but hey, it is still OK:)) Anyway everyone have a Happy Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Scrapbook done!

OK I officially went crazy! My German Teutonic heritage took over since I was fixated on getting this scrapbook done. This was my first trip with Michael and we went to Ottawa! It was a great trip to say the least. We stayed right in the Byward Market area, ate and drank and enjoyed the sights. The museum is excellent (except for this porno up close images, in film no less, of a man's Well no not his brains but all you women know what I mean). Why that was in a museum who knows but then they are art folk and that means slightly nutty. Since I am a lover of art I place myself in that category but I love what I consider true art not the splatter of paint by an airplane engine( sorry Christo). I can splatter paint wonderfully. I should say my dog Katie created it and make millions:)) OK I digress. We ended the vacation in Quebec and met up with Michael's family and they decided to go to a place that was part obstacle course and part ziplining...I stayed safely on the ground and took the pics. I decided to finish this scrapbook after all the crap of a few weeks ago. That also meant I let housework, cooking etc.... go-it was a dream. I am proud to say I will never be a stepford wife. I am unsure if my work is as great as some others I have seen. Theirs look so proffesional but in the end I am satisfied with the result. I shall let Easter go by without any chocolate since I ate everything this whole past week, thoroughly enjoying it and having some wine. When I turned on Dr. Oz and other shows all saying "No" to chocolate and "No" to wine, I turned off the TV and enjoyed every piece...later I paid for it (I am hypoglecemic and know better) but man the lindor chocolate was calling to me
and I answered the call. Now I hope to get back to my cards but I have been looking at everyone else's and enjoyed what I have seen. Have a great Easter!