Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gratitude for February

The last Thursday of each month there is a posting about Gratitude over at Vidya Sury's blog. One writes about 3 things that one is grateful for.

Now February has been a cold, cold month in my neck of the woods. It was a balmy -15C today but with the windchill it felt more like -35C. I mean...really?  Why not just chop my nose and toes off ahead of time. I did have things happen or came at a time when I needed it and for that I am so grateful.

1. The Oscars-yup that long, long , long..zzzzz show that only geeky film nuts love to watch. I know hardly anyone who likes to watch the Oscars with me except for my friend, Ron, who comes over every year with his predictions. My hubby, bless his heart, would never watch them but he does because he knows how much I like this awards show. It  reminds me of the times, many years ago, when I would watch this with my Dad. He has been dead for 27 years and this is one of the times I miss him.

2. My friend V.J. also known as Vancouver Jeff not to be confused with my ex-Jeff. I have known this man since 1985 and we had many memorable ( well we really don't remember but that was the fun) times together. He has been my brother in so many ways and I can always count on him even when I call him an ass. He is this right now and you will agree with me because he is on an island in Thailand and has been there since November. He won't be back until April. He works like crazy during the tourist months taking people to Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise staying in 5 star hotels (bastard) and enjoying the great food, sights and everything the hotel has to offer. He makes enough money that he can take off for the past 3 years and just enjoy life in Thailand (Bastard). He has been snorkeling, swimming and enjoying life. The beautiful thing is he calls me regularly and just when I needed him, he called and I felt better.  He knew what to say to make me laugh, forget my pain and joke about life.

3. We have 4 cats and one doggie and I will showcase all of them but the one I wish to showcase this time is our Jade. Now I have a niece Jade and she is my wonderful sweetheart but she is in that stage of she knows all and has disdain for anything she considers mediocre (she read Nietzche when she was 15 for crap's sake-who does that??) because she is all of 19-ughhh. Nope this is about our loving Jade (you know the one from my earlier post). She is a rescue kitty who was left in a home with other kittens and they were so hungry they ended up eating crayons. We took her and she is just the bees knees. She purrs and head butts us constantly. In the morning, after breakfast, she comes to me and sits on top of my chest while I am watching T.V. and then butts my face and licks me. We have a love fest and how can I not be grateful for that! Yes she was a bad girl with our Wallace a few months back but she just loves. She purrs and needs constant love and that is the sweetest thing that even I go awwweeeee.

What have you been grateful for this past month?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscar Night

Yes the first thing I thought about was...who's humping who? Red Carpet "fun" at last night's Oscars. In case anyone cares this is Jennifer Yawn Aniston and Emma  Stone. Now it started pouring rain at L.A. yesterday and it would have been such fun to see all that hair, make-up and gowns/suits go down the drain with the water but they were all under tarps baking.
Honestly, the media have to stop saying "Who are you wearing?" because if I was actually there (like that'll ever happen) and Billy Barty was still alive, I would ask him to jump on my back and say I am wearing him. I might have to just hire the little guy from "Game of Thrones" unless he beats me up.
The awards started with a pretty good song number with Neil Patrick Harris, Anna Kendrick and Jack Black and then Neil started to talk and try to do comedy. He sucked. He went on about his tally list in a briefcase and talked about it all night long only to deliver one giant egg. My favourite part of this is when he tried to get Robert Duvall into this mess and Mr. Duvall just looked at him wondering what the hell he was asking and that no one cares. Did I mention he sucked?  Please bring back Ricky Gervais-he has no filter and gives stabs to the audience which they need.
As per normal, it dragged on long but that is to be expected. I always loved the "In memoriam" which was done quite tastefully. I was expecting to see Joan Rivers and Elaine Stritch but they were not part of this which I think is a bit sad. Each best song nominee got its due and I am very grateful that "Grateful" didn't win. Everyone talks about the song from Selma and it is unique and well done but I don't like rap. I would have preferred "I'm Not Gonna Miss You" which came from the documentary about Glen Campbell who is suffering from Alzheimer's. I am not a country music fan by any means but I found this original and poignant but this may strike home for me because of my mom. I also felt I was being manipulated by the song from Selma. If I don't care for it or if I criticize it then I am a racist. I don't like feeling that at all.
I love the Sound of Music so when they introduced Lady Ga-Ga to sing the highlights from that film I was cringing......she nailed it! She surprised me 10 fold with her strong voice and I was glad they highlighted this film even though it made the Oscars longer. Some of her diva faces made me laugh so you will just have to google it and see for yourself.
John Ravolta was in top creepy form touching Scarlett Johansson  on the red carpet (google it) to groping Idina Menzel's face when they were ready to present one of the awards. Is it just me or does his hair come from Eddie Munster or one of the characters from the Lego movie? I could have done without seeing Neil Patrick Harris in his undies. I get the whole Birdman thing but you're pasty  and leave not much to the imagination.  Oh and speaking of Birdman-Michael Keaton is getting ready for his next a cow! He kept chewing gum all night I just was waiting to see a salt lick being placed beside him with all his Kenatching (My mom used to tell us to keep our mouths closed and to stop Kenatching).
So here is my own list for the 2015 Oscars...
Best Dressed

There is a slit but it is not up to cl$t so this makes it classy and a bit sassy:) I am one for necklaces so I would have loved a small diamond necklace just around  the bottom of her neck. I you care:) I also loved J.K. Simmons even with his hat, American Ferrera and Jessica Chastain even with the drape in front.

Worst Dressed

How much she giveth:) I think it was swell of her to get down on her hands and needs and clean the floors and then do all the dishes for the food that comes after the awards. She needs her hands  to be so soft..she should get Palmolive. The hair she took from some Jane Austin novel or Melanie Wilkes and that it just me or did she take it out of a paper doll book? There were many more from Gwyneth Paltrow's shoulder bloom of pink hell to Nicole Kidman giving her best impression of the undead. Jared Leto in a pale blue concoction of 70's ick, to David Olijeco (how does one spell that name) red pimp outfit (Yes I went there) that only needed a big ass hat with a feather, together they were a gay wedding cake  of "manly" bliss. There were so many versions of beige or pale blah from Jennifer Aniston to Viola Davis to Oprah...please pick a colour! Oh and J.lo's dress was so large I thought someone would pick her up and grab some toilet paper from  underneath. She had the cut down to there in front as well and her ta-ta's looked squashed. Moving on....

Which Film Happy that it won- Easy..Birdman...why? Because it wasn't Boyhood! Yes I danced when that over-hyped film didn't win. Birdman may not be my favourite film but I am still happy it won over Boyhood. I am also happy that The Grand Budapest Hotel won 5 awards. This is one film I love.

What film/person was Ick to win- Eddie Redmayne won. He did a good job in the film but he is no Daniel Day-Lewis (My Left Foot) and he kept reminding me of a Young Austin Powers in the film (Moley, Moley, Moley..). I don't believe his humbleness either-it strikes as fake to me.

Best Acceptance Speech- J.K. Simmons who spoke about calling your parents! No texting or e-mailing but calling. Graham Moore, who won for best adapted screenplay, for "The Imitation Game" who spoke about how he tried to commit suicide when he was a teen because he thought he was too weird and didn't fit in. He proceeded to tell the kids who might be watching to embrace who they are and they will go far.

Worst Acceptance Speech- The guys who won for sound mixing and the guys who won for sound editing. Zzzzzzzzz

What Drug were they on- Laura Poitras who co-won for Best Documentary for Citizenfour. I just kept staring at her wild, nutty eyes. They kept popping out so large when she was giving her acceptance speech I thought they would fly right out of her head. Patricia Arquette's speech seemed to wander but she hit a high note at the end with equal pay for women. Her hair looked like just had bathroom sex with Jared Leto. Meryl Streep loved her speech because we all know Meryl doesn't get paid well.  Robert Duvall looked like he needed a nap.

Which actor do you want to see get slapped?- Oh there are line ups for so many. Michael Keaton to dislodge the gum out of his mouth. Jennifer Aniston  just because. Eddie Redmayne who says the right things but looks so smarmy that I don't want to slap him as much as I want to punch him. John Ravolta for touching...ick.

Most Gaudy-aside from John Legend's wife who had slits from down to there to up to does she sit or bend down? Most men would drop something just to witness this. J-Lo's taped boobs. The song number "Everything is awesome" from The Lego movie. It was tacky, it was sad, it was everything 70's bad and I enjoyed the horror show of this number.

So there is my lengthy post that I hope some of you read all the way through cos it is lengthy:)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Oscars!

Oh yes! It is that time again when many, many people, but few I know, watch the Oscars. This Sunday will be the telecast for us to watch all the beautiful people( aka the pushed up ta-ta's, face stretched, botoxed lipped, watermelon butts, I just eat healthy non humans), in their gowns and tuxes walk down the red carpet all vying for a gold statue. If Moses appears to them, they better start to sweat!.

Is it just me or are you also sick of seeing huge asses that can cast a shadow over Cleveland and dresses cut down the middle where their cantaloupe boobies are all to see. One dare not say classless because it is all the rage right now. I love the elegance of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn but I also miss the  WTF outfits of Cher and Bjork.

I miss my dad for many reasons but watching the Oscars is one of them. He loved all these awards shows and  we would watch the Oscars together. For that reason my first memory of the Oscars is the streaker. Yup, a streaker ran across the stage while David Niven was speaking.  My next memory was Sacheen Littlefeather denying the Oscar for Marlon Brando. He hired her to say "No" to Oscar because of the plight of the Indians because he was too much of an ass to go up there himself.  He did take the Oscar later on after all and Sacheen was found out to be an actress.  Now the juicy part of Vanessa Redgrave winning and then commenting on Zionist Hoodlums in her acceptance speech brought on the censoring of what people say. I remember my dad saying a few choice words and then Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra saying something after. Vanessa was not allowed to come back for years. Susan Sarandon and Tin Robbins were also not really invited for a few years due to their political outspoken views. People often loved to say something political at these awards...I miss that because  they often sounded so, so...stupid.

Who remembers Rob Lowe singing with Snow White to CCR's "Proud Mary"? This catastrophe was happening while laser beams were being directed at them in some make shift "I am saving Snow White" theme. I was truly hoping it was Logan's Run and they would have been vaporized because it was that bad. I recall the laughable Debbie Allen choreographed  numbers to the best costumes. Seeing Henry the 5th costumed dancers was quite hilarious-laser beams should have been there as well and blotto all of these dancers right out along with Debbie Allen.

The we have the speeches to contend with. Now most are boring and they thank the usual people but what always kills me is when they thank God. I mean, really? Do they not get the irony? They are thanking God for letting them win a Golden statue, like God is so happy that they won this over stopping children from starving, animals being abused or war starting some where. Who wanted to slap Tom Hanks when he won for Philadelphia? Who wanted to slap Gwyneth Paltrow for winning or just because she talks? Who is with me?

With all this, I love it! I love the outfits, scream at the T.V. when someone is wearing a blah dress and no necklace. What the hell is wrong with wearing a necklace? Screw the bracelets! Ok yes I am sad but I do like this type of crap.  So I have my own little list for people who watch the Oscars. I have not seen many of these films so I am with most of you especially with the short films, documentaries, animated shorts and the sound mixing and sound editing (what is the difference??).  So,  Here are my questions for The Oscars!

1. Who is best dressed?
2. Who is worst dressed?
3. Which film would you be really happy if they won in their category?
4. Which film would make you kick your TV in if they win? (mine is Boyhood)
5. Which acceptance speech was the best?
6. Which acceptance speech was the most boring? (take a pick-more than one I am sure)
7. Which drug are they on? You know, some go up and you wonder WTF they are doing?
8. Which actor/actress would you love to see get a pie in the face? or see trip?
9. Who wishes for a gaudy 1970's musical number? I hope they have one at least

OK there you have it:) Some of you don't watch this, I know but for those who do..I hope to read your answers:) Now repeat after me..."You like Me...You really, really like me!" Oh I do predict Snorehood winning Best Picture & director (I pray not), Michael Keaton winning Best Actor and Patricia Arquette winning Best  Supporting Actress. Julianne Moore will win best Actress and J.K. Simmons for Whiplash in Best Supporting Actor.  So now we wait for the show:)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

3 Ways to Colour

Yellow, beige, pink cardstock, white shimmer cardstock, white cardstock. Cuddlebug, little gems(hearts for the middle card and flowers for the other 2), stickers that glitter, Happy Birthday stamp, Gold shimmer embossing powder, silver embossing powder, rose stamp, chalks, gamsol pencils, tombow markers, water, paint brush, scissors, pop up dots.

Craft Your Passion- Always Anything Goes
Eclectic Ellapu- Hearts and Flowers(Purple Team)
Glitter and Sparkle-Gems and Glitter

I went wild and girly. I can do that since..I am a girl and I actually run like one. Yup run slow, arms out and hands going back and forth because I seem to lose balance if I don't run like that. Sports is not my thing:) I have this new stamp and I wanted to try 3 styles of colouring but keep the card the same for the most part. I used different background colours but the sizes are the same and the embossing folder I used-Hearts and Swirls, is the same. I added little gems and glitter because I am a magpie or raven and become entranced by glitter.

The first card, I coloured the roses with Gamsol pencils. The 2nd card I used pastel chalks and the 3rd I used tombow markers on watercolour paper and  coloured in the roses using that technique. I tried to use similar colours for all 3 but each turned out so different. I decided to use the pop-up dots on the last card for the roses. I used stickles on the 3rd card too-on the embossed part. The 2nd card, on the embossed part, I used tombow markers and water but in a different style to colour the hearts. The first card, I used pastel chalk on the embossed part.

So 3 looks and 3 cards for birthdays coming up...all women:)

An Angel on one's Shoulder


 Used light blue, black, and white shimmer cardstock. Kraft colour cardstock, white glossy paper and purple vellum paper. Cuddlebug, sizzex machine, border dye cuts, oval dye cut, embossing folder, black pigment dye, champagne dye, purple dye ink, blue, violet embossing powder, tombow markers, water and brush. stickles, flower gems.
Holly Jolly Christmas - Non-Traditional Colours
Glitter & Sparkle- Gems and Glitter
Dream Valley Challenge- Favourite Colour Combo
CASE-ing Christmas Challenge- Be inspired by a card they made
Card member DT (design Team) Donna created this card from their blog, CASE-ing Christmas-Isn't it beautiful?!. I love how the background was created. I love blue and purple together so I decided to create a card with these colours and included glitter and gems because I am the glitter queen. I also love black and I loved how the light blue and black looked. I love this stamp even though I think the stamp itself is a bit like a pointelist method(think Seurat, the Impressionist). I actually think it is an error when the actual stamp was made, but I still love it. It's Victorian in feel so I had to include the ribbon which is so rich. Mind you the Victorian look is all I go for since I am anything but Victorian:) We all need an angel on our shoulder on occasion and so, when creating this I thought of Liz Blocker who is all snowed under. Even though it is Christmas themed, it's still an angel:)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Film Review!

MOCK! and The Armchair Squid are the proud hosts of Mock Squid Soup: A Film Society.  Each month, on the second Friday, they host a bloghop devoted to a particular movie.  They invite others to watch the same film and post their own reviews.

I decided to participate and heard about this from Cherdo (on the Flipside) who is co-hosting and picked the first film for all of us to watch and review. The film she picked:

This film came out in 2004 starring Jon Heder and written by Jared and Jerusha Hess and directed by Jared Hess. Poor John was paid  a whole $1,000 for the role! The film cost $400,000 but it grossed over $46 million and has reached cult status. Jon renegotiated and he ended up getting a percentage of the profits (good boy).

I actually thought this film was made in the 1970's because of the look. I mean, grandma's house has wood paneling-who didn't have this! The sets were the nightmares of 70's chic. Now I am not a wondrous reviewer to talk about the twists and turns and the mise-en scene(I think that's how one spells it but I don't have the French accent over the E).

This was nerd paradise! There are many laugh out loud moments (grandma flies through the air, the llama, the pro wrestling woman (woman??)) that it caught me off guard. The lead is quite dorky and I am never sure if he has his eyes open. I am not even sure I like him all that much but he is still endearing...somehow even though I wanted to punch him the face.

There are some classic lines in the film but, at this moment I can't remember them(sorry) but one about being fat made me laugh. The lines in the film, the characters, the setting are all awkward and it works because he is a true nerd. He helps out his friend by dancing and actually could be on Dancing with the Stars-he is pretty good.

I enjoyed it. Is it not an amazing film that leaves one wanting more and I would not collect the film but I did find it funny and weird which I like.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Inspiring Blog Award & My Mommy's Birthday

I have been nominated by 2 wonderful fellow bloggers, Sharon Himsl and Cherdo (on the Flipside) who have wonderful blogs that I love to read. They are so interesting and inspiring  so I decided that my mom's birthday was the perfect time to showcase this award.

I have been asked to write 3 things that have inspired me these past few weeks and I have to say it is difficult for me  to have just 3 because I can even be inspired by the morons we see on the TV every day (Grammy's come to mind) since they inspire me of what I don't want to be or do. I am inspired by chocolate because it is luscious and divine but this is food so it gets just a special mention.  So on to my first!

My Mommy:) I have included a picture of her from the 50's when she owned her restaurant in Toronto

 and here is a recent picture of her at Christmas in the long term care home she now resides in.

Her love of music, art, laughter, fun and her unending love for her children (me and my bro) has inspired me beyond mere words. She has survived bombings, fire, rape, being shot at, starvation, escaping to the West (Germany),a severe brain injury, an abusive first husband, travelling to an unknown land all before she was 30. She found a loving man(my dad) and created a beautiful home filled with memories no person can take away. She has always been my rock. Her love of freedom and speaking ones' mind has made me love her all the more. Even though dementia has robbed her of some of her memories and her ability to be on her own she still can laugh and wear a funny hat on her head. I hope, one day, she can forgive me for needing to place her in a home that can care for her, I have  a hard time forgiving myself but that is the norm I think. Oh, she turns 87 today!

2- I am inspired, every day, by my husband who laughs with me, protects me  and can drive me nuts but he is my hubby. I am inspired by my friends who stay with me through thick and thin and know all my dirty secrets and I am inspired by my fellow bloggers who have taken the leap and have written books and have not taken "No" for an answer. They see the positive even when things don't look that way to them and always give encouragement-how nice is that!

3. I am inspired by creating. I love card making and love looking at other card makers and what they can do with their artistic talent. I  am humbled by their creative touch. Below is my card about gratitude

I used cuddlebug, dye pads and bronze perfect pearls for the background. Stamped the bounty and coloured it with gamsol pencils. Stamped the saying. placed everything on papers (blue and burnt orange), added the ribbon, grape metal piece and butterfly. 

Craft Your Passion-Anything Goes

Now I am to nominate some people so here are a few (it's supposed to be 15 but I am naming a few)

Vidya Sury-She is herself inspiring and I made this card thinking of her. Did I make you smile Vidya?
Robyn Engel-You are so funny and full of life, I enjoy your blog.
Drew-A Fistful of Films- All about film baby! He has great taste and love his blog-have to check him out
Kevyn Knox-Loves film, Comics and has a unique look at things and never short for words
Asha Martins-Great card-maker and so creative and a lover of animals-Go Rosie!
Becca Cruger- Started blogging in the fall about her card making and does she ever deliver! Great card maker who loves her Grandmom and I believe is her inspiration:)
Susie Mac-A great teller of takes about her daily life from her hubzam to her Mama and a great photographer
Anabel Marsh-She travels with her hubby everywhere and brings so much to light about what she has seen and experienced-love the pics

OK There we have it.  So here are the instructions....

Rules for the Nominees:1. Thank the person who nominated you, and link to their blog.
2. Display the award logo.
3. Nominate 15 other bloggers (more or less) and provide a link where they may be found.
4. Go to their blog, leave a comment to let them know they have been nominated.
5. Mention three things that inspired you the most during the past few weeks.

If you don't want to do this, I am not offended but I just wanted to name you all and hope some will check you out:) Have a fabulous day everyone!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Insecure Writer's Support Group-Stripper Wedding

This is the time, the first Wednesday of each month where all writers..or me let all their fears, insecurities, joviality all hang out and join in at the IWSG. This was created by Ninja Alex J Cavanaugh, and I believe, it has helped writers immensely.

I love to partake in this event and, even when I thought,,why? I am not a writer or spiller of wisdom for writers, Alex just said you are welcome and write what you like. Isn't that just nifty? I love that and so here I am about to talk about a certain wedding I went to a couple of decades ago...the stripper wedding.

Now we have all been to weddings where they all meld into one big ball of waxy build-up from the flowers to the "never going to wear that bridesmaid dress again"  to the meringue white concoction called a wedding dress that is usually hideous (you know I am right). We have sat through the speeches of half drunken bestmen to the fathers who ramble on about god knows what while we all toast several times after eating a meal of either beef, chicken or fish (unless it is a buffet..which is still about the same meal). We also have danced the chicken dance and the Macarena and Twist and shout and Rock and roll and a polka or 2. Very few weddings stand out but the stripper wedding did, in so many ways, take top honours for the tackiest wedding I have ever been to and I loved every minute of it.

It was our neighbour's son who was getting married. My brother and the neighbour's son, we shall call John, were buddies all the way from little kids until they found true love (my brother is divorced) -John found the love of his life. How? One might ask, well in a most Sound of Music romantic way....he was a pimp for her and 3 other gals that he would showcase to the strip joints around the peninsula. Is that love...or is that love?

Naturally, they had a child first (as my dad used to say, first baby comes any time, the 2nd takes 9 months) who was about 9 months old or something like that, the child was not too important in this story so let's leave the kid out of it (poor kid), when they married. It was a good old fashioned Polish wedding where the drinks were 3 parts vodka to 1/2 part orange juice. The church (yup, Church), was decked out in wonderful plastic flowers, the music started (nope not the stripper song but could have been) and the bridesmaids, in bight red sequined outfits, sauntered into the church swinging their hips and having that pucker mouth that fish do so well. I mentioned to my sis-in-law (2nd wife of Bro) that I felt they forgot what aisle they were walking down. Finally we see the bride, all in white, nope not ivory or pink or baby blue, white as the driven snow (and why not!) walking down the aisle with all the puffiness that any marshmellow would be proud. The service was long and in Polish so I dozed off a bit can add in interlude music here if you wish.

Once this was done, we all went outside and there I thought I saw Casey Kasem's wife (you know Loretta from Cheers). She was wearing a tight pencil skirt with a gold sparkly tight top with huge Napoleon military, shoulder thingys with beads hanging off. Her platinum long hair done up with a white scrunchy on the side of her head (I am certain she could pick up South Korea with that hair) and the Come F$# me heels that were sinking into the grass. We left that splendid site and went to the hall.

By this time my sis-in-law and I were trying to figure out which gal was a stripper and which one wasn't. My ex said "Oh wow, here come 2 strippers now". We turn our heads so fast we almost get whiplash and we see 2 elderly Polish ladies not a day over 140 walk in, arm in arm, looking for their seats.

The dinner(who knows-chicken or beef) was non descript and the vodka was getting to my head or the Baby Duck that was being served for wine(I didn't mind that actually). In between the lull, my ex and I went to look at the cake. There it was, in all its glory-3 tiers surrounded by "gold" pillars and the fine wires that drop oil beads down it as if it was rain. Did I mention it lit up inside as well? Yup it lit up and the bride and groom at the top were circa 1974. I mean the plastic groom had a frilly shirt in light blue. My ex just looked at it and said "Oh my, Beam me up Scotty".

We took our seats and finally the music was coming. I thought, this can't be messed up....but I was wrong because instead of a DJ they had a Polish Elvis. You think I can make this up? I can't! He tried to sing, really, he tried but my ears were ready to implode especially when he started to sing a Beatles song that just missed every musical note one can think of.  After an hour or so of said Polish Elvis, the Bride and Groom were going to throw the bouquet and the garter. The bouquet went up and I saw the women grab for these plastic flowers as if it was some sale at Macy's. The garter? I shake my head because  there went John under his bride's dress to retrieve this garter and he stayed...and stayed...and stayed....and stayed. I think most older people left by this point hoping to burn their eyes out with a poker. I just watched, with vodka soaked eyes, as she smiled  and sighed. My ex and I placed a bet how long this would take. Finally the vomit inducing  affair ended and the garter was thrown which no man picked up.

My mom, witness to this all, had a face of disgust on her  that did not leave for a week while my ex and I just laughed and we knew this wedding would be one for the ages.

Did it last? Quicker than you can say Get thee to a room and wash your mouth out with soap, they separated. Where she went...who knows but hopefully she found the golden pole of happiness. John continued down his merry path to prison and is around ....somewhere. This child is now around 20 or something and hopefully doing really well.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Day-Whoot! Whoot!

Yup..I got a snow day!!! I love it since it is Monday and I am just like a kid clicking my heels:) It actually is quite bad and am glad that I am not travelling today. My hubby looks like a snowman pushing his snowblower and, since we are on a corner lot, we have a lot of sidewalk! He is also such a nice guy (although Mr ADHD man grumbles) that he does many other neighbours' sidewalks (is that right with the apostrophe???). He deserves something special so I shall make a nice lunch....cue the awessss or the wretching:)

A perfect time to create cards! I made a couple yesterday and they are not Christmas!

Background patterned (Holy paper Batman she used patterned paper!) paper in coral, Dark cherry paper and white cardstock. Cuddlebug, embossing sandwich-butterfly, Dark red and lighter red dye ink, grey perfect powders, The "ILove You" stamp, my favourite punch-flower set platinum embossing powder, red flower crystals.

Colour Q-Colours-Strawberry Slush, Cherry Cobler, Calypso Coral, Going Gray, & Neutral(white)
Dream Valley- Valentine's Day
FairyTale Stampers- Favourite Punch
Glitter and Sparkle-Anything Goes
Winter Wonderland-Lots of Layers

So this is for my man...who else? The Postman? The Milkman? The Pusherman? I may live in suburbia but I am not a valium ridden soccer mom or any mom except for furry babies. So I tried something different and went by the colours  from Colour Q. I stamped up the embossing folder, ran it through the machine and then used a lighter red over the top embossed parts. There are 3 layers not counting the I love you sign at top which has push up dots for added dimension. You know,it's like the bra that many women use to highlight their bodacious ta-ta's. I did use the versa dye pad to hold the gray powder in place and for the added touch I used my favourite punch which is the flower punch. I don't think it's too girly and, it is meant for mushy times.

Bright pink, shimmer white and basic white cardstock, Lavender and Hot Pink dye ink, Cuddlebug and sizzex machine, Embossing sandwich-hearts and flowers, dye cut centre, hedgehog stamp, pastel chalk, stickles and sticker.

Animal Friends- Hedgehog
Craft Your Passion- Always Anything Goes
Crafty Creations- Something Old/Something New
Simon Says- Anything Goes

I have had Mr. Hedgehog whom I shall call Otto, for quite a long time but the design cut out I recently bought and is only 2 months old! I can use that design on any paper and with my handy dandy sizzex machine it cuts out this design likity split! I used the cuddlebug and the hearts and flowers embossing folder that I dyed up with lavender colour. I took the hot pink dye pad and just grazed it over the top and the embossed parts came out in pink. I thought I would try a 3rd colour and realized it came out in that wondrous colour called Cat ca-ca so I stopped and did my best to hide the This is for a sweet girl who turns 8 today ( not the ick part)!

I think we have at least a foot or more of snow and it is still going strong. My hubby has been outside for a good 3 hours and true to his patient and diplomatic nature, told the snowplow man he is an idiot and to stop making a mess of everyone's driveways. What we think, he says! Have a great Day and week!