Sunday, August 30, 2015

Yippee! Can post a picture!!

Black, light blue and white glitter cardstock, snowflake diecut, embossing folder-snowflakes, cuddlebug and sizzex machine, magenta crystals, black glitter beads, ribbon, Merry Christmas sticker.

Holly Jolly Christmas-Snowflakes and Sparkle
Christmas Cards All Year Round-Snowflakes
Color Throwdown-White, Black, Light Blue, Pink
Alphabet Challenge-No design paper

Yippee! Thanks to my ex, I am now able to get this working. I have been using the old search engine and he said it is best to go to Google chrome. I don't know why one works and the other doesn't but this is why I  am not a computer geek. I am a geek in many other things but not that:) I was able to get one card done in my busy time and I am glad about that. Ask me what I have been busy with and it is nothing like saving the world, organizing my life or pondering the meaning of life, it is just the regular stuff we do every day, you know...boring stuff. So onward to another week ahead.....Is it Friday yet?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday Movie Picks-Step-Families

Grrrrrrrr-My hubby decided to download Windows 10.....need I say more! So I have been trying to download the pictures I saved and it looks like it works but when I press "Continue", it just will not go anywhere!! I wish he would not have downloaded this but try and stop Mr. ADHD Man.

OK So this week at Wandering Through The Shelves, the topic is Step-Families.  I picked 2 semi-older films and one newer least to me. So without any more computer #$%^$@! here is my list.

1. With Six You Get Eggroll

OK-This is so annoying! I can't seem to download the pictures this Wednesday eve so I have to do this at work(shhhhh). I hate this!!! more bitching. OK, so this film stars Doris Day with a really bad hairdo and Brian Keith, whom I love (Yes I watched Hardcastle and McCormick), in a romantic comedy where they meet on a blind date. It doesn't go well right at first but as all these movies go, they fall in love much to the displeasure of her 3 sons and his daughter. Even the 2 dogs don't get along. It co-stars George Carlin in his film debut and there are 2 hippies you will recognize from M.A.S.H-Jamie Farr (Klinger) and William Christopher (Father Mulcahy). It's a fun film to see even if it is not a major "Oh Wow-what a great film" movie to see.

2.  Yours, Mine, and Ours-1968

This stars Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda as to adults, with way too many kids each, meet, fall in love and marry. This is based on a true story by the way. Even though Lucille Ball is a little too old to have such a young child, this film is fun and sweet. I love it when the kids get the Lucy character drunk but how she doesn't know there is alcohol in her drink is beyond me. This film is much better than the remake.

3.  Ever After-1998

I love fairy tales. I read them when I was a kid and thought they were quite justified to have the wicked stepmom dance in red hot boots-she was bad so the bad get their just desserts. Anyway this film stars Drew Barrymore and she was never better. In fact, I would say she gave one of her better performances here. This is a take on the Cinderella story and makes it more realistic. Her father marries, but shortly after croaks as fathers do in fairy tales. This leaves her daughter with her not so nice step mom played by the great Angelica Huston. Drew can stand up for herself and along the way befriends not only the prince but Leonardo Da Vinci. I enjoyed this film immensely.

So there ya go! These are my three. Now let's hope I can download pictures in the near future or that volcano that has erupted will be caused by my screaming.

I am a bad girl-I had to download them here at work-I hate that!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday Movie Picks!

It is the weekly series I recently joined which you can view at Wandering Through The Shelves. This week it is East-Asian non horror films. I am not an expert on this at all but I have seen 3 of them (should see more). There is another one coming up that is South-East Asian films....I have not seen any so I know I will be skipping that week. Anyhoo, On with the show!

The Seven Samurai-1954

Now you know I would pick this one because it is one of the most popular films ever for a foreign film plus it was remade as The Magnificent Seven which I also love. There is a village with peasants who are fed up with a bandit and his un-merry men. They find Samurais to help them stand up to these nasty buggers. Some die and some do not, but this tale  is rich in characters, imagery and honour. It is consistently listed as one of the top films ever made. It is a tribute to Akira Kurosawa's greatness as a director and makes Toshiro Mifune an international star. It is a great film.

Shall We Dance -1996

Yes, I have spoken of this film before but I do love it and find it much superior to the American remake. There is so much more subtlety and just a loveliness to the film that the American film fails to grasp. It is a secret in more ways than one since ballroom dancing is considered an embarrassment to some Japanese re: their culture. I find the acting so much better overall and it is just a beautiful and fun film.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon- 2000

I love this film! This is a mystical fairy tale with some great kick ass fighting scenes including one in the trees where the actors were actually in the trees (on wires mind you)! It  stars Michelle Yeoh  who is not only beautiful but likes to do her own stunts. She is the first kick ass beauty in James Bond films not Halle Berry.  Ok back to this film-the fighting is great and almost poetic. One sees young love and passion but we also see wise love that is deep and profound. As much as there is fighting in this film, I feel it is also a film about love and loyalty. A Must see!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Some More Cards!

Plastic gal, Only car I can afford, Orange, turquoise and brown cardstock. Music note stamp and time stamp, Apricot brown dye ink, Raspberry ink and embossing powder, Tombow markers, permanent markers.

Colour Q- Brown, orange, turquoise, white

Oh yes this is my inspiration from the most recent Battle of the Bands. Stephen T McCarthy who loves American Graffiti (who wouldn't??) chose the song "Since I Don't Have You" which was in the film. I thought what better way to showcase the music  but have a 1950's car leaving this 50's gal behind who took his heart and stomped on it. Well she is holding it up like a trophy. Music was changing big time in the 50's with rock and roll and it is a by-gone era so why I thought the watch would work here. I hope I did the music and, what inspired me, justice.

 white glossy cardstock, gray pastel chalk, weed stamp, blue embossing powder and dye ink, stickers. Blue distress ink.

Craft Your Passion-Always anything goes

Yup I was too late for the Color throwdown and they are colours I love! Blue and I tried a new style which is using the Tim Holtz distress ink. I stamped it on a platform (that you can clean up after) and spritzed it with water and then just laid the white card down on it. Not too bad eh? I don't have any sparkle on this either-what is the world coming to!!

butterfly stamp, clear stamp pad and embossing powder, distress inks, sizzex machine and butterfly die cut. Border punch, cute saying rubber stamp, turquoise stamp pad and shimmer gold embossing powder, fancy scissors.

Happy Little Stampers- CASE (clean and simple)-masking

This was hard for me to do...why? I had to make it simple with no embellishments. This is like asking me to forgo chocolate for a year. I did it though and it looks pretty good overall. I stamped and embossed the butterflies first. You can't see them until you place the colour on top. I did this the same way as I mentioned above. The colour does not adhere to what was masked. After enduring wrist pain trying to get the corner punch to work and almost hurling it through the window, My hubby came up and did it for me. I cut out the butterfly (machine does all the work) and coloured the wings and attached the wings to the butterfly with a glue pen.

White and grey cardstock, cuddlebug machine and folder, light blue glossy paper, snowflake die cut and snowflake diecut border, white glitter, stickles, ribbon, crystal.

Happy Little Stampers-Christmas-Sparkle.
Christmas Cards All Year Round-Snowflakes
CASE Christmas-Case the card on their blog and be inspired by it.
CHNC-Anything Goes as long as it is Christmas

Yup-a really hot day so I made a Christmas card with a snowflake because I felt a little flaky. Um....well I did and do feel flaky so there. Of course I used my favourite colour-blue and any shade will do. I used sparkle and shine and felt just fine:) I was inspired by the CASE card because they had a snowflake border punch and a design on their paper and some ribbon and lace. I hope this works.

So there we have it. I was in bad pain yesterday- my ribs hurt and I could hardly talk (my hubby was so happy). I had no idea until the Dr. and Naturalpath told me that the ribs are jointed also since they must move(never knew that). I was happy to make a card and start a couple before laying on the couch. I am better today so could finish all. I am pleased with myself that I overcame the pain so I am bragging a bit:) I will be back to work tomorrow-I had 2 weeks off and mainly did a staycation but it was nice being away from work.

Hope you like my BOTB card and how I was inspired. Have a great week everyone!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Film Society-The Answer is.....

It's that time again where Mock and The Armchair Squid present films that we have picked for this month. Last week I gave 3 clues and this is the film.....


Director-King Vidor

Stars-John Gilbert, Renee Adoree, Karl Dane, Tom O'Brien, Hobart Bosworth, Claire McDowell

This is considered one of the biggest blockbusters ($18 to $22 million world wide in 1920's dollars) of its time. It is also one of the first to depict war in more realistic terms which is often quite funny. One hears the army music and reads the words on the screen and one realizes how boring some of the days were spent and the crap they had to put up with. The first half of the film showcases this along with the hero of the story, played by John Gilbert, falling in love with a peasant French girl portrayed by Renee Adoree. The second half of the film shows the horrible dangers these men had to face which is death and destruction.

To see the young protagonist being a young, spoiled lazy oaf at the beginning of the film where his mom coddles him and his dad derides him can be related to today's kids. The happiness the people show as well as the men who volunteer to fight, does not prepare any of them for what is to follow. Only a mom truly knows the fear but she must let her son go and fight. He meets and befriends 2 other men from the working class and they form a strong bond. When they are in France, Gilbert's character meets the French lass and even shows her gum and how to chew it. I guess France did not know about gum until the First World War when the soldiers came. Eventually, they must depart to the front but not before Gilbert's character tells the maiden he will return.

My favourite scene (small spoiler alert) is when the hero returns home and his mom first lays eyes on him recalling when he was first born, his first steps, his first fall, and then seeing him before her, makes me cry every time.

Now most people are not into silent films which is a shame. I had to watch it in the morning because my hubby dislikes silent films because he won't give them a try. This is sad to me because silent films are one of my favourites. There were no CGI effects back then so what you see is exactly done. At that time, the industry developed enough where they could shoot outdoors whereas in many sound films, they couldn't because they did not have the technology yet to block other sounds.  When the men are marching towards the Germans, King Vidor had a metronome outside attached to a loudspeaker. The men had to march to the beat, fire on the beat, drop on the beat-astonishing work.

I spoke about John Gilbert during my A to Z because he was the biggest star after Valentino died. He died young and was a victim of sound. Renee Adoree contracted T.B. and died in 1934. Karl Dane who plays one of Gilbert's pals in the film was Danish and due to his heavy accent, he could not find work after sound came in. He shot himself in 1934. A sad end to the 3 main stars of this film.

On that happy note, go check out the others and have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday Movie Picks!

Over at Wandering through the Shelves, every Thursday you pick 3 movies that go along with that week's theme. This week is movies with devastating, crushing endings that make you want to weep.

OK the normal romance tear jerky stuff usually makes me want to vomit...ok,ok just Love Story makes me want to do this. I mean what the hell does "love  means never having to say your sorry" mean? I say Bull shit! Yes you heard me I swore here which I normally reserve to friends within earshot of me but I had to say this. My hubby better dam well say he is sorry when he did something asinine which is almost daily but that is for another blog title as my hubby has foot in mouth disease or more like leg in mouth. OK so here are my 3 because what gets me every time are old people and animals.

Make Way For Tomorrow-1937

I cried like a baby when I saw this film because of the treatment these 2 elderly, gentle husband and wife receive from their children. It resonates even today because I see elder abuse where I work. When I visit my mom in the long term care home, there are people who never receive visits from their children which is a shame. I have seen grown children treat their parents or parent horribly and it pains me that not much can be done. This film showcases so much. A true tear jerker and a great film.

Old Yeller-1957

Disney made me cry! I love this film and hate it because it is so good yet why??? All dogs must live forever!! This is a wonderful story about life and death and growing up and learning that death is a part of life(my dad told me this when my dog, Toby, was killed on the highway. My dad took me with him to give Toby a proper burial and then we said a prayer). I still have a hard time watching this. Gosh with my menopausal mood swings, I cry at stupid pet commercials. Onward to the 3rd...

Dr. Zhivago-1965

Surprize! Yes this one makes me cry for many reasons. First, it is not only my mom's favourite film but her brothers' as well. I think because they grew up under Hitler and then dealt with the Russians after the war and had to escape they could relate to this film on many levels. I weep when Zhivago comes back, after the war and the revolution, and sees all the people living in his father in law's once great home, having to agree with this woman who claims it was unlawful to have such a huge home. How would you like to have your home taken away and told it is for "the people" and now whole families live in one room of your home that you worked so hard for and maintained?  When I picture Zhivago, frozen  and worn out, on his horse, defecting from the "reds" and not caring if he will be shot(but he is not), I weep. Finally, near the end, known as a great poet, he sees his love, Lara, and tries to reach her only never making it to her. It is so sad. The writer of the book, Boris Pasternak, was himself awarded the Nobel peace prize for literature mainly due to his poetry but had to decline it due to the Communist regime trying to label him a traitor. Pasternak had a great love, Olga Ivinskaya, but the Communist regime made sure to keep them often apart by either arresting the one or the other and denying her his letters he had written to her. This is the reason why this film is so great and profound and makes me weep.

One extra is Brian's Song! I almost went with this one so it gets honourable mention-A true guy's film but can make men and women cry.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Some Nifty Cards and an Inspiration!

Alcohol inks, snowflake punches, Tim Holtz punch, Ribbon and lace, crystals, sparkle beads, Christmas sticker.

Sparkles Christmas Challenge- No designer paper
Whimsy Stamps Challenge-Christmas in July (ok so it's August now)
Happy Little Stampers, Christmas Challenge- Add some sparkle
52 Christmas Card Challenge- Use red and green
Case-ing Christmas- Case the card they showed_which is much nicer.
Christmas Cards All Year Long- Snowflakes
Christmas Hazelnut Challenge-Something beginning with "S"
CHNC-Anything Goes

OK this is for me, meh. I put a lot of work into this one but I don't like the result. I think I added too much as per norm for me. At least it has a little sparkle. Ughh, let's move on shall we:)

cuddlebug, embossing folder, die cut, bird stamp, rose stamp and saying stamp. Gold embossing powder, pastel colour chalks, border stickers.

Glitter and Sparkle- Add some flowers
Craft Your Passion-Always Anything Goes

So a friend's mom passed away about a month ago and I don't send out cards right away because people get all the cards and flowers immediately and then...nothing. Life moves on, but for the people who have lost a loved on, life has dramatically changed. I send a card later just to let them know they are on my mind. I don't see this person too much any more because she is a very negative, caustic person but she still deserves a card. This turned out much better than my Christmas card.

Pretty paper, cuddlebug, die cuts, silver dye pad and silver embossing powder, mermaid stamp, twinkling H2O's, mermaid metal dangling thingy, stickles,  beautiful stones that are a deep blue and sparkle!

Alphabet Challenge- Mermaids
Craft Your Passion-Always Anything Goes
Eclectic Ellapu- For the Pink team-By the Sea

I am really happy with this card! This goes to my hubby's Aunt for her birthday. I received these beautiful stones from Liz at Bead Contagion and I was going to make a card back in March but that is when I got really sick and could not participate so I finally used some. The only sad thing is that it took me over an hour to try to thread the little beads through a small thread. Do you think I could thread the needle? I almost hurled  them through the closed window! I called hubby who threaded it in 2 seconds! Needless to say I can't sew.  I know it is more in the sea than by the sea but I think it can still work...right?? :)

Silver shimmer paper, cuddle bug and sizzex machine, die cut, flower embossing folder, Dreamweaver paste, pussy cats in love brass stencil, pastel chalks, border stickers, blue ink pen, flower punch, crystals.

Glitter and Sparkle Challenge-Add some flowers
Craft Your Passion-Always Anything Goes

So this is my inspiration card. From where you may ask? Well, I love listening to all the Battle of the Bands posts which a number of people participate in on the 1st and 15th of each month. They post 2 different artists who perform the same song and we, anyone who wants to listen, can choose which one they prefer. I am learning so much from this series and enjoy it that I thought I could create a card using one of the songs as an inspiration. This Battle is co-hosted by Stephen T. McCarthy and Far Away Series. In fact, Far Away's song choice is what inspired me. The song is "So Nice" about love and caring and dreaming with a cherished loved one. Now I hope she does not mind that I used my own interpretation but I thought of this stencil with the 2 pussy cats and just went with it. Who knows, I may do it again if you all do not mind:)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Film Society...Shhhhhhh=3 hints to next week's film

Oh It is another month and another time for 3 hints to the film I have selected for next Friday's film society put on my Mock and the Armchair Squid.

What are my 3 hints? Well here they are (insert cute vapid looking gal with a plastic smile showcasing the doors that open to the hints)

  1.  It's a really, old, old, old, old, old, old, movie. Did I say it's old?
  2. It was a huge hit and made major stars of the 2 leads one which I discussed during the A to Z Challenge.
  3. Gum played a big role in one scene.
OK there ya go! Let's see if you can guess. Have a great weekend all:)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday Movie Picks!

So, Over at Wandering Through The Shelves, every Thursday is pick 3 films that correspond to  the theme of that week.  This week it is Alien Invasion of Earth. Now we all know we already have been invaded by strange beings like Bieber, Kardashiasses, Hilton, Trump and other "suck your brains out through your ears, aliens but I am actually talking about 3 great films that all stem from the 1950's. This was, to me, the heyday of great outer space films since the 1950's was freaking out over nuclear war and Communism.  So here is my list and you can head over to the other blog to check out what the other gals and guys have picked. Without further ado my list begins with:

War Of The Worlds-1953

Now this IS an alien invasion where George Pal won an Oscar for best visual effects and rightly so. It all happens in a small, sweet  American Town (doesn't it always) where the townsfolk witness something falling from the sky and landing nearby (oh looky-I rhymed:))) There is a scientist nearby (of course) who, with the sheriff, priest and other townsfolk check out  what it might be all about. After 3 men (think of them as the red shirted security team from Star Trek) get vaporized, the town and the rest of the world soon realize they are in for a battle they have no hope of winning. Nothing seems to work not even the nuclear bomb. My freak out moment is when the heroine has her shoulder touched by an alien. Yup I did not sleep the first time I saw this movie.

Invaders From Mars-1953

OK aside from the cheesy poster where the alien has the buxom gal in his arms (don't all aliens and horror monsters do this??), this is quite an unsettling film which was another freak out for me. The classic where the kid sees something crash down into a nearby area during a thunderstorm and slowly his dad and most others are behaving in an odd, cold way. Of course no one believes the kid at first but slowly a doctor and an astronomer  start to believe him....they better! Now was this kid for real or was he dreaming it all??? Hmmmm

Invasion of the Body Snatchers-1956

Be careful of the pod people! Yup, another small American town where people are really not themselves. Everyone becomes suspicious of everyone else and no one is to be trusted-remember this film was made during the Communist fears. The psychiatrist can see the changes in the people and realizes these pods are now being sent to many other towns. He must stop this all the while helping the woman he loves escape with him, telling authorities of this invasion and not falling asleep. Sleeping is when you are vulnerable and can be "taken over". Yup-another freak out for  me. I freak out easily.

I had to pay homage to 3 great movies and stay in the 1950's -"Village of the Dammed" is another great one but I am saving that one for later.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Insecure Writer's Support Group Day-Writing

It's that time again when one unleashes ones' insecurities to the world about writing. The  Insecure Writer's Support Group was created by Alex J Cavanaugh and it has grown by leaps and bounds! Now I have joined this even though I am not a writer.

I have not written a book although I think about writing my mom's life story and one day, I will. I do not feel I have a very inventive mind when thinking up  great words that my brother or my ex can use. They can argue a point using their hifalooten words (like that old time slang-not sure if I spelt it right) which leaves me trying to come up with some rebuttal but all I can say to them is "oh yeah!?" I then have an image of slapping them like they are Larry or Curly and I am Moe.

I tend to use the same words over again like Beautiful, Sweet, amazing and then there is this...:). No not  this ...:-)   but this ...:) I like my smiley face because I don't want to offend people and I want people to know I am talking in jest. I have had a couple of people, in my past send me very nasty e-mails ( none of you- it was before blog land) who became quite offended by what I wrote. One thing we can't write is how we hear these words in our heads.

My grammar probably sucks and I am OK with that as I  am not writing a book but I do try to put the commas where they should be and not have run off sentences which I often can do because I just keep writing as I talk and you know what they can be annoying to read something that one keeps writing about nothing...Ooops I did it again:)-see!

 On another note, what idiot in the schools across North America  thought it was justifiable to stop teaching cursive writing?  Yes, we live in a day and age when kids text and never write the actual word out but do these numnuts in charge actually believe this is beneficial for kids? Why are kids being taught to be morons? Teachers must adhere to the curriculum, so they don't have a choice. I just don't understand this at all and the person(s) who made this decision should go back to school to learn the basic A,B,C's. since they checked their brains at the door.

So that is my little rant but at least I did not put it all in some shorthand crap. Oops there I go again:) Have a great day everyone!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Movie Reviews Galore!!

So, since I love film and I couldn't do too much I watched a ton of films which I actually do often anyway.  So without further ado, here is my lengthy review of some films I watched-some old and some new.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure-1989

Stars Keanu Reeves, , Alex Winter and George Carlin. I was supposed to review this film for the Mock Squid Soup Film Society a couple of weeks ago and got all mixed up so here is my review. There is a reason why I never saw it before and now I know why. It makes me feel ill that these "dudes" are hip or square, not sure which, and that teenagers and others think stupidity will make these morons go far. I can see kids liking it but ..I could not get into it. I am wondering why George Carlin is in this because I consider him one of the most intelligent people I have seen (on TV) and also wondering why it deserves 2 discs. The best part is Napoleon when he goes down the water slides. Sorry but check brains at the door for this flick-the 3 Stooges are Shakespeare compared to these 2 nimrods.


A brilliant film although a difficult film to watch. This should have been up for Oscars and the lead actress (Anne Dorval) should have won in my book. It is a French-Canadian film about a mother, from the wrong side of the tracks who has a son with ADHD plus other learning disabilities. You see her anguish in trying to raise her teenage son and not wanting him to be placed into a home. The actress who plays the mom shows tenderness, brashness, anger, sadness and some bad-ass-ness that you just love. She gets help from a neighbour who also has her own demons and the 3 of them take you on a journey about love, strength and decisions that will change ones' life forever.

Taken 3-2014

Stars Liam Neeson in the same role he played in the other 2 films. It is a good flick but please stop!! I want to see Liam Neeson in a role worthy of his acting ability. If they make any more, we will see him chase down the bad guys with his walker. I find this film the weakest of the 3 but still a flick to watch for fun but let's move on.

The Kingsmen-2014

It stars Colin Firth(dreaming of him in a very nasty way-be still my heart) as one of the top leaders of a spy agency run by Michael Caine. Samuel L Jackson plays the bad guy with a great speech impediment that just seems to suit the fun of this film. It doesn't take itself too seriously like the James Bond films and has no sexy vamps to impede the spies from doing their mission. Firth's character is also helping a newbie, played by Taron Egerton (nope no idea who he is) become a classy spy. All in all a wonderful fun film with sass, class and exploding heads.

Sorry, Wrong Number-1948

Starring the great Barbara Stanwyck and Burt Lancaster as her weak husband, it is a film Noirish thriller that young kids would be all confused about today. Why? It shows telephones and operators when one had to be connected the old fashioned way. The main part takes place in Leona's(Barbara Stanwyck) bedroom. She is an invalid who overhears that some woman will be murdered that night.  In flashbacks you find out all about the characters and how they met. You realize how nutty Leona really is and what a sad sack Burt Lancaster's character is. What Leona wants, Leona gets and it started when she was a little girl spoiled by her rich dad played by Ed Begley(love his character). These characters are all just a bit nutty like they are all trying to place something round in a square hole. I loved it!

Pride and Glory-2008

Ed Norton plays one of the brothers in a family full of cops lead by the dad, played by Jon Voight without his white scarf he always has at every awards ceremony. Colin Farrell plays the brother in law who is a bad cop. Yup, Colin is a bad boy and just keeps getting in deeper and deeper until Ed's character finds out all the messy crap Colin's gotten himself into. It is about family, loyalty and honour. It is about doing the right thing. It's a good movie but not earth shattering-one can see it on Netflix or simple TV when it's raining outside. I give it a thumb's up but nothing earth-shattering.


Peter O'Toole plays Maurice-a great actor both on stage and screen who is mostly forgotten and is dying of cancer. He is friends with Ian (Leslie Phillips) who is also an aging actor and the 2 have a great chemistry together and help one another out. When Ian's niece, Jessie(Jodie Whittaker), comes to stay with him, she causes much mayhem for her Uncle. Maurice takes her off Ian's hands and thus starts a beautiful relationship between this old, dying man and this belligerent, ignorant girl. It is a beautiful film and wonderfully acted especially by Peter O'Toole who gained his 8th and last Oscar Nomination. Highly recommended.

American Sniper-2014

OK, first off, I don't get why there was so much controversy about this film. It shows what these men and women go through when  dealing with having to kill or be killed. Some break down but others do get a kick out of it-human beings come in all shapes and forms. If you are not into swearing-don't watch this because, nowadays, war films must have all people swear to the nth degree. Do I feel Bradley Cooper deserved an Oscar Nom for this? Nope. He was really good in the role but I have seen better. Sienna Miller played it well as his wife and we really get the  sense of what it might have been life when a soldier is over there fighting and having to kill someone who is very young. Where it falters, for me, is how he dealt with his PTSD. It was touched on but it was almost hurried up. It dealt quite well with him being a soldier but the film didn't know how to deal with PTSD so it seemed whitewashed. This fault lies with Clint Eastwood who directed the film. It's a good film but it left me wanting more.

Scarlett Street-1945

Joan Bennett is at her sultry but floozy best. Edward G Robinson plays a mild mannered banker wannabe great artist and Dan Duryea plays the squirrel for brains boyfriend of Joan's who likes to rough her up every once in a while. Of course the dame only wants more. This is a great film noir! It is one of my favourites and who can beat a classic scene where Edward G's character is painting Joan's toenails. When Christopher (Edward G) first meets Kitty (Joan), she is being smacked around by guess who, yup squirrel for brains. Christopher saves the day and takes Kitty, with the ugliest raincoat I have ever seen, out for a coffee. Christopher is smitten and day dreams about his little Kitty even though he is married to a shrew of a wife who makes him do the dishes in a frilly apron. Kitty purrs and Christopher is her true lap dog who starts to embezzle from the bank he works for to please her. When Christopher goes along with Kitty, in her taking the accolades for being a great painter, you know it is not going well. By the way, the paintings are ugly especially her portrait but whatever works! See this film when you can.

Mission Impossible 5-Rogue Nation-2015

Hold the phones! I actually went to the movie theatre-holy filmland Batman! Yup I saw this film yesterday, wasn't planning to as I wanted to see a special on Andre Rieu's concert in Maastricht but the cost was $18! So I used 2 free passes to see this film with my best friend. I am not a fan of Tom Cruise, the person, since he is a control freak who thinks Scientology is something good, but I do like his movies. This film co-stars Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and Alec Baldwin. Rebecca Ferguson is the kick ass female who saves him twice actually. This is an excellent flick with plenty of heart- stopping moments. Yes Tom Cruise is actually on the side of that airplane, with cables, no CGI for this one. He loves the thrills-he is nuts. Even though I am rolling my eyes with yet another remake or a continuation of the same character(s) that is so ripe in Hollywoodland, this is a good movie.

Whew! So there is my exhaustive list. have a great week everyone!