Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vintage Lady - Vintage - Anything Goes

This is a Birthday card for my mom's friend who has always been very kind. I used  the cuddlebug to create the die cut. I stamped the lady in brown and then mounted it on the die cut and sponged brown around the image to blend in. I have old wallpaper in big flowers and cut out the flowers and placed them around the image and used pop up dots as well and finished it off with crystals. Have a great week everyone!

For My Sweetie -Always and Forever

I used a very smooth and beautiful red cardstock for the background. I used a black glossy cardstock, stickers for the border and heart and background and I stamped the flower image and coloured it with prisma pencils and cut it out and placed pop up dots on the back. This was made for my hubby who I love even when he makes me mad:)

Blue and White-I LOVE Blue -Snow Much Fun - Anything Goes + Blog Hop -Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Blue and White -Die Cuts - Metallic Papers - Keep It Simple - Anything Goes

OK I have one thing to say-Yippeeeeeee for Canada!!! We won the gold in Hockey for Womens and men's!!! I don't watch Hockey normally but I loved it that they won:) Now on to my cards. I used a dark blue and another blue(really nice paper). I used the cuddlebug and a die cut to cut out the branches and placed them around like a wreath.I added the bow and tada! The next card I used tombow markers and cut out the design and mounted it on top for a 3d effect. I also used crystals and glitter. The 3rd card is simple. I added glitter to the white for the border. I stamped and embossed the reindeer in white sparkle and mounted the card on the white paper. The 4th card I had fun! I made it a snowy fun day with the polar bears ice dancing with the mountains behind them. I used a dark blue felt with glitter for the midnight sky and the shiny paper for the ice:) The last card took the longest. I used prisma pencils for the colouring. I never used my dove stamp before and highlighted the doves in glitter. I used the cuddlebug for the embossing window look and coloured that and glittered it up a bit. I used this nice white paper behind it and when you open the doors you see this angel which I coloured, cut out and placed it behind the doors. I used crystals on her dress as well. This took some time. So enjoyed the Olympics but missed quite a bit of it. Always love it and one day would love to try the bobsled-with a professional of course.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom - Dots/Circles

I really love this new blog I found and even though I speak a little German I am not fluent. I can't seem to find the translation area:) I stamped the image and coloured it in with prisma pencils and then cut the image out. I used the cuddlebug and cut the image and embossed it with little dots. I highlighted the dots with gold paint. The background-can you guess?? I used wallpaper! My mom must have had this latying around for decades so i used it for the background and then i cout out certain flowers from it and, using pop up dots placed it around the image. My mom's birthday was on the 10th and i thought she would enjoy this. I hope it works as I did think the surrounding was Victorian in feel and the image was not quite fitting but what the hay! I Love these mice

Zesty! - use orange, yellow and green

I have this pretty yellow cardstock that has some sparkles to it, albeit subtle. That is the base. I layered orange and green and white. The green I used the cuddlebug for the dots. I stamped the image in basic black and then coloured it with prisma pencils in the zesty colours. I did not use any glitter! I amaze myself at times. I thought these colours were inspirational considering the cold and lots of snow we have had.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love

This is the month for love. Don;t you find that we, as human beings (well, some aren't I think), we abuse this word. We seem to love everything from our shoes to what we wear to stars who don' deserve love from all their antics., I think they need a boot up the ass. we abuse this word. I think shoes are nice and should be comfortable and not 10 inches off the ground where I might break a leg if I fall. Sports is often revered and yet, they just, often follow a ball, get into fights and, in the case of soccer/football(European), there has been loss of life due to riots. Food is another thing people often say they love. OK-I can grovel over chocolate and it is nectar from the Gods but my heart does not break if I don't have any. I have a huge interest in olf film and film stars but I will not commit suicide likes scores of women did when Rudoplh Valentino died. I think when it goes that far these women(and some men) may need, um, some help. I can say I LOVE my husband. I LOVE my mom and my brother and my niece. I LOVE my friends who have been there and supported me through all the hard times not just the good. I LOVE my pets. When my Katie girl had to be put down(my black lab and she was 13) I cried and I miss her even now. I believe when we truly LOVE, our heart aches when the love is gone. It is never forgotten but it is gone and we must deal with that loss. I can say I LOVE making cards. A craft or art, whether it is painting or writing or making music fills the soal with wonderment and that is also love. If I could not do it, it would hurt and i would miss it. I can say I LOVE reading and i LOVE listening to music as it fills my heart with happiness just like my family, friends and pets do. My shoes and clothes and food-well people I have never met or had contact I feel bad if something happens and if I could help I would but LOVE is a strong word that we should regard with respect. Now Don't ya love this weather-major snowstorm:) OK I am being a brat. Take care all and enjoy everyone you love and who loves you back