Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love

This is the month for love. Don;t you find that we, as human beings (well, some aren't I think), we abuse this word. We seem to love everything from our shoes to what we wear to stars who don' deserve love from all their antics., I think they need a boot up the ass. we abuse this word. I think shoes are nice and should be comfortable and not 10 inches off the ground where I might break a leg if I fall. Sports is often revered and yet, they just, often follow a ball, get into fights and, in the case of soccer/football(European), there has been loss of life due to riots. Food is another thing people often say they love. OK-I can grovel over chocolate and it is nectar from the Gods but my heart does not break if I don't have any. I have a huge interest in olf film and film stars but I will not commit suicide likes scores of women did when Rudoplh Valentino died. I think when it goes that far these women(and some men) may need, um, some help. I can say I LOVE my husband. I LOVE my mom and my brother and my niece. I LOVE my friends who have been there and supported me through all the hard times not just the good. I LOVE my pets. When my Katie girl had to be put down(my black lab and she was 13) I cried and I miss her even now. I believe when we truly LOVE, our heart aches when the love is gone. It is never forgotten but it is gone and we must deal with that loss. I can say I LOVE making cards. A craft or art, whether it is painting or writing or making music fills the soal with wonderment and that is also love. If I could not do it, it would hurt and i would miss it. I can say I LOVE reading and i LOVE listening to music as it fills my heart with happiness just like my family, friends and pets do. My shoes and clothes and food-well people I have never met or had contact I feel bad if something happens and if I could help I would but LOVE is a strong word that we should regard with respect. Now Don't ya love this weather-major snowstorm:) OK I am being a brat. Take care all and enjoy everyone you love and who loves you back


  1. Heart aches when it's gone - that's a good way to define it. We should use it with respect. When it comes to things, I usually just say I like them or I dig them. But love is reserved for something or someone special.

  2. Love is a world used way too freely. Few people aren't guilty of this act.
    ---Greetings from a February IWSG Cohost

  3. I believe the word "love" has been devalued in modern culture. We should strive to redefine its meaning to what it meant before.