Thursday, October 29, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: TV Edition- Horror


The last Halloween blog post and this is, of course, on tv shows that deal with horror. I can’t stand The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Fear the fear of the Walking Dead etc.... I see that in my local mall or in the White about Horror. Anyhoo, Wandering Through The Shelves always chooses great themes and I do love all of them even when I struggle. I would love to re-watch all 3 that I have chosen and will do this one day...perhaps I will buy the DVDs which would be fun to own. Here are my 3.


Who doesn’t love Hitchcock who is the Master of Suspense but could venture into the macabre. The original shows are the best to watch. Many great stars of the time and the future appear in this anthology series. One of my favourite episodes stars the great little brat, Billy Mumy( from Lost In Space) as a kid who finds his dad’s gun and goes around the town ready to shoot  people. It keeps you on the edge of your seat.

2. ONE STEP BEYO D -1959-1961

This is a great series that is overshadowed by the equally great Twilight Zone, but this is supposedly based on true events with many episodes featuring spirits that come back to haunt someone or save their loved one. There are some great ESP episodes about premonitions where one is about drowning only to  board the Titanic. In another episode many foreshadowed Lincoln's death even Lincoln himself (who had a dream about his death and that is fact. He told many that he dreamt he saw himself in a coffin in the White House). John Newland was the host and directed all the episodes which really helped this great series. The scariest episode, for me is about a man who stays in a home that is supposed to be haunted. Let’s just say he becomes a believer afterwards.


I was 10 years old when I watched this and it scared the pants off of me. In fact, I still have not seen the one episode where there is some kind of monster in the sewers. It was too scary for me. Darren McGavin, known as the dad from A Christmas Story, plays Kolchak, a reporter who investigates the strange goings on in the city. His boss, played by the wonderful Simon Oakland , always suffers from this reporter who is funny and fearful of many things but still must find the truth. I must see these episodes again. 

So which 3 would you choose?

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks-Holiday Horror


Ughh, this week it’s all about Holiday Horror and, frankly, I refuse to watch horror films based around Christmas of which there are a ton. Let’s see what everyone will choose this week over at Wandering Through The Shelves.  Here are my meagre 3...

1. FROGS-1972

I haven’t seen this film in decades but I remember it being quite dumb and the best acting came from the animals. This takes places during the 4th of July when an old coot, played by Ray Milland, decides to celebrate his birthday on his plantation deep in the mucky back waters of some southern inbred state(sorry to all my wonderful American blogger friends). A nature photographer, played by Sam, be still my heart, Elliot, is brought to the plantation when his boat is accidentally capsized. He meets the whole family and soon realizes the old coot hates all the varmints and uses pesticides to try and kill them off. The old coot has no idea nature has decided to fight back.  Soon his family members all die from all sorts of creepy critters. What will these people do? What will the frogs do? Stay tuned bat people...


Well, we all know Jamie Lee Curtis plays a young gal whose older sister was killed by her insane brother named Michael. Little does she know, Mikey didn’t eat his front loops that morning and escaped the nut farm with his psychiatrist, played by the great Donald Pleasance, fast on his heel. Now Mikey has  an issue with sis and wants to kill her because, maybe she ate too many cocoa puffs but, soon, people start being killed off right on ole Hallows' eve.  This was made on a show string budget but grossed a ton resulting in  15 million sequels. Ok not that many, but still...

3. HALLOWEEN 2-1981

You though Mikey died well, how could he when he must come back..and back...and back...and, well you get the idea.  So he is still wanting to kill Jamie Lee and the psychiatrist is still after him with others being killed by Mikey as he looks for his fruit loops. No, no, he is just wanting to kill and you think, being lit on fire would kill him but..well you would not have all those sequels.  Yes, this takes place right after the first film so it is still Halloween which actually goes into All Saint’s Day.

So, which 3 would you choose?

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks-Snow/Winter Horror


I am going to do my best to not choose the Shining this week because it is a perfect fit plus I have talked about this film before so, yes, I will not choose this great film. Winter horror films is an interesting theme this week over at Wandering Through The Shelves and it will be neat to see what everyone else will choose. So without further adieu( and no Shining), here are my 3...


I saw this film many, many years ago and was not sure what to expect since it starred cute Patty Duke and wholesome Richard Thomas. I was in shock to find out that this was not a wholesome Thanksgiving flick but a really freaky horror movie with Patty Duke as a very pregnant widow who decides to meet his mother not realizing  that it is her dead hubby’s Aunt who is harbouring her demented rapist son played by, you guessed it, Richard Thomas. There were no Waltons around and no saying Goodnight John-Boy in this film. It is really creepy and one I wouldn’t mind seeing again.

2.  RAVENOUS-1999

Ok, let’s start this off with it being disgusting since it involves cannibalism but it also is darkly funny. I love Robert Carlyle who wanders into this remote army post who talks about him being the only survivor of 5. Set during the 1840s, Guy Pierce is sent to this remote post with a group of misfit army men and is rightly suspicious of Carlyle. Before the small cavalry can say, “Indians, help us”, they begin to die in the most gruesome way. Guy Pierce soon realizes that not all seems to be right in the world but he is stuck in the snow and now he must figure out a way to survive. This is a very funny western horror film that has more depth than many other films of this year.


It is winter in Sweden when a young girl and, whom we think is her dad, come to this town during the night. She sees a young boy who is bullied in school and who sticks to himself. He also sees this square peg of a girl and they start to develop a friendship that you know, one day, will turn romantic...maybe. When she asks if he will let her into his home, you know there is something more to this gal than meets the eye. She becomes his protector from the bullies especially in a pretty grisly scene in a swimming pool. You realize he will protect her as well since she can't be in daylight. This is a moody, atmospheric film with some young romance, friendship and blood thrown in for good measure. I really like this film despite the blood. 

See, no Shining! Which films would you choose?

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks-Based on a True Story


Too many famous people have died this year (or so it seems) from greats like Vera Lynn, Kirk Douglas, Olivia De Havilland to Chadwick Boseman, Peter Green and now, Eddie Van Halen plus tons others. Some years are worse than others and this year is a doozy. Now on to more fun things, namely the weekly theme inspired blog event hosted by Wandering Through The Shelves. This week it is about films inspired by true are my 3.


To be honest, this isn’t a great movie and not even a good one. Hell, I wasn’t even scared watching it so that says something. This is, supposedly, based on the true story about this home where murders had taken place there and, a few years later, a family move in only to deal with some nasty ghosties. This film stars James Brolin as the head of the household who doesn’t know what to think when all these strange things start happening. Now, if I went to a home where I heard “Get Out”, blood driping from walls etc..., watch that door hit me in the ass as I run away. I can’t recall if blood dripping happened in this movie and I don’t care.


This film stars George C. Scott as a writer who rents a home so he can start writing his next book. He has no idea that this house is one mean and ugly home that wants to do some damage. He starts to investigate about the history of the home and we know a sickly kid died there which is why that old wheelchair is ominous. This was a Canadian film that is still considered one of the more famous  films we have done and I remember being quite scared but I would like to see it again. I have heard many say it is not that great but I want to make my own decision. I was impressed many, many years ago...which doesn’t mean much. By the way, it is based on the writer, Russell Hunter, who rented out the Henry Treat Rogers mansion back in the 1960s and he stated these experiences happened to him.

3. THE ENTITY-1983

This film freaked me out and is quite a chilling movie with a great performance by Barbara Hershey as the young mother who is abused and routinely raped by an unseen enemy. The doctors and other scientists believe she is having some incestual affair with her son and basically lost a few nuts and bolts, but when her boyfriend witnesses an attack and leaves( because he has no balls), the scientists decide to try and catch this entity on camera. They don’t expect to see anything but ..they are wrong. This is based on the Doris Bither case from 1974 who was not a reliable gal but it still created enough of a stir for this film to be made and it is one unsettling film.

Which film would you choose?

Monday, October 5, 2020

A Couple of Cards

 Color Throwdown-Red, Orange & Purple-CTD613

We Love Chocolate Baroque-Anything Goes

I love alcohol inks for their vibrant colours and everything you can do with them. I took a glossy white cardstock, put some alcohol solution directly on the card and then dropped some alcohol inks in the 3 colours. Afterwards, I wanted a more "blotchy" look so I put the same colours on the spongy tool so I could dab those colours directly onto the card. Once that dried (which went quickly), I stamped the leaf design directly on top. I stamped the flower in purple and heat embossed it in white, which I did not want to do, but it seemed to come out in a pale lilac so it still worked. I took my tombow markers, in various shades of purple, and scribbled them on the flower. Next, I took my waterbrush and painted the flower by brushing the colors around. I did the same with the leaves. I took my Happy Birthday die cut, rolled it through my sizzex to cut out the saying on purple shiny paper. I used pop up dots for the flower and glued the saying in place. I coloured the corner stickers in purple and placed them in each corner. Finally I took a couple of tiny flower crystals and used one for the dot above the I in "Birthday" and another in the one flower centre. 

Simon Says-Anything Goes 

Cute Card Thursday-Anything Goes

Retro Rubber Challenge-Anything Goes-rrcb144

Tuesday Throwdown-Make It Sparkle

We all need an angel on our shoulder I think and I love angels so this was a fun and quick card to make. I stamped the angel in Gold, took embossing powder in Egyptian Gold, Lavender and Silver and sprinkled the powders where I wanted them to go. I added the mixture to the stamped saying and the snowflakes. I added the gold border stickers and coloured inside with a silver pen. I added small silver dots everywhere for snow flakes and, finally, mounted this on the gold glitter cardstock. 

May you all have a beautiful week regardless what we see on TV or social media...ignore it and enjoy your day.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks-Horror Movie Houses

October is a fun month because we get to see the leaves change to some brilliant colours, smell the grapes and, of course, Halloween. This is  a boostacular month for scary, creepy films and even comedies. It will be fun to see what everyone else has chosen, so go to Wandering Through The Shelves and find out what other Houses are on the list this week. Here are my 3...


This film freaked me out big time especially this scene. This whole film is creepy with Deborah Kerr giving a great performance as the governess of these very strange children. She is hired by their Uncle to care for the children at this house that seems to be menacing. You realize the children were enthralled by the previous Governess and the Groundskeeper who had the hots for one another. The house does not want to let anyone go and the ghostly beings do not want the children to leave. The kids act very convincingly making this film even more freaky. The governess knows she must save the children before the home claims them. I read the book which scared me but this film truly freaked me out especially when the spider comes out of the mouth of a statue in the garden....shudder!


This is one of the best haunted house stories ever and we never see any actual ghosts but we know the house is haunted and a group of people decide to stay there to conduct experiments. You have the good doctor who is trying his best to base this on science. The owner of the home who wants to sell it and make money and does not believe in this at all. You have the clairvoyant lesbo, played wonderfully by Claire Bloom and the young, sad Julie Harris who also has gifts but does not want to admit to them. She decided to come to get away from her controlling sister and her family. They all experience strange things but they know the house wants young Julie. This is very creepy but intelligent something the remake does not have. Please pass on the remake because it is so bad where the original is brilliant.


Yeah,  I have not seen this film in decades because it really freaked me out. The chauffeur was so creepy I had nightmares about him. This family decides to escape to a quieter life so dad can write his book. When they come to this home that needs some TLC, the mom, played by the brilliant Karen Black(who starred in many horror flicks around this time), loves the home and can't wait to to give this home some love. The brother and sister are very happy to let this family rent the house for 9 months provided they feed their mom who is kept up on the 3rd floor and never wants to be seen. OK, that would be my first clue to run away, but these people decide to stay along with  Oliver Reed's old Aunt played to the hilt by Betty Davis. We soon see that as the family feel more and more uneasy(except for mom), the home starts to repair itself. Even when dad finally decides to leave, the home does not want this to happen. I love the behind the scenes of this film because Oliver Reed was a huge drinker and that's putting it mildly. His antics really got the better of Betty Davis who found him very unprofessional which was probably true. 

I believe I have chosen these before but I had to go with them again because they are that great and I hope you see them one day. So which 3 would you choose?

On a sad note, in case any of you did not know, Jo from Jo on Food, Life and a Scent of Chocolate has suffered a stroke. Her husband is in a long term care facility and is being taken care of. I sent flowers to her  and mentioned we miss her but know we will see her again sooner than later. When I called about the flowers, the nurse said "it is a work in progress". Let's all say a little prayer or salutation to her.