Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Minute

I know ...where are my cards?? I promise I will make some-just so busy busy and all that other crap:) I am thinking about card making...does that count?

1. Do you change your oil or pay someone to do it?

Pay someone! I can't get underneath a car and do that stuff. I could just see me try...and all the oil would be all over my driveway and then the reporters would come and I will be splashed on all the newspapers as the most wicked witch for causing another blunder and destroying land and animals. Ughh...that would be just awful. Now my hubby could(well not now he is actually quite crippled up and in some pain and we have been waiting to see the specialist) and he has done his car but he always finds excuses with mine. I know he hates my car-a chrysler-he thinks it is a piece of %$&^. It could be, but, hey, it would save money and that would make my eyes sparkle.

2. Are all the Awards show over-rated?

OH my Gosh YES! Self-indulgent with tons of bling and money going right down the toilet when so many people are hungry and out of work...that being said..I watch them! Yup I have since I was little. In fact i remember the streaker and all the politics back in the 70's especially from Vanessa Redgrave...she was not allowed back for years. I find it amazing how many people they can thank especially God. I wonder if God looks down on them when they say this after winning an award and God thinks..."Now my work is done and I feel so special". I hate it when they thank God..I consider that soooo phony. Thank God if your loved one is better or safe or that you are OK or your home but not for winning an award so you can then ask for 5 million more on your next movie and then you can buy that $10,000 bracelet, end up in Capri sipping champagne while on a yacht. You then drop the bracelet into the sea and think OOh well I can just buy another because buying that was like buying something a Dollarama! Oops did i go off in a tirade? I guess I am just "Winning! and on the drug called "Charlie Sheen" ...Help me...

3. Do you double dip your chips at a party? Just once? Don't care?

At a large social gathering...nope but then I usually stay away from the dips (I mean the dips for chips and the people at them), in general, especially when kids are around. Most people have these parties and have their kids all be there and they run around(the kids) and put their hands God knows where, and then they get a chip and go for the dip and then they sneeze or they rub their snotty nose just before grabbing the chip. In fact they usuall place their hands all over the chips too...I don't do chips at those parties with kids. At home-I double, triple and more! If my hubby doesn't like it he gets his own dip (the actually dip not another dip like me-I am his only Goddess)

4. Who do you love most in the Whole world? You can only choose one person

My hubby Michael. Yup cliche I know but he is my rock right now even though he doesn't feel it. He is in bad pain and can't work right now(could be rheumatoid...unsure) and then my mom with her dementia and it is not getting better..Anyone knows this only gets worse and then my dog Wallace who has been so traumatized and is phobic of the outside never mind my screwed up arm (oh wait I hear the violins...OK sorry). Anyway with all this Michael is right there beside me, he makes dinner when I come home from work, he does the dishes and he gives me a hug when I most need it..How can Inot love him......Now if there is a question who could you kill on occasion, he would also be in that same!:)

5. If you won the lottery what outragious thing would you do? The thing where people would say you had more money than sense?

This is a toughy! I would buy a home in Germany or Austria in the Alps. Ok that is not outragious.....I would travel the world!...Ok not outragious. I would buy a gown from some fancy fashion I probably wouldn't. They are too expensive for their own good. I would pay off my mortgage...hmmm boring you yet. Oh I would pay someone to button up Charlie Sheen's mouth and send him packing to the deep amazon jungle and have him stay there indefinately without his millions or his porn gals just to shut up the news about this person who has swam too many times in the magic pools behind mother goose's castle.

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  1. Oh you make me laugh....and I'm so with you on the chips and dip where ever there are snot nosed brats running around! BAH!!!

    Well, you've certainly got some good ideas for spending that lottery money, but I think getting a new toilet rocks!