Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For My Mom

This card was made for: 365 Day Cards-G.H.I.-Grosgrain, Heart, Ink. Flutter by Wednesday-Open Theme and Simon Says-Mother's Day/Girlie Card. My mom was never a girlie girl but i tried my best and I think she will like it. I also had to look up what Grosgrain meant...the dreaded ribbon. If anyone has been reading my posts they know I suck at making ribbons...I mean suck! I had only one ribbon with this type of ribbing in it so I think this works. After 20 minutes and redoing it 3 times and then gluing bits together since it would not hold well. I nicely tried to cover the massacre with pretty flowers. I used Magenta Pigment ink and embossed with silver pearl on the green cardstock. I placed pink and then the silvery doves on top of that and used the pop up dots as you see in the second picture. I added my heart and a little butterfly. I can see it is crooked...also par for the course for me. I read the Mother's day challenge at Simon Says and it is for all moms who are here on this earth and others who have left us. My mom has dementia (you know this if you read my blog). I wrote a poem a few months back and now I am nervously sharing it as I do not normally share my poems as I dont think they are that great. If you wish to skip it, just jump ahead or simply have a great day... So here it goes....

Fading Away
A woman so bold
and so hard to hold
on to. She runs
Rather than walks;
She laughs rather than cries;
She inspires and
She loves.
She is steadfast and true.
She is the colours of the rainbow-
Red, green and blue.
She can be trying,
And she loves applying
Her method of control.
She is willful and demanding,
Her truths are gold
And she can not be told.
She can charm
Almost anyone with her smile
Her eyes can beguile
Even the most hardened soul,
But do not dare get close
Or she will fly
Away without a goodbye.
Are her thoughts and feelings coming from the war?
Are these traits stemming from way before?
These are questions one can ponder.
Is it any wonder
That she is a survivor,
That she loves so hard
And forgives without question.
She has seen so many horrors
And suffered great loss.
I can learn and not be cross
With her hardened ways.
I recall her love
How she holds, above
all else, her children-despite our hurtful ways.
Her joy at Christmas and all events.
How she made these days special
And cherished our smiles.
She created wonders of amazement
To such fine detail.
She created serenity,
Calm and tranquility.
She was my rock
and now the clock
Has set time in motion.
She is slowly fading
From her own memory
And I have no power
To stop it.
She is present in body
but not in mind.
Death's hand is not kind
As it lays its touch
On her shoulder.
She is inbetween
Hidden and yet, seen.
My confidant has gone
Even though I can still hold her.
I can not share my thoughts.
The meaning has lost
And the words disappear into the wind.
And so I grieve,
Wishing not to believe
That her end is near.
Her image, once bright,
Is fading from my sight.
I reach to her
And can not truly touch what
Once was her.
Each day her image fades
No longer the shades
Of a rainbow
But of greys.
A day will come when she will disappear.
That is the day I fear.
Ok what a way to bright your day but there ya go.... Even though it is wintry outside and messy and all that, take each day and enjoy it!


  1. So pretty, Birgit...and the poem is lovely, though sad.

    Hope you didn't get too much snow. We got about an inch....which is an inch too much.

  2. Really awesome detail! Love the birds. TFS!

  3. Very nice! Thank you for playing along with my flutter by challenge!

  4. I like the sheen of the papers! The dimension is really cool too : )

    Thanks so much for entering in the Simon Says Stamp Challenge!!!


  5. I love your take on today's "GHI" challenge at 365 Cards! And I think your bow tying is wonderful. Thanks for playing with us again and hope to see you next week too!
    Aloha, Kim Mc
    365 Cards DT