Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunshine Needed

I am sooo happy...they are calling for snow! Yeah!! OK Just kidding....It is March...Dreaded March where we can have snow, sleet, rain, hail, fog and sunshine. It can go up or down by 20 degrees in one hour. This could all happen in one day...I hate March! In Honour of future weather days I decided to bring in a little sunshine and my friend's birthday is in May so might as well get a jump start on the birthdays coming ahead. On 365 Day Cards they are doing the alphabet for this week. On Monday was ABC standing for...Alphabet-using a letter in either a sticker or a stamp, B for blue and C for circle. Tuesday (today) is D.E.F. D for Distress, E for Envelope and F for Fringe. I hope I am not penalized for putting the 2 together but I was so busy yesterday I did not have a chance to make a card so I combined the 2. The top I used yellow cardstock and distressed the sides in various inks using orange, red (dark) and brown. I used the sun as my main circle and stamped in orange and then embossed the face etc in metallic blue. The middle one was done in blues and embossed with red. I then cut out tiny circles in silver glitter and glued them on. The inside of the card, I used some rice paper design for the one side and to make the envelope. The edge is done in orange glitter. The book mark is again distressed in the same colours but I added some celery and light blue for the centre. I embossed the letters in black and used pearl gold embossing powder for a slight antique look. I wasn't sure how it would look but I like it...I really like it:) (quote Sally Field who will be haunted by this forever). I also used the same embossing powder etc... on the edges of the book mark. I coloured in the lettering and flowers with tombow markers. I added the fringe at the bottom with beads and also I actually added ribbon (I am not good with ribbon and thankfully no one was taping me while I was trying to tie it all together). So this is the end of my card for today. Have a great day...forget about snow for this eve...think Sun!


  1. WOW! Favorite project EVER!!!! Love this! you did a beautiful job on it! WOW AGAIN. I'm really lovin' this. (Can you tell?)

    I'm so NOT looking forward to SNOW!!! We haven't had any in over a month now...and we're supposed to see some tomorrow! UGH!

  2. What a lovely birthday gift you made!