Sunday, April 3, 2011

Buttons and Bows

This is my unique persepctive for bunnies, religious, eggs or chicks (well maybe Jane) but it is meant for my friend for Easter since she is also a big film buff. This is for 2 challeneges: -Buttons and Bows - Easter

OK I really hope this will past for my unique way for Easter! I had initially read the challenge at Fluuter by Wednesday to use Buttons and bows which actually are 2 of my least favourite since I am not a button gal (looks great on other peoples' cards but when I do it , I just don't like it) and bows...'cos I suck at making them. I was inspired suddenly by the song "Buttons and Bows"...

"East is East and West is West

And the wrong one I have chose

Let's go where they keep on wearin'

Those frills and flowers and buttons and bows

Rings and things and buttons and bows..."

The song continues (by Livingston and Evans) and it won the Oscar for best song. It was in the movie "The Paleface" by Bob Hope and Jane Russell. I thought it perfect since we lost a legend(not just Elizabeth Taylor) this year when Jane Russell passed away. This is a very funny film with her and Bob Hope. I have books by the Great Al Hirschfeld. I LOVE his artistry. He could create the essence of a famous person with a flick of his pen. I did not trace! I looked at the picture (there was a whole scene in the picture but I just chose these 2 images) and then started to draw. Iused my tombow markers to fill in and then mounted it on different cardstock, added the butterfly, bows and buttons! Have a great day!


  1. Chicks! LOL!! Ok, that works! Very unique card! Your friend will love it.

  2. LOL- thanks for joining the ABC Challenge.

  3. Very creative card! Thanks for playing along with my flutter by challenge!

  4. Wonderful drawing, your friend will love this! Your image is very funny! You can totally tell that it is Bob Hope, it's just like him! (I can't recall Jane rusell off hand but I'm sure you did her justice as well!)