Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Minute

For I keep trying to cut and paste Yoda boy following the directions sent to me and I guess I am just too blond and definately a klutz with any computer. So here are the 5 questions....and answers:)

1. What part of "no" do you not understand?

Almost all of it! Sounds like "Obey" to me and I hate that word. If someone told me not to jump off a bridge, I know enouigh(let's hope) that I will not jump off that bridge but if someone was being all puritannical on me and told me not to have that glass of wine and I am not driving, I say "Bottom's Up" and drink it right in front of them! Now if a man hears no then NO it is no matter what:)

2. Which current reality show do you think you could win?

None! I could never eat something disgusting or bungee jump off some friggen bridge or tower but if i want to dream and play"Let's pretend" I would say "The Amazing race" but then they do those friggen high crap stuff and make people eat crickets etc...I know..."Dancing With The Stars". hey in my mind I am a star and since some of those people think the same way, I could be on that show. I can dance pretty well too until I dislocate my joints and make a trip to the hospital...Well I can dream.

3. Would you amputate your right arm for 10 million dollars?

WTF??? Are ya kidding me-never!! Just add a limp, chewing tobacco and a weird laugh and Iam the next sidekick in a western. oh see weird laugh below

4. If I say "Just bring it" What you got?

My weird laugh that when i get going makes plumbers investigate if the pipes are OK. (actually happened when i was laughing back in university days).

5. You are opening a restaurant-what type or theme of food are you serving?

I would have a bavarian theme where everyone must wear dyrndls and leather shorts and dance the schoeplattler. I will serve bacon fat on rye bread and say it is wonderful. Have those big gooey balls of flour called dumplings that bop up and down in water, put gravy on top and say it is wonderful with a side order of saurkraut...mmmm nothing like cabbage doused in vinegar...yum. For a special meal I would serve the uber delicious Sciottish haggis. I tell ya once one eats sheeps intestines served in it's stomach, well you just can get enough. Yum Yum. Now if you believe this will go over and I would even ever think of owning a restaurant I have some prime swamp land to sell you. :)

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  1. Haggis, BLEEEEECCCCH!!! LOL!!

    Oh your answers do crack me up!