Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trying out my hubby's laptop

Hello all.....I was ready, last time to chuck my ^%$* computer out the window because it took me almost 2 hrs to download the pictures, fix them and then place it on my blog and connect my pic to the other blogs. I'm not kidding...2 hours. So my hubby has a laptop which he rarely uses as he is not into computers and neither am I but i use them more then him. I did this card quite a while ago and I am not even sure if this was on a previous post of mine because i forgot:) I just did the poking hole thing for the butterflies and placed the middle butterflies on and then used beads to highlight them. I coloured the surrounding butterflies with chalk. It has been a freakly week here in my neck of the woods. The lady I told you about before is holding her own but is still in an induced coma and she has had many skin grafts. My ex, I found out, worked with the nut who set her on fire and everyone had to go for counselling because they never thought he would be the type to do this. Last Sunday my good friend, her husband and 2 children were at a flea market and 2 masked men came in for a robbery...they had guns and at one moment the bastard pointed it at my friend's husband. There was a struggle with one gunman and an older man got shot but he is in stable condition. Thankfully my friend and her family were safe but crazy. One guy got away. We had the one young girl fall over the falls and 2 people fell into the niagara gorge. I had a client come in and he told me he just came from Mars (nope he wasn't kidding) and that he has to wear the metal (all around his chest) so the electro magnetic waves from the U.S and \Canadian government won't get him and give him cancer. He talk about knives etc... Can I say it has been nutty!! I just had to rant but at least I put up some pretty butterflies. Hmmm I hope that doesn't mean I am flaky:) oh and I am going to enter this on


  1. That is a lot of crazy stuff to happen. Too many things to comment on.

  2. Oh my goodness...sounds like a lot of craziness going on in your neck of the woods! Eeeks!