Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rant...and why not!

I have not been on this great site for a while and I am doing a little rant today. To the public at large..please bathe! or at least use something so my nostrils are not attacked by the foul stench emanating from your personhood. I work with the public. So many are great and have so much to deal with...and then there are others who come in and feel entitled to be given money for back rent even though they just told me they won $5,000 on a scratch ticket ...but they can not make their rent. To top things off they then swear and the kicker-my eyes begin to water and my stomach convulses ready to puke out alien because the man never heard of soap. When I noticed the paint peeling I knew this was a winner. I have had others who never believe in soap or lysol or anything of that note and then feel compelled to come closer to me and start talking. I beg to all people out there who are soap deprived-please go to any dollar store and buy some soap. There was one woman who came in-she still gives me nightmares.....To say she was ugly would be mean to warthogs out there everywhere. Now if she was physically deprived but the heart of an angel I would not even think of writng this but she was just mean. I mean...mean!!! She would walk in, she was a large short woman with missing teeth(I kid you not), who had large bahama mama's and would never wear a bra..yup they were lopsided and she would usually wear a white shirt. Her hair-was so greasy you just had to wipe her hair on a pan and you could cook veggies without adding any oil....again not kidding. The smell emanating from every pore of her nasty soul would make me gasp for breath as I had to take her money every month for payments. One poor lass came walking down the stairs whistling a happy tune when  the sewer pits of hell was in, the poor girl took a couple of whiffs and literally ran down the hall dry-heaving. I wish I was exagerrating but, alas, I am not. Sewer Pits would never say hello or thank you and would often grunt. Ughh I would have rather taken money from Satan. I wish I could give a care package out to people which would always guessed it! Soap!!! To people who design buildings without the ability to open windows...tell me why do you do that??

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