Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Wednesday Music- The Beatles...kind of


No, not that type of beetle! The English invasion known as the Beatles was the theme over at Monday Music Moves Me. It was suggested by Patrick from Adventures in Wiseland. Everyone did many songs from The Beatles which are, rightly, famous. I love the band but, strangely, I don't own an album of theirs...weird. I went a bit different but still all about the Beatles...


I love this band that happens to be Canadian and have a prog rock feel ( am I right with that assessment??). Someone suggested that they were actually the Beatles who were hiding under this name and it became quite the talk of the town for a while. You can hear the influence with this song.


I love, love, love this song by John Lennon which, I think, is a powerful song. Many get their butts in the air about " no religion too," but many wars were started as a result of religion( Crusades anyone, never mind the zealots in the name of their God who commit aatrocities). I have seen people on TV  say they believe in the Bible and place their gun on top of it...WTF? Some of the worst people I have met or seen are ready to judge and vilify another person because they disagree with their own beliefs. So, I think it's perfect to have that in the song. Sorry for my rant.


I had to place in a classical piece that Sir Paul composed  and he has composed more than one classical composition. The sadness is that the so called high brow snots scoff at his orchestral works which is such a shame because I think it's quite good. 

So these are 3 of my choices which are odd, except for Imagine(maybe), but it works. I do love The Beatles and my fav was always George. Loved him in The Travelling Willburys. 


  1. I, too, love the Beatles and my favorite is George 😄 (I love his album for Bangladesh). I really enjoyed Paul’s classical piece. I wasnt aware he composed those.

  2. Klaatu definitely had a Beatles vibe and yes, they were considered a prog rock/pop band.

    Imagine is one of the greatest songs ever written, and I agree 100% with everything you said here.

    I'm not a big fan of Paul's solo work, so wasn't familiar with his classical compositions. Definitely a step above his "silly love songs"!

    Excellent post, Birgit! ☺ Something out of the ordinary...

  3. A lot of Beatle-y elements in the Klaatu song. I can see why peole thought it was The Beatles in disguise...

    Love the cartoon...

  4. I have all their albums, but haven’t played them in a while. Now I shall!

  5. I also heard Beatles influences in Klaatu, and no, I had never heard of the group or the rumor. Strange, but I remember, at one point in time, rumors that an early 70's band called The Raspberries (I was a fan of theirs) were the Beatles in disguise. The classical piece - why not? Paul wrote lots more besides silly love songs.

  6. Imagine was a great song as was Handle with Care. The Traveling Willburys. What talent!
    Have a pain free day.