Saturday, June 3, 2023

What I Watched In May


This time I am better and am not late. Yesterday was my Birthday too so I did nuttin’ Honey! I just took today and Monday off and plan to enjoy my weekend. So let’s get the party started..

1. CAST AWAY-2000

Tom Hanks plays a, by the time, FedEx man who is the sole survivor of a plane wreck and lands on a deserted island. It’s quite good with some sad moments and funny ones too. Who knew Wilson could out act Helen Hunt? Well, that just says how much I like Helen Hunt…


Victor Mature is the gladiator who was just trying to defend his gal when the mean centurions are trying to find the red robe Jesus wore at his crucifixion. This is a sequel to “The Robe” which I still have to see. To say Jay Robinson, as Caligula, overacts and devours the scenery is an understatement,


This is considered one of the best comedies ever made and it is very funny but in a more subtle way. Mr. Hulot’s is a sweet but bumbling Frenchman who drives his beat up old car to the seaside  staying at a small hotel with many other French people also on holiday. Antics ensure but not over the top, beat it on top of your head kind of way, but more subtle. I do find other movies funnier but I’m glad I saw this movie.


2 men go on a fishing trip, pick up a hitchhiker not knowing he is a crazed nut on the lamb. They find out but are at the loon’s mercy. Quite intense and a good direction from Ms. Ida Lupino who should be better recognized for her directing and not just her acting.


Finally, I saw this somewhat autobiographical film of Bob Fosse, the alcoholic, drug addicted, constantly smoking, womanizing but brilliant dance man and director. It’s quite revealing and very sexual. Roy Scheider ( of Jaws fame) plays the lead and he deserved an Oscar, in my opinion. Ann Reinking, who had a long affair with Fosse, played the min lover in this film. It’s worth seeing.


Halle Berry plays the wife of a good man who was murdered and Benicio Del Toro plays the best friend who has a major drug habit. She doesn’t like the friend but slowly they help each other out while dealing with the loss. Better than I thought it would be.


This movie really reminded me of the great film, “ The Best Years of Our Lives” which is about WW2 vets returning home and dealing with battle fatigue as it was called then. In this film they are returning from Iraq and must deal with PTSD. It’s sad but so good. Not as good as the original but worth a look.


Great film starring Bette Davis as a vicious  maven of a rich family where she and her 2 brothers scheme to get more money but not sure how until her ailing husband comes back. She berates her husband mercilessly while her sweet daughter watches horrified at how mean her mother is. Great film made famous on the stage by Tallulah Bankhead but Bette does a such a great job as this viper. 


A fun adventure WW2 yarn with Burt Lancaster and Chuck Connors as 2 Marine buddies and the gal who gets between their friendship, played by Virginia Mayo. I never thought I would see Burt dressed up in some freaky statue performing in a tribal dance. 



This is still playing on TV based on Anne Frank and her family but centred on their main protector, Miep Gies and her husband. We see how difficult it was to hide the families behind the bookcase as well as be part of the Dutch resistance. Knowing what happens makes it, always, sad but you applaud Miep, her husband and the others who risked their lives to save the Jewish people and fight against evil. These are the true heroes, not sports people.


Hubby and I enjoy this Canadian show about young men, a woman pilot and an older hippie looking for cars left in the trees, bogs, water, in old sheds…you name it. What I love is that they are saving these heaps, cleaning up the environment and can see the potential in these cars. Of course, they must bargain for a good price and they usually win out. 

What did you watch in May?


  1. Happy Birthday. I've only seen your first two movies and did not care for either.
    I watched an HBO documentary on Obama. The man made a lot of sense when he talked, not like so many politicians today.

    1. It’s Birgit…you didn’t like Cast Away? What bothered you about it? Demetrius is ok but so..50s for this type of movie. You would like The Little Foxes

  2. Happy belated!

    We watched some good ones this past month. My favorite was the Beatles: Eight Days a Week documentary. Very nicely done.

    Also strong:
    Chungking Express
    I Know Where I'm Going

    On TV, boy Ted Lasso finished strong!

    1. It’s Birgit….I haven’t seen your films nor Ted but would like to see it

  3. Happy Birthday Birgit! Sounds very relaxing, which is always a great way to spend a celebratory day.

    I LOVE The Little Foxes!! I’m a bit astonished you haven’t seen it until now! Bette and Wyler fought bitterly during production over her interpretation. Bette had seen Tallulah on stage and couldn’t envision another way to play Regina, but Wyler wanted something else. I think what they came up with was a compromise, but it soured their relationship and they never worked together again. She owns the film but not in a vacuum. Herbert Marshall is terrific as the deceptively strong-willed Horace, Dan Duryea is a perfect weasel as the toadying Leo (an exemplary villain so ironic that in real life he was famously gentle, liberal and kind much like that other great portrayer of evil Richard Widmark), Charles Dingle is all silky menace as brother Ben but best of all is Patricia Collinge as the tragic Birdie.

    I like Demetrius and the Gladiators much more than The Robe which was a thumping bore (despite the presence of one of my faves-Jean Simmons in the cast). Victor Mature does fine in the lead and Susan Hayward, one of my top 5 fave actresses, is ravishing and devilish. I adore Jay Robinson’s wildly over the top performance!

    Completely agree about Ida Lupino’s rep as a director being undervalued! I’ve seen all her films and her fine, lean style was very accomplished. The Trouble with Angels is my favorite of her films on a pure enjoyment level, but I’d say The Hitch-Hiker is her best film as far as directing goes.

    South Seas Woman is one of those colorful, somewhat empty but mindlessly enjoyable flicks so popular in the ‘50’s that Burt did grudgingly in between weightier films, but which kept his box office standing strong. Burt is studly and vigorous and Virginia beautiful.

    Mr. Hulot’s was a pleasant time, but I didn’t think it was anything special either.

    When it was just Tom Hanks and Wilson Cast Away was a compelling experience, but I agree Helen Hunt was a drag on the bookends of the film. I liked her a great deal when she was a younger rising actress, but a smarminess has crept into her performances which is very off-putting now.

    Roy Scheider offers an amazing piece of work in All That Jazz and Fosse’s direction is innovative, but I can’t honestly say I enjoyed the film much. I was glad I saw it but have never had the least desire to return it since.

    I haven’t seen the other two. I will probably never see the Halle Berry film, I’m not much of a fan, but the other interests me.

    A Small Light sounds sad but worthwhile.

    1.'s Birgit. I have seen The Little Foxes more than once but have not seen it in a long time. Bette Davis did meet her match with Wyler but if they would have married, one or the other would have killed the other and dumped the body in the desert. I do think Davis was right about the makeup. Everyone was excellent as you say.
      Demetrius always looks like he needs To go to the Hayward is always great and I love William Marshall in anything! I had a major crush on him when I was young. Apparently Jay..aka, Caligula, got into drugs and ended up in prison where this movie was shown. Many of the convicts then realized who was sitting with them.
      Helen Hunt is smarmy and when she won the Emmy or was it the Golden Globe, she said thanks to everyone naming them...except for her then husband, Hank Azaria! She kept saying " you, you know blah blah" I was literally shouting at my tv for her to just say his name.
      Halle Berry is not a favourite of mine especially since she got out of 2 hit and runs. I don't think she is a nice person but this movie was good. If you saw Home of the Brave you would see the similarity with The Best Years.
      A Small Light is excellent and so sad knowing what will happen. Miep and her husband were very brave. I've been lucky to have been there and experience this place where Anne and her family walked

  4. Happy belated birthday! My mom was just telling me how she rewatched Cast Away too. She still cries over Wilson.

  5. Castaway was one of the few Hanks movies I didn't like. I found it sad:(
    Hope your day was wondrous.

  6. I lost my internet and phone on Friday, so that is why I am so late visiting. Seems a squirrel ate through the internet line and ATT had to find and fix it.

    I saw Castaway on TV years ago. I saw a film similar to the Hitchhiker, but it was recent and scary as heck.

    I haven't seen any of the TV shows you watched, but I enjoyed reading your synopses.