Friday, November 4, 2022

What I Watched in October


I gave my hubby an early Christmas gift. We saw a great tribute band to Pink Floyd. It was excellent except it was too loud in the venue we were in. I stuffed kleenex in my ears which helped. Other people also said the same thing so I think it was not my age. Anyway, it was a fun night for sure.

I didn't watch anything new in TV for the most part and fewer movies. I have been too tired often so just watched the same old.



This film stars Tom Wilkinson as a workaholic married to a nice gal who happened to have an affair with the neighbour who is a bit of an ass. There is also an accident involving an older man who was hit by a car while on his bicycle. I remember it was good but it quickly left my head. First film directed by Julian Fellowes.


This is quite an excellent film starring Gary Cooper as Billy Mitchell who decided to not follow orders because he knew better. He was right, but he still was court- martialed. It's based on a true story which seems to be more accurate than many other films. I wanted to know more once I watched this movie and will watch a documentaryon YouTube about this man.


A Roman Polanski film that is a horror comedy and it is quite funny,  but also eerie and has some good scary moments. Polanski stars as an assistant to a buffoonish professor who believes vampires exist and they travel to Romania to find them. When the bathing girl is snatched by the count, the old buffoon and his side kick travel to the castle to kill the vampire. This is a funny movie but still has a chilling touch. When the other vampires awake, I did not expect this and it was well done. It costars Sharon Tate whom Polanski married but she was tragically  killed by the Manson family when 8 1/2 months pregnant. 


An excellent war film when the U. .S military were searching for weapons of mass destruction only to realize there is no such thing. This really gives one a good idea what the soldiers were dealing with and how sad the whole war was, since the Bush people were after the oil. It's not that simplistic but it was about the oil.



We only have the 3rd installment of this 3 part miniseries starring one of my Favourites, Bill Nighy. He plays Warriker, an MI5 agent, who finds out more to the story and it involves him going on the run with his love and finding out the truth to prove his innocence. Well done and acted.

2. FOYLE'S WAR-2002-2015

This is a 13 year series taking place during and after the war. It involves a detective who solves cases that are connected to the MI5 and sometimes, they are not. We only got the last season when our precious video store closed. They only had this last DVD. Now we must get the rest of the series. The actor who plays Foyle, Michael Kitchen  is excellent in his subtle manner who always speaks the truth  His right hand mam is a woman who never listens and must deal with her own homelife. Excellent series.


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    It was nice of you to surprise your hubby with an early Christmas gift - tix to a show featuring a Pink Floyd tribute band. Let me be the first to wish you a happy Easter, 2023!

    Golly, dear friend, every film and TV series that you watched in October is new to me! What are the odds?

    It was like a weird dream seeing that clip from Otto Preminger's 1955 biographical war drama The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell. Lou Gehrig from Pride of the Yankees was welcomed into the room by Steve McGarrett from Hawaii Five-O and Samantha Stephens from Bewitched.

    I'm surprised I never saw Fearless Vampire Killers. However, if it is categorized as a horror comedy, it might explain why. I tend to avoid scary movies that soften the blow through the use of comedy or parody. There are a few notable exceptions such as Stan Helsing, the Van Helsing parody I recently featured at Shady's Place.

    The clip you posted from Salting the Battlefield is blocked for playback in my country, but if you give it a thumbs up endorsement, I'll take your word. I am sensing that you watch a lot of films and shows about war and the military. The genre is not my strong suit. However, Foyle's War, revolving around the post WWII casework of a retired British detective, does indeed look like a series that would interest me. I went to IMDB just now and watched the full series trailer. It looks excellent, and I can see why the critics (and you) are raving. I will tell Mrs. Shady about it.

    If you liked Foyle's War, then I highly recommend The Bletchley Circle and its sequel The Bletchley Circle:San Francisco, two British series Mrs. S and I watched and thoroughly enjoyed.

    Please give my buddy Harley a good smoochin' and have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend BB!

    1. Sorry to hear you couldn't play that one clip. I had a hard time to find film clips. I couldn't play them when I was placing them on my blog post as you can tell from the first clip. Oh well, I think you might like Fearless Vampire Killers because it has that Camp appeal. The actor who plays Sharon Tate's dad in this film is hilarious.
      You will like Foyle's War and I will look for Bletchley Circle.
      Harley say woof!

  2. I haven't seen any of these, Birgit, but I understand the feeling of wanting to watch something familiar when tired or not feeling well. Hugs.

    1. Yes, when not feeling well, watching something on TV that your mind does not have to think about is perfect.

  3. I really enjoyed Foyle's War. Fortunately, my local library had the DVDs.

    1. Glad they had them. Our Library just got rid of all their DVD's...It's a shame really.

  4. None of those sound familiar. I've been too tired to look for new things as well, although I caught a new-to-me adaptation on Amazon Prime.

  5. Once again I've missed these. Sigh. Hope you are having a fab day.
    Hugs, Sandra

  6. Hi Birgit! Hope all’s well. Bill Nighy is one of my favorite actors, too, and not just because we share the same birthday. I hope Netflix has his series. Also Separate Lies and the Court Martial one.