Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Flowers for mom

Here is my card for mother's day. I did a pergamano card. It involves using a calligarphy style pen. I painted the flowers with pergamano colours exclusive. I then embossed the flowers and the lines and inbetween the star style. I then took my #4 puncture tool and the #2 and punctured around the edges. The final is the cutting. Inbetween, it is hard to see unless you look at the pic up close, I cut out where I punctured the #4 to create a star look. It is hard to explain but basically you place the tips of the special scissors in the 2 puncture holes twist a little to the left and cut, then turn the paper and do it again til all four punctures are cut and you get the star and then you repeat the pattern which is all over the pattern. I did the same with the outline of the card. Again you would have to look at the pic up close to see what i did. Anyway I love pergamano even though my fingers get a little worse for wear. I think my description of this would sound better in swalhili:)