Sunday, May 31, 2009

Christmas Cards for May-Flower

I had to use purple! I also did not want to use a poinsettia-it was my own personal challenge:) I liked this stamp and it has a flower image and I used, of course, glitter embossing and the gold trim has flower image. This was fun and done in the final day!
This is a victorian style card with a little european flavour. I stuck with pastels except for the green flower with the little putti in the centre. They both are holding some flowers-I am not sure what kind...Edelweis?? Anyway I used silver cardstock and some light lavender too. Of course ending it with the silver trim-love those trims!

Glitter, glitter, glitter!This was fun and I actually did this in a class but I added the Merry Christmas after cos I thought it was perfect for a flower May motif for the Christmas Cards All year round. To make the glitter background, you use the strong double sided tacky paper and I took an old lace and placed it down. I placed the green glitter down and then I lifted up the lace and placed gold glitter down and it acheived the effect of gold roses. Might be hard to see. I added the rose in the corner for a nice effect and coloured it inwith tombow markers

OK this is My hubby's favourite and he picked this one for his christmas card:) I used the glue pen to adhere the glitter to make this stained glass flower effect. I was glittery all over! I just can't help myself:) I then used the same blue cardstock(can you tell it is one of my favs) and used the gold trim and finished off the corners with crystals

This is the first card-I tried to make it appear like a church window. I used the perfect pearls as a background and stamped the image of the December flower-the Narcissus-twice. I placed it on this great rich blue cardtsock and I used the cuttlebug on the red and finished it off with silver trim.

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  1. These are just beautiful! I love all of your glitter and shiny paper. Gorgeous!! Thanks for playing with us :)