Monday, November 30, 2009

Victorian Angel on High

OK The five are done for November and in the nick of Time! I had a frustrating month. I was walking my dog and stepped on a small stone which rolled my foot and my ankle did a complete turn over and smack on the pavement went my ankle! I thought I just sprained it. Well aftera few painful days and finding out crutches were not a good idea for me to use(my other joints gave way and my tendons collapsed creating pain in the other areas plus numbness...the Dr gave me a talking to), it was found i actually fractured my ankle-took a chip out of my ankle bone plus I tore ligaments and tendons. I am in an air cast until Dec 30th. About halfway through the day I can say it is quite sore and yup-it is my right foot so no driving! I wanted to get some Brads as I was not in the mood for buttons and bows(sorry Bob Hope:)) but I could not get to a store to buy them so all my cards do not have any of them on but I hope they will suffice. Actually the one above is my fav. I bought this angel quite a while ago and I coloured her in with markers. I took my green ink pad and used my evergreen stamp and also a small stamp with a pine cone. I coloured them in and then i used stickles on her wings and silver for the snow and on the surrounding area. It actually seemed to turn out like an old fashioned card so I am happy with it. Anyway My hubby is now walking the dog and being my chauffeur:) Oh well, all in all it could have been worse, I just wish i could say I was skydiving or something:))


  1. Beautiful cards,Birgit!!! Hoping for a speedy recovery for you!!!!

  2. well i say go with the sky diving story!! lol so sad to hear your badly hurt :-( but you still made a beautiful card :-) and woo hoo for doing all the challenges for Nov!!

  3. Oh no, Birgit - OUCH! I hope you heal soon :) And your Christmas card is lovely!