Saturday, November 7, 2009

Picasso in Black and White

Well I have not done a challenge at 365 cards in a while. I hope to have just a few pics of our trip to Europe on here very soon. Michael took many photos...about 6,500! I am not kidding. He just loved it!!! Well so did I and we dream one day of living there. My one Aunt has a condo in a small town called Brixen(bressonne) in northern Italy. Whe she goes on her balcony there are mountains on her right and on her left with the cutest small villages up the side of the mountains and church steeples. You hear the church bells ring as you sip a glass of wine and then you travel by bike or foot to the town, about 7 minutes which was found in around 1053 or so. I really expected Julie Andrews to be twirling up there in the mountains. OK sorry I digress, here is my card challenge for today although I cheated a bit and used a Picasso stamp I bought in Venice on the white part. It is for my friend's birthday who is a lover of art. I tried to keep it simple and manly:)

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  1. so glad your back with us!! :0) you were missed!! hey can your aunt be my aunt too?? LOL sounds like heaven. fantastic card and i am looking forward to the pic from your trip.