Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Minute

I am so busy decorating and taking care of my mom etc...that i am lacking in cards but i do enjoy the Monday Minute so here are my profound (giggle) answers:)

1. Who is your favourite actor?

Well there is no better actor that Jimmy Stewart! I love the older actors and the young ones could learn from the masters. I watched It's A Wonderful Life" the other day (one of my all time favs) and he should have won the Oscar for that performance. When you think about how he just actually hates his life and can be so gruff in that film it is truly haunting and a brilliant performace. one of my favourite moments...When he no longer exists and he just visits his mom's home and she does not recognize him. he turns and runs up to a closeup of his face. In the back and white(never colourized-that is pure blasphemous(spelling anyone) style he looks around, carzed and half his face is in darkness expressing his dual nature-good vs evil-the Alive George bailey and the Non george Bailey. The eerie music just sets it off. Brilliant scene! Of course he is great in the westerns with Anthony Mann and has anyone seen "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance"? Great John Ford western and John Wayne is another fantastic actor who makes me cry in this film. Oh I do go on but film is a passion of mine. Please NEVER watch the colourized version of films-ruins the whole effect. That is my easygoing(ahem) opinion:)

2. Do you collect anything?

Books-Film, art, architecture, occult, travel, well name it. I also have an extensive film collection and am always on the lookout for silent films-yup geek all the way. Oh I also love tea cups...I don't really drink tea but the cups are so pretty. Oh and Christmas stuff but can't be tacky (well by my book anyway) OK Ok I am a bit of a collector

3. What's the biggest turnoff in someone of the opposite sex?

Stupidity! I don't care if they look like george Clooney if they are stupid as a doorknob it just bores me. I also hate when people have to do all the "IN" things -vainity and image-yuck

4. If you HAD to change your first name, what would you change it to and why?

I actually was faced with this back in grade school when i had to go through confirmation (Catholic). I told them I love my name and that there is a swedish nun who is a saint with my name-Birgitta. They would not take that. My mom then threatened that I would not be confirmed. I said "GREAT!" and started taking off the robe so that threat did not work:) I only accpeted when my mom told me my dad would be disappointed so I can't even remember the name-I tried Maria but that was my middle name so they would not accept that either. So I am sticking to my guns cos i really do love my name-it si different and very few people in North America know about it(it is german/Sweidish..I even heard it is celtic by origin). In case anyone is wondering the best way to know how to say my name is thinking of Get beer...Beer-get but say the get with a slang...Git:) Now my clients have called me Brigit, Brigitte(like Bardot), Burdget, deirdre(???) Margeruitte(???), Gretel, Ingrid (german right??) but my favs are Baguette, Bagel and my all time fave-Bruscetta-happy times in the bread shop.

5. What virtue is better:forgiveness or Justice?

You know Initially I was going to say forgiveness because it is such a hard thing to do but then too many people say they forgive and really they are often quite judgemental. the few people who have been able to do this and mean it-I truly applaud especially for someone who forgives a murderer (I could not). I think Forgiveness-although truly admirable is also too politically correct so I am going to say Justice. The knee jerk thinking was the gun toting redneck who believes justice is served when he rams his Dodge Pick Up into a little honda because the Honda cut him off. Truthfully Justice is far more difficult and can be a great debate and often is in the courtrooms. I do not belive Justice is served when someone wins a court case because they dropped their hot coffee on their lap and decided to sue to place who sold them the coffee but when someone murders and gets away with it due to technicalities-that is also not justice. If someone gets their just desserts we often applaud. I am someone who does believe that the serial killers of the world, where there is absolutley no room for doubt becauser the bodies were found in the basement, deserve the firing squad. It is so difficult but justice needs more recognition. OK I went really serious there and maybe opened a can of worms..Oh well


  1. You make me want to run out and get It's A Wonderul Life, it happens to be my stepdads favorite of all time followed by Christmas Vacation, completely opposite but a great modern classic as well! I Love your name BTW!

  2. I love your answer to the whole "justice" thing. Totally agree.

    As for murderers...even the Bible says you are only to forgive those who are repentant. Therefore, if someone continues to go on murdering, it's obvious they aren't repentant..and do not deserve forgiveness.

    Oh - I wish I had thought of "stupidity" as my answer!!!! That's a good one!