Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Minute

1. What's your favouirte kind of cake?

I love most cakes but the icing often is too dang sweet! I often would chip a tooth on some of that hard icing stuff. I might be biased too but german cakes are so delicious and they create so many different ones I can not limit to just one cake. OK I LOVE cakes! Now I do make cakes but I cheat now because of time constraints etc... I buy the betty crocker kind and then I make my own icing. I buy the larger whipping cream. For chocolate icing, I use a little over 1/2 cup of icing sugar and 6 large tablesppons of cocoa. I mix the sugar and cocoa together and then i put it into the whipping cream and whip it until stiff peaks form. I often add coffee grounds for a mocha taste. You can also buy chocolate pudding but it must be the kind you have to heat on the stove..the others seem too sweet to me. you put in a little less mile and as it cools you stir it (Follow directions first though to have it boil) so no skin forms. you can then fold it into the whipping cream mixture as well. if you use the pudding mix then you use alot less icing sugar-just a fraction cos there is enough suagr in the pudding. If you want lemon icing, no chocolate and you use the lemon pudding mix often used for lemon meringue pie. Whip the cream, and then fold in the lemon mix into the whipping cream. it is really good.

2. Do you like getting massages?

Do you know my first massage was last year! My hubby bought a spa package for me. he will give me massages too and it feels really lovely. I bought one for my hubby and he can'r wait to use it. He loves to be pampered...just like a cat

3. Would you consider yourself Neat Nelly or Messy Bessy?

being a Gemini (and no I don't go by that new astrology shit um I mean crap) I am a messy neat nelly Bessy:) I can be neat and then papers start to form in little piles and a book lays down in one area and my craft room seems to throw up paper and stamps and such after i am in there for 5 minutes. I then clean and am proud of my little self before the whole thing starts over again. Drives my little organized compulsive obsessive hubby nuts.

4. Are you shy about going to the restroom in public places?

NOPE! I used to be but when my stomch does an about face and I have no time to even think and sweat beads form and I have to run like a nerd to the nearest place or die of utter embarrassment because I didn't make it (yup too much information), I just go and find the bathroom and take no prisoners. I pray noone comes in but my luck is the opposite of my wishes. Maybe that is why I constantly dream about going to the bathroom and everyone can see me. Yuck!! I will say this though if the bathroom is disgusting I will do my utmost to walk funny to a better place:)

5. Did you have your dream wdding or would you redo it if you had the chance?

I did have my dream wedding. It was outside and I created my own dress and had a midieval touch to it. We had everyone pitch in and make something. My mom made the cake and the egg for the top of the wedding cake. It was a rhea egg that opened up in 4 petals and inside was a fairy holding a quail egg with 2 bluebirds holding 2 rings. She even had real feathers on the bluebirds! I would not change a thing even though our female minister flashed my brother(yup she did-more to that story). I had great pics too of the old rusty bus(got married at the in laws) and had a couple of pink flamingoes. Our first fast dance was Billy Idol's white wedding and then it was rockin! Great wedding...not so great marriage as we are divocred now but we are great friends and my current hubby-not married yet-and my ex get along which i am happy about. Strange how life can be...

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  1. The female minister flashed your brother at your wedding?!! Now that's a blog post that deserves it's own story!