Monday, July 25, 2011

Part Circle/Part Solid background..Chirp:) Half Polka Dots/Half Solid

At 365 Day Cards, I just can't seem to do a card every day and marvel at the people at this blog who can..Kudos to all of you!! I love this blog and look at it almost daily and then I wish I could get a card done every day:) Anyway, The challenge this week will be different backgrounds and today it is half polka dots and halk solid. I used the cuddlebug for the circle background and I used perfect pearls for the colour effect. The bottom paper is a nice shimmery pale pink. My friend Marni gave me a bunch of "pics" from a website she looks at and, since she is gifted with computer knowledge and has a printer that works, she copied a whole bunch of pictures for me and gave them to me for my birthday. I used stickles on the bird and flowers and leaves because I like stickles! I also used a left over shiny steel blue background as the middle divider and I have some really nice pearl/gold braid and then I used my cuddlebug again for the filigree work and ended it with come crystals. Tha..Tha..Tha.. That's All Folks!