Monday, November 14, 2011

A Quick Card -Anything Goes -Theme of Friendship

First-I used the cuddlebug on the background and I then used tombow markers and did a watercolour effect in blue, pink, purple and green and I used a butterfly sticker and corner flower stickers and placed it over the coloured tombow for the effect. I used pop up dots and placed it on the card. The bottom part, I used a fancy scissor to cut and coloured it in yellow and placed a "Thank-You" sticker. I made this card fast for the PSW (Personal Support Worker) who has been coming to our home since the summer. We consider her a friend because she has been so wonderful and patient with my mom. My poor mom-a very beuatiful lady inside and out who now is in the stages of vascular dementia. I just got the call last Thursday that a bed is now available for long term care. She is going tomorrow and I am so sad and scared. We can no longer provide the care that my mom needs. She fell for a third time and really bruised herself up and luckily my wonderful spouse, Michael, was here and helped her. She is OK...just had some bad bruises but she is OK. She has always been fiercely independant and defiant and when she realizes she is in a home she will not be happy and she will take it out on me and Michael. I have to do my best to be logical and not let my emotions take hold as I have so much guilt. I gave the card to the PSW but the card is for so many who have been here for me and continue to do so and also for my blogger friends who always leave such kind words. I spoke to a cousin last night who said "I guess you and Michael can't handle it and so you are putting your mom in a home." He has no clue. The butterfly means Joy of Life and I want to embrace that rather than the negative feelings. The next couple of days will be hard especially tomorrow and so I hope my mom will adjust quicker than I expect.


  1. Gorgeous! Love your shimmery butterfly!
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    Rene :D

  2. Your card is beautiful....and sometimes people really ARE clueless. There's a reason why dementia requires around the clock care. Care that one person (or even couple) cannot handle on their own...ESPECIALLY when they also work outside the home. Your cousin needs to spend just ONE WEEK caring for her on his own - to just get a small taste of how difficult it is for you, and how potentially dangerous it could be for her. My heart goes out to you. She may resent you in the beginning, but once she settles, she will grow to like being attended to and not have to do anything for herself. Plus, there will be people her own age there that she may just bond with.

  3. Beautiful card, love your butterfly! So glad I saw it on MIM!