Friday, January 10, 2014

Insecure writings

I have not joined this in a long time and I thought, well, why not try again for a while. What will this year be like-will it be glorious and full of fabulously frolicking fun or a constant mish mash of mish mash. I guess it is all in how one can perceive the everyday life-crap that comes along.  First-did anyone make New Year's resolutions? Like so many I am thinking about my weight, exercise, being nicer to people, travel, spend less and I realized that I break all of these pretty fast. Last night I ate cookies and I did not go swimming and sat on my ever expanding fat ass and I felt great! I always try to be nice to people unless they are assholes and then I refuse to be nice when they clearly do not appreciate my effort. So far-no assholes that I have met this year unless you view the mind sucking entertainment "news" on the Biebs, Kardassians or some housewife from a place the average Joe could ever live near. ( would we want to?). Travel-I travelled to the wonderful town of Fort Erie-OK OK it is not Paris, London, Munich or even Toronto but I did travel today:) As for spending-well our one car(1998 Honda) had a problem with the A/C and if it wasn't fixed then the whole car would have been in non working order since they make cars nowadays where everything seems connected. The cost $868! My car-a beautiful 1995 Chrysler Concord that huffs and puffs and gets me to Fort Erie has no heat! It was fun stopping every 2 minutes to scrape the windshield so I could see where I was driving. Not the best thing to do but thankfully a little heat was coming from its bowels so my driver's side cleared up within 3 minutes (after 10 minutes of idling). This leads me to my next question-How do you like you car? What was your worst car? Since I am clearly still in the 1990's and have never known the orgasmic feeling of owning a new car I can say that each of my cars have had their share of being cursed at and kicked. This last car of mine is the nicest but my most famous car was my 1973 Ambassador-the Blue Beast. If the alternator or voltage regulator went, then something else did. When parts fell off, I just threw them in the back seat but made sure it was only on the one side since I had a hole at the bottom and people sitting in the back could watch the road go by. Ahh what fond memories. Right now my Huff and Puff will last me until it won't go or I shoot it and put it out of its misery. I will save up money to buy another used car and pay cash as I just can't take a car loan or I will convulse and mutate from Ms. Jekyl into Sister Hyde. OK on that note this is my entry and I plan on visiting some blogs and read other's musings and writings.


  1. Best way to be at your sea, as I hate a friggin car loan

  2. Here's hoping for fewer a-holes this year!

  3. I haven't done this blog hop in ages either! And yeah, forget the a-holes.