Friday, August 5, 2016

The Armchair Squid:Mock Squid Soup: August's 3 Movie Clues

Today are my 3 clues to a film I saw earlier this year and enjoyed. Head on over to The Armchair Squid to find out what other clues  are being  thrown around for their movie pick. Or why not join in on the fun? Here are my 3 clues...

1.  It involves a search

2.  The actor used to be quite hunky but now he is just a bit chunky.

3. It is based on one line in a book about a man's experience and what he had witnessed. The actor was intrigued by that one line and developed a film based on what may have been the story behind this one sentence...does this make sense??

So which movie am I talking about?


  1. Bah! I've got nothing! But now I'm off to Google...

  2. I don't know. I'm pretty sure I can't stop laughing about your hunky to chunky clue.

  3. I never figure these out in spite of the many movies I've seen.


  4. Nope, was racking my brain, but no idea. Sounds familiar though.

  5. I too suck at these. You give really good (hard) clues :)


  6. I don't know. But it's scratching at my brain. I'll think on it, and if I come up with something, I'll return.

  7. I'm still on Marlon Brando. It can't be him since you say it's someone "now"....who's that guy that played Jim Morrison...Val Kilmer! Okay, the Husband told me when I asked. He, not the Husband, but Val, seems to play in a lot of searching for something movies. You sure come up with toughies, Birgit.

    1. Haha ha... Nope not Marlon and it's not Val Kilmer either but he has become more chunky as well. Marlon became one big potato like Orson Welles.

  8. "The Water Diviner" with Russell Crowe?

  9. AHA. Which reminds me that I've been meaning to re-watch Gallipoli. Never heard of The Water Diviner.