Thursday, August 6, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: Seven Deadly Sins-Pride

Wandering through the Shelves chose this seven deadly sin for the last- Pride and I found this tough. I am writing this late and still need to watch the rest of that horrid Star Wars Christmas special(chosen by Ted at Just A Cineast for last week's theme) because it is soooooo bad it is hilarious. I totally forgot about all the guest stars. Anyway here are my 3 for Pride gone too far...


This is the granddaddy of all films even if it is not one of my favourites and talk about Pride! Good ole Charlie dies and now the news is trying to figure out what Rosebud means. The reporter visits all the people who knew him and you start to form a picture of a man who started out with nothing but by his own feeling of his self grandeur, he starts a newspaper business and grows from there losing his soul in the process. Orson Welles plays the title role and pissed off William Randolph Hearst in the process to the point where Hearst and Louis B. Mayer tried to buy the negatives from RKO Studios to burn it. Thankfully RKO refused. This is a brilliant film with some stunning cinematography by the great Gregg Toland.

2. GASLIGHT-1944

I had to read what Pride means and we all have pride, in our job, the way we dress, the way we create something but too much pride can convert people into believing they are the best thing on earth (orange man anyone). Too much pride makes people become narcissistic and I am actually shocked by how many narcissistic people are out there. Many people are or have been married to these types who believe they are just the bees knees in every aspect and will start to gaslight people because they love to manipulate. In fact the term gaslight comes from the book where this film is based on. Ingrid Bergman plays a beautiful woman married to the great lover, Charles Boyer, and they move into her Aunt’s mansion. Soon, the poor lass is noticing strange things happening but her husband tells her she must be unwell slowly convincing her that she is a nutcase. Little does she know he is looking for something...but what?? Ingrid won the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal and she does this character brilliantly as does Boyer.


This is a very funny comedy starring Jamie Lee Curtis, John Cleese, Kevin Kline and Michael Palin with Kline winning the Best Supporting Oscar as Otto a very stupid  thief who feels he can do no wrong. Lee, Kline and Palin plus Tom Georgeson are jewel thieves who  pull off a heist. Lee and Kline are in cahoots to rip off the other 2 while also playing footsies. Georgeson is arrested but not before hiding the goods. Lee wants to secretly two time everyone and nab it all for herself but  suddenly   realizes the barrister she was trying to seduce she actually falls in love with. This is so funny especially Palin as the animal loving stutterer who really hates Otto who thinks he is God’s gift to everyone but is as dumb as a door knob.

Which 3 would you choose?


  1. Wow. I've seen all three this week. I really enjoyed Citizen Kane and Gaslight. Then again, when is a movie with Ingrid not enjoyable? Anyway, the first movie that popped into my head was Pride and Prejudice with gorgeous Colin Firth.

  2. I'm not the biggest fan of Citizen Kane either, it's a fine film but the veneration of it to me is a bit overblown. But it is an excellent fit.

    I never thought of Gaslight in that way but it makes sense and the casting of Boyer is spot on. Ingrid is marvelous of course. Even with all the times I've seen it there's still a little jolt when teenage Angela Lansbury shows up almost fully formed already!

    I haven't watched it in years but A Fish Called Wanda is a delight with everyone knocking it out of the park but Kevin Kline still managing to shine a little brighter than the rest.

    Not sure why but I hit a wall initially with this and then found a way in. I DO NOT recommend my third choice!

    Jezebel (1938) In the pre-Civil War South headstrong Julie Marsden (Bette Davis who won the Best Actress Oscar for this) loses his fiancée Preston Dillard (Henry Fonda) after creating a scene at a ball when her pride stands in the way of her making amends. When he returns from the North with a new wife Amy (Margaret Lindsay) she schemes to get him back but a duel and a yellow fever epidemic complicate matters.

    Pride and Prejudice (1940)-When the wealthy Mr. Darcy (Laurence Olivier) and Mr. Bingley (Bruce Lester) arrive in her rural village Mrs. Bennett (Mary Boland) sees an opportunity to find husbands for at least two of her five unmarried daughters. Jane (Maureen O’Sullivan) takes a shine to Mr. Bingley but it’s instant animosity between Elizabeth (Greer Garson) and Darcy who let their pride (his) and prejudices (hers) stand in the way of their attraction. High grade adaptation with good performances though Greer at 36 is pushing it as the supposedly 19 year old Elizabeth.

    The Pride and the Passion (1957)-A piece of immense foolishness about a British captain (Cary Grant) in Spain trying to prevent the French from stealing a super cannon (the pride of Spain) during the Napoleonic Wars! Ludicrously cast with the Italian Sophia Loren and Hoboken born Frank Sinatra (preposterous with both an atrocious accent and wig!?) as Spanish guerillas (she’s okay but he is dreadful) and a stiff as a board Cary. Overripe piece of twaddle that Grant considered the worst thing he ever did. He would visibly cringe whenever it was mentioned.

  3. Hi, Birgit!

    I've been checking my listings since 6 am, dear friend, and was starting to think you had skipped today's feature. It's good to see you!

    As you might expect, and as I might have told you before, Citizen Kane is one of the films I studied in my college course on the history of movie making. As I think we also discussed, the word "Rosebud" gained a new meaning in the 1990s thanks to the trend in adult films. I love Orson Welles mind, voice and acting. If you have time, please tell me why this is not one of your favorite films.

    Pepe Le Pew:
    Do not come wiz me to ze Casbah - we shall make beautiful musicks togezzer right here!

    In 2007 when I binge watched B&W films of the mid 20th century and earlier, Gaslight was one of the first I viewed, having never seen it before. I enjoyed and agree with you about the performances.

    Throughout my movie watching lifetime, I have rarely laughed until I cried. It happened when I first saw Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, and it happened when I saw A Fish Called Wanda. Michael Palin had me hysterical from beginning to end. It's no wonder Kevin Kline believes he can do no wrong. He married Phoebe Cates! (She could have had Shady.)

    Thanks for the entertainment, dear friend BB!

  4. Citizen Kane was my first ever Blind Spot and I was so disappointed because it was so hyped up lol. It definitely fits here. I've seen parts of A Fish called Wanda because that used to be on TV all of the time.

  5. Gaslighting had me on my seat! I always think of that movie when I see or use the word, and, I tell you, I've used it often these last 4 years.

  6. Gaslight seems like a fascinating movie. Hmmm now Im guessing Boyer is a confidence trick artist of sorts. I'll have to watch this movie now and see. These characters are motivated by all sorts and usually think of themselves first which this movie clip demonstrates well. Boyer definitely after something and this being the rich aunts house you cant help but wonder. Is there a buried stash somewhere?

  7. Great picks indeed. A Fish Called Wanda was sure a fun one. Haven't seen that in a while.

  8. Gaslight is the one film I haven't seen but I do love Citizen Kane. A Fish Called Wanda... I FUCKING LOVE THAT MOVIE

    "You know what your problems is. You don't like winners" "Winners?" "Winners" "Winners you mean like... North Vietnam?" "SHUT UP! We did not lose to North Vietnam! It was a tie" "Oh they beat you. Boy, they whooped yer hide real good!" "Oh no they didn't" "Oh yes they did" "Oh no they didn't... Just shut up" "So you're going to shoot me" "I'm afraid so ol' chap" "Look!!!!!"

    R-R-R-REVENGE!!!! "Oh, it's K-K-K-K-K-Kent t-t-t-t-t-trying to kill me!"

    Otto is an imbecile.

  9. I've seen all three!!! And I liked all three. Good choices.

  10. I've never seen any of these films, but I have heard of Citizen Kane. I've heard it was one of the best films ever made, from the directing, the aging of the characters, the music, the settings, and the editing. Too bad it didn't win more awards.

  11. Hi Birgit, Gaslight is the only one I've seen, although Citizen Kane has been on our TV and my husband watched it, I'm not an Orson Wells fan.
    Loved Gaslight because of Ingrid Bergman, one of my fav female actresses, so beautiful. Loved the film. In my work within mental health I came across many people with this type of personality trait, very dangerous people. We have a blond one to match the orange one! scary and dangerous for their countries. Have a good weekend, Kate x

  12. The only time I’ve ever seen John Cleese as romantic. And IRL he’s now a complete a*hole as far as I can gather.

  13. I don't think I could ever top your choice, Birgit. You choose the best of the best. A Fish Called Wanda is hysterical. I wish they still made movies like that. You've made me want to see it again. I didn't even remember what an idiot Otto is.

    Love and cheer to you.

  14. Three great choices!


    A Few Good Men
    The Untouchables

  15. I love A Fish Called Wanda - such a great pick!

  16. A Fish Called Wanda is such a brilliant comedy!