Friday, April 1, 2022

What I Watched in March= A Lot!

 Get Ready...Set....Go!


Classic Film Noir starring Humphrey Bogart and Lizabeth Scott as the Femme fatale. Worth a look for sure. Putting a woman in the pocket came from Bogie himself.


Love this film and now own it! Winston Churchill's favourite film. First film starring Lawrence Olivier and Vivien Leigh when they were husband and wife. Based on the great love affair between Lord Horatio Nelson and The stunning Lady Hamilton. Vivien owns this film! I watched the commentary too.


I could only find this clip in another doesn't matter because it's meh. Dude who can fight is hired to collect on debts with a fellow debt collector for shady people. Not a good one.


Excellent movie on this battle that was a decisive moment in the 2nd World War. It had some funny bits, very sad bits and great aerial photography. Great cast with Christopher Plummer, Michael Caine, Ian McShane etc...


POW camp filled with Germans, led by Helmut Griem, have the better of the British commander until Irish bad boy, Brian Keith, comes to bring order and find the tunnel. Better than I thought it would be and I love Brian Keith.

6. CYCLOPS-2008

Ughh...Eric Roberts makes some bad shit...and this is one of them. For a TV flick the effects weren't bad.

7. WILD BILL-1995

I enjoyed this western starring Jeff Bridges, Ellen Barkin and John Hurt about the final days of the legendary Wild Bill Hickcok. Well acted with some funny bits but showing the true dirt of this era.


This film takes off a year or so later after The Guns of Navarone (with Gregory Peck) where Robert Shaw plays the Peck part and Edward Fox played David Niven's part. Harrison Ford is the young man who feels he must babysit the elder 2. The job...blow up a bridge so the Nazis can't use it. I prefer the Guns with Peck as Ford seems to overact. Robert Shaw died shortly after making this film at age 51.

9. DUNE-2021

Had no desire to see this but, it was up for Oscars and everyone seemed to like it so, I watched it. It's excellent!Timothy Chalomet plays the gifted, young man who is to lead something or someone. he dreams of Zendaya who lives on a ghastly planet with plenty of sand but no beach but it has giant worms.


This is an enjoyable prequel to the Kingsmen movies about how this secret service started. Ralph Fiennes is always excellent. A fun, but with sad moments, film that is worth a look.


Who remembers the debacle of this religious couple who brought in millions of bucks for themselves? I do and I remember seeing her makeup and just in shock that her eyes did not explode from all that mascara. Not a great movie but a good one and Jessica was really good as the very perky Tammy. 


I believe there are 3 westerns called "The Quick and the Dead." This stars Sam Elliott (be still my heart) as a cowboy/gun man who takes it upon himself to protect this family (Tom Conti and Kate Capshaw) who are being followed by some very unsavoury characters. This is a really good western, much better than that dreck starring Sharon Stone, and worth taking a look. A good old fashioned western and I love these plus the newer ones. 


A remake of the Oscar Winning 1961 film of the same name that stared Natalie Wood and Rita Moreno but I prefer this new version better! That says a lot because normally, remakes are the opposite. Great dancing but you still feel the kids are threatening. Worth a look for sure.

14. RESPECT-2021

 A really good biography starring Jennifer Hudson as Aretha as she rises from obscurity to major stardom and all the pitfalls that can happen. She should have been nominated.

15. BELFAST-2021

Excellent film based on Kenneth Branagh's early life growing up during the major tensions that were occurring in Ireland at the time. The kid who plays Kenneth, Jude Hill, is excellent and I love all the acting in this film. The cinematography is also just brilliant.


Love this movie about a conman who finds his way onto one of those travelling circus/fairs/freakshows back in the 1930s and finds a way to make a name for himself but at a high cost. Great acting by Bradley Cooper, Rooney Mara, Cate Blachett and others.  This is a remake but another good one and one I wanted to win for best cinematography.

17. DOG-2022

I heard people making fun of this film so I wasn't sure but I love animal movies. I am so glad I saw it because it has more depth than the trailer puts out. Both are suffering from PTSD but Channing Tatum wants to get back into action and can, if he brings this dog to Arizona to his former owner's funeral and then bring it to a base to be euthanized. The comedy is quite funny but the drama end is very touching. Worthy to see. 

Long one...I know. Have you seen any?


  1. I saw West Side Story and enjoyed it. I own the DVD of the original and have been meaning to re-watch it to compare. Uh - time. Only watched about 15 minutes of The Power of the Dog and also Her Lost Daughter. Did not like either one. I'll put Dune and Belfast on my list. Thanks for the reviews.

    1. BTW, I saw Eric Roberts when he was filming 'Golden Shoes' at a restaurant next door to where I was eating. Movie got one star on IMDB.

  2. Hi, Birgit!

    We need to stop meeting like this, dear friend! :) Happy April Fools' Day to you! I am shocked that you managed to watch so many movies in March. I'm stuck in the middle of Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

    I scrolled down through your list and realize that the only film I have seen is Respect. Mrs. Shady and I watched it a few weeks ago. We both enjoyed it and agree with you that Jennifer Hudson delivered a fine performance as Aretha. I read reviews and was surprised to see so many negative ones. Harsh critics point to bad acting, unconvincing villains and a deviation from the facts about the life and career of the Queen of Soul.

    Film Noir is one of my favorite genres. However, I have not seen Dead Reckoning, probably because I am not a tremendous Bogie fan. I certainly do remember actress Lizabeth Scott. I read that she was born in my neck of the woods, Scranton, PA, and lived a long life of 93 years.

    We discussed Brian Keith yesterday. I would be interested in watching the troubled actor in The McKenzie Break. I love Eric Roberts. He chilled me to the bone in Star 80 and is a hoot to watch in more recent film projects. One of Eric's quirky characters has been hired as a radio personality at Shady's Place, so stay tuned. I can't believe I didn't know about and have never seen Cyclops. It moves to the top of my must see list.

    Robert Shaw was utterly convincing in the role of shark hunter Quint in Jaws. I was sad to read that he had a heart attack and died so young. He is compelling on the screen, and therefore I would probably enjoy Force 10. Likewise, Ralph Fiennes was utterly convincing and disturbing in Schindler's List, and I'd like to see him in The Kingsman.

    In college,I studied Tod Browning's 1932 pre-code film Freaks aka The Monster Story aka Forbidden Love aka Nature's Mistake. Traveling shows of the 1930s, the circus, carnivals and freakshows, have always fascinated me. Therefore, I would certainly like to see Nightmare Alley.

    Thank you, dear friend BB. Have a safe and happy weekend and a wonderful month of April!

  3. Dune was excellent.
    Yes, there's a Quick and the Dead with Sharon Stone.
    Eric Roberts is a dumpster fire. He did Sharktopus and I swear he was drunk for most of the film.

  4. I have not seen any of these, I think. Some interesting choices. I do want to see Dune. As for the others, I don't think I'll go out of my way to find them, but I might see them if the occasion warrants.

  5. You were busy last month! I haven't seen any of these.

  6. I also prefer the remake of West Side Story. The first one seemed too "Hollywood" for my taste. Plus, I loved the fact that Rita Moreno was in it. How cool!

  7. I've not seen any of these, but I sure enjoyed reading about them through your eyes.

  8. Sis, I think you and I saw Battle of Britain way back in the day at the drive-in with dad. Not sure if mom was with us, but I remember virtually nothing about it. I need to re-watch that one. Otherwise, I'd be curious to watch "Respect" but I admit I am wary of biopics that take liberties with the facts.

  9. You watch a lot of movies! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. We've gotten out of the habit - so many good TV shows to explore.

  10. I'm glad you loved Dune! I think the West Side Story remake is better than the original as well. Sometimes it's nice when that happens.

  11. I was pleased when Jessica Chastain won the Academy Award. I thought her performance as Tammy Faye was excellent. She had no desire to make a mockery of the woman so many people mocked. I prefer the original West Side Story, but I enjoyed the new version, too. I love That Hamilton Woman. You've seen some of the new movies I haven't had a chance to watch yet. I look forward to Nightmare Alley and Belfast.


  12. WOW, that's a lot of films! I've seen a few of these. I will have to look into some of the ones I'm interested in. Thanks for sharing and happy watching! ;)

  13. You did watch a bunch this month!! I haven’t done too well on the new movie front. I’m still not comfortable going back to the movie theatre and I refuse to pay for the dozens of streaming services required to keep current! But I’m fairly good on the rest that you saw.

    It has been a while since I’ve seen Dead Reckoning but did like it. My main memory of it now is Lizabeth Scott coming out and doing one number at the nightclub she worked at and that was the whole show! I’ve always liked her, but she had an odd screen presence.

    That Hamilton Woman does belong to Vivien. It’s not my favorite of either performer (that would be Waterloo Bridge & GWTW for Vivien and Wuthering Heights & The Devil’s Disciple for Larry) but is an entertaining pageant and Vivien looks ravishing.

    I liked Battle of Britain, Force 10 from Navarone and The Quick and the Dead but one watch was enough for all of them.

    As far as McKenzie Break, I like Brian Keith too (I’m always struck by the vast difference in appearance between him and his father-character actor Robert Keith (he was the father in Written on the Wind among many other films). Brian must have favored his mother’s side of the family) but I didn’t care much for this film.

    Cyclops-Eric Roberts apparently never read a script that he wouldn’t do! This is proof of that!! Just awful.

    I like the cast of Wild Bill and Westerns in general but not this one so much.

    I haven’t seen Respect, Belfast, Dog nor The Debt Collector but have little desire to.

    I really want to catch up with The Eyes of Tammy Faye & Nightmare Alley soon. I saw the same named doc about Tammy Faye which was decent, and I love the original Ty Power film and doubt this will top that (particularly Helen Walker’s ice-cold Lilith), but I’ve heard the visuals are amazing.

    I hate HATED the original version of Dune and not being a big sci-fi person anyway have zero interest in seeing this one.

    I didn’t care much for the first two Kingsman so it will take some doing to get me to watch this sequel, prequel or whatever.

    Lastly West Side Story, the first is imperfect but still a great film, I see no reason for a redo. If I can see it for free when I have time, I might give it a chance but will not go out of my way.

  14. I saw quite a bit myself this month but only a few worth mentioning.

    I finally broke down and watched Dodgeball, it always looked incredibly dumb, but I happened upon it as it was beginning and was in an undemanding mood so gave it a shot. It was ridiculous but more fun than I expected.

    Badge 373 was a sort of sequel/reworking of The French Connection with Robert Duvall in the lead. It had some good things (Duvall, Verna Bloom and a strong cast, a snapshot of NYC in the 70’s etc.) but it was dour and much too long for the story it was telling. A case of I’m glad I watched it but will not do so again.

    I caught an early Lubitsch film, the silent The Marriage Circle. It was interesting but I enjoyed the remake-One Hour with You-more. An intriguing sidenote, the ill-fated Paul Bern wrote the script.

    I was lucky to find two obscurities starring Wynne Gibson, one of the pre-code actresses I’ve taken quite a shine to-Her Bodyguard & The Strange Case of Clara Deane. She gave terrific performances in both though the liked the first more than the second which was a Madame X reworking. Still, both were worth seeing.

    But the one I’m happiest about is the up to now impossible to find “Good Luck, Mr. Yates” starring Claire Trevor!!! She is one of the Golden Age actresses whose filmographies I’ve been trying to complete and she’s the one with the most films I’ve had trouble tracking down. The woman worked everywhere so different availabilities and rights issues have plagued my search. With this I have it down to five, all either 20th Century Fox films or the earlier Fox Corporation so I still have hope, though those earliest films are going to be tough. Anyway to this film, it was a minor B definitely designed to be a WWII morale builder. The most notable thing about it was that it offered a rare lead to Jess Barker, a lower level supporting actor who was Susan Hayward’s first husband. Claire looked great but her role was most definitely secondary though she received top billing.

  15. I see five movies that i know a little something about so I'll have to go watch em again but it's always neat coming here Birgit. You really do pick some neat vids, so i'll be busy watching starting with Kingsman. I haven't seen that one.

  16. I just watched this clips of Respect and West Side Story. I didn't see either, but I want to. It's a shame that West Side Story didn't do well when it hit the theatres. It looks as though they poured a lot of good stuff into that one, and it's Spielberg's. Plus, Jennifer Hudson did deserve to be nominated.

    Have a great week, friend.

  17. Can you believe I haven't seen any of these! But I loved reading about them. So many interesting movies! Thanks for sharing. :)