Sunday, March 23, 2014

A To Z Challenge

I can't believe I am trying this!! I was deliberating for a long time and decided to jump in and I hope I can continue all the way through. Even though I make cards and have this as a craft blog I also love film and movies and film stars. When I was little I would watch old movies with my dad who knew all the stars. I would go through a list with him: Who is that? Are they alive? What did he/she die of? Were they married? To who? Why did they do that? What other movies were they in?  It would go on for a long time because all these stars are connected to each other in one way or another. There are some major stars I will not post and it is a shame but I am trying to stick to the letters of the alphabet and some stars share the same last initial (sorry Bogie). I am only dealing with the old stars...maybe next year will be different. So this is what I will be doing. Keep your fingers crossed that I can do this well.


  1. I'm going to do it too, but I still don't know what subject I'll do for my A-Z! Gotta think of something fast....

    Love the blog, I'll be checking back often.

  2. Hi. Just saw this and had to join in. My mother (like your dad) loved the movies. I grew up watching a lot of old B&W film. She worked at a theater as a teen and knew everything it seemed. Should be fun. Come check out my A-Z for "yummy fruit" too!

  3. Sounds interesting... Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    xxx Asha