Thursday, March 6, 2014


How to write about the Oscars which i have been watching since I was a youngin:) I remember the streaker, the political hoopla with Vanessa Redgrave and all the bad outfits over the years. I wish for thos by-gone years because no one dresses wild any more(I miss Cher). I actually made up my own list and gave it to people to decide. Of course i had the best and worst dressed on there. I asked what your favourite moment was but then there is the good stuff. Nothing is better than a good ghoul who can bring back the nauseous feelings watching terrifying films and remembering the words "The Horror, The Horror", of course I am remarking on Kim Novak's Goldie Hawn's and Liza Minnelli's faces-EGAD!! What are they thinking??? Please, Liza-wear a bra!!! My eyes could hardly stand it. Also how does Liza know Lupita Nyongo so well that she hugs her with all her might when Luipta won the Oscar.  I also asked the question "what drug were they on?" Cue Harrison Ford and Jamie Foxx. I love Harrison Ford but wowzers i think he took some pain pills and downed them with scotch. Jamie seemed to be in "Que Passe" land.  I am not a fan of Gravity either-Great effects and better to see on a big screen than the TV but I was disappointed in it and am glad it did not win best picture. I can say that Star Wars should have won in 1977 but it didn't. Which film did? Right! I don;t know either unless I look it up.  The Day The Earth Stood Still is another great film that never received any recognition and should have. Now the biggest  WTF is for best make-up. Why wasn't the Hobbitt  up? They nominate Bad Grandpa but not the Hobbitt? Ughhhh. What were you pleased with? What did you hate? Did your TV break when it zoomed in on Goldie hawn or Kim Novak? Love to know:)


  1. Hi Birgit! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Unfortunately, I didn't watch the Oscars this year, but sounds like a lot of crazy stuff happened. Not surprised. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I don't usually watch the Oscars myself, but I'm not surprised to find out that they made into a show. :)

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