Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday Movie Picks-Folk/Urban Legend


Wandering Through The Shelves picked one of my favourites because I love folk legends whether it be Dracula, Werewolves or, my favourite, Fairy Tales especially the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. They were 2 German brothers who went all over Europe, mainly Germany and Austria, picking up the old folk tales from the people who kept the oral history going. I bet there is some basis of truth in each tale especially the way the bad witches were dealt with like being burned at the stake or wearing red hot iron shoes to dance at Snow White's wedding (I read that when I was a kid and thought, "Good, she was bad."). I love the original Cinderella name was actually Cinderslut. So here are my 3...


OK, I know, I know, I picked this more than once but I had to choose it again because it just fits so beautifully. This IS the best rendition of Beauty and the Beast even though I like the animated one but, let's face it, it is Disneyfied. The Story goes that a merchant, losing his ships, is coming home bereft when he remembers that all his youngest daughter wants is a rose. He plucks a rose only for a beast to come forth demanding the man be killed. The man begs for his life and the only thing the Beast will do is accept on condition he send his youngest daughter to him. The man accepts and when he gets home he tells his daughters of the travels. The 2 older daughters are spoiled and idiotic but the youngest is beautiful both inside and out. When she learns what her father promised, she goes to the beast despite her father pleading not to. From that night she arrives onward, the beast asks her the same question, "Will you marry me?" To say Jean Cocteau, the director and core to this film, created a classic is an understatement. The whole picture feels dream like yet sumptuous from the beautiful chateau (Chateau De La Roche Courbon), the food and the fashion which was created by the fashion houses in Paris like Cardin. I just love this film...can ya tell?


I do love Terry Gillium movies (I could have done all of his films here, oh well, next time) and this is one that is not considered one of his best but I enjoy it and have watched it more than once. It stars Matt Damon and the great Heath Ledger (I still miss him) as the 2 brothers who are charlatans preying on the ignorant townsfolk who believe in fairy tales. The brothers create the bad demon and then come in a save the day...for money of course. When they come to another town, they notice there are not that many children around and soon learn that not all seems to be ...real, or is it? They decide to find the children and come to the centre of the forest where just about every Grimm Fairy Tale comes into play in this film. I love the banter between the 2  brothers, the make up and the story line even if it misses here and there. It is not really scary even if it has parts that make you sit on the edge. It is worth having a look.


OK, this is stupid. I will say that right is dumb but, for some reason, I found it enjoyable despite cutting heads off, stake burnings and all the other fun inquisition stuff.  I watched it just in the past year because, well, nothing better was on and I thought I would give it a go. Hansel and Gretel are a kick ass brother and sister team who kill witches and are damn good at it. In the day and age of  the middle ages, Gretel wears some form fitting leather outfit and Hansel (Hansel??...Hansel??) looks quite cool because he is played by Jeremy Renner after all (be still my heart). They speak like we do today (hahahaaa) and have machine guns(WTF?). Despite this, I enjoyed the banter, the good witch vs bad witch and the look of the film. It is not that scary at all even though there is some good make up with the bad witches oh, and the decapitations. 

Hopefully, my surgery went well and I will be coming home today with some good pain pills and a nice comfy spot to watch TV, read and walk around every day to gain strength. I hope this is the end  of our surgeries but to add a cherry on the top, Saturday our washing machine broke down. Thankfully, we have a great place that will come to fix it. 

Which 3 folk or Urban legend movies can you come up with and they don't have to be scary. 

For your amusement...


  1. In my youth I enjoyed this type of film. It's been awhile since I've seen anything similar. First thought I had was my best friend dragging me to see The Blair Witch Project back in 1999. Then, I got nothing.

    Rest up and take it easy.

  2. Hi, Birgit!

    I remember reading that the first post-op night was tough for you, dear friend. I hope those pain meds did their job by now and that last night was more restful. I'm thinking about you and hoping you can go home today. Returning to familiar surroundings and being around friends and loved ones speeds the recovery process, I've been told.

    I haven't seen any of your film selections, but I'm sure I watched that Bugs Bunny short many times in the distant past. I smiled all the way through the episode in which Bugs meets Witch Hazel in the Looney Tunes version of Hansel And Gretel.

    Film #1, the French telling of the Beauty And The Beast tale, does indeed appear to be of high quality. I got a kick out of Beauty laying down the law and reminding the Beast and that they will remain "just friends" (no hanky-panky). That Beast seems more like a pussycat to me. I'll bet he was beginning to experience "buyer's remorse" and preparing to return the headstrong maiden to her daddy.

    It wouldn't matter to me if The Brothers Grimm isn't very frightening. As long as the special effects are worth watching, I think I'd be willing to sit through it. Tell me, BB, are there many car roll-over stunts in the flick?

    H & G: Witch Hunters looks like a hoot. (Now that you mention it, Mrs. Shady has carried out quite a few steak burnings.) I enjoy anachronisms in movies as long as they are not left in by mistake. May I assume that Hansel & Gretel have their own smart phones?

    For my movie selection, I will name the Candyman series, four films that feature Tony Todd, the most recent sequel released earlier this year.

    Rest, binge watch Gilligan's Island and Andy Griffith, and get well soon, dear friend BB. I extend the same wish to your ailing washer. Remember that your many friends here on the other side of the screen care about you and are with you in spirit.

  3. Birgit,

    The vintage film in French I haven't heard of or seen. Although I'm not a huge fan of Disney's new stuff I really liked their older animations from the 90s back. They don't make anything that appeals to me these days. I did watch Disney's non-animated "Beauty and the Beast" on Netflix a few years ago. I enjoyed it for the most part but still it wasn't as good as the cartoon version. The last two movies, we've watched. I don't remember a whole lot about either so I probably wasn't overly impressed with them. Both films have some big names in them. The Looney Tunes clip is the best one here, though. I just love those old cartoons! lol Thanks for sharing and take it super easy, dear friend!

  4. I never did see that Hansel and Gretel film, I've seen The Brothers Grimm, which I don't remember much from other than liking Heath Ledger in it. I need to see that version of Beauty and the Beast.

  5. Laughed at the last one. Yes, it's stupid.
    That is the best Beauty and the Beast.
    If trolls are considered urban legend, I'll go with Trollhunter.

  6. Hi Birgit…here is hoping you are home and not in too much pain…wishing you a speedy recovery…take care xxxx

  7. Hello Birgit, again I've not seen any of your chosen films.
    I hope your surgery has gone well and that have a speedy recovery, take care, Kate x

  8. Apparently I haven't sought out many films in this genre. Have not seen any of your picks and not many stand out for me.

    I did enjoy The Mothman Prophecies (2002). For me this was an engaging film due to the nature of the story and the locale (WV).

    Harry and the Hendersons was a fun movie about the legendary Sasquatch or Bigfoot.

    Those are two that come to mind that I've seen.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  9. Cinder slut. Didn't know that one.
    How are you feeling?

  10. Sometimes the stupidest movies just hit you right. Glad you liked that 3rd one. I haven't seen any of them.

    So, it sounds like you're done and all is well? I hope so.

  11. Not surprising, I have never heard of any of these films, much less seen them. I really love the Bugs cartoon, though. and of course, I always love reading your take on each of these films. Hope you are home and have lots of good meds to keep you from feeling pain. Sorry to read about the washing machine. when it rains, it pours at your house.

  12. BIRGIT ~

    I hope you're doing well!!

    I haven't seen any of your choices. And, honestly, they don't sound like my mugga beer.

    So, off the very tip-top of my soused brain, I think I'd maybe choose...

    Disney's 'PECOS BILL'

    Hmmm.... I seem to be stuck in a rut.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  13. Hi, sweetie pie! I haven't seen any of your choices. That's unusual. I hope you're home and comfortable. I loved Heath Ledger. May the two of us dream of him tonight.


  14. Real food for thought there as I haven't seen any of the films you feature in your post. I'm on a mission now, though, to search them out!

  15. Saving up these movies. Excellent suggestions and commentary, as usual, Birgit