Thursday, May 2, 2024



Yesterday was Mayday where you can traipse around a colourful pole, dancing and feeling happy and/or doing some goose steps surrounded by Russian tanks. I thought of plane crashes because they says Mayday 3 times. Hey, it fits….


Jimmy Stewart is the pilot and Richard Attenborough his co-pilot and friend who are taking a group of oil men from one place to another( it’s been a while since I saw this). A sandstorm hits and they end up crashing in the desert, way off course. They now must try to survive with very little food and water and without getting on each others’ nerves. An arrogant German builder of planes figures out a way to make the crashed aircraft fly again but can it be done? It’s well acted and a tense film plus a character study and a much better film than the remake.

2. AIRPLANE-1980

I could have chosen Airport, Airport ‘75, Airport ‘77 and, of course, Concorde but I went with this very funny movie that makes fun of these Airport flicks especially the one with Charlton Heston, which is funny on its own a group of characters are on a plane when people start getting sick and the plane needs someone to fly it. It’s full of one liners and absurdist scenes like Barbara Billingsly( the mom from Leave it to Beaver) who knows how to speak jive. I still love Leslie Nielsen in this role that restarted his career in many movies like this one…he is hilarious as is Peter Graves ( Billy, ever been to a Turkish prison?) I love this movie.

3. SULLY-2016

Tom Hanks plays Sully, the famous airline pilot who had to land the plane into the Hudson River. He remained calm and was successful in getting the plane down in 1 piece without any loss of life. What I didn't know was how he and his co-pilot were put on trial, almost like a trial, having to defend their actions. It's very well acted and Tom Hanks seems perfect as Sully. 

What mayday movies can you think of?

I wanted to show a picture of my Harley yesterday but forgot to include his photo yesterday so here is the tyke. 


  1. The only of the three that I've seen is "Airplane". That is a hilarious film with lots of absurdities but you gotta love it because of all the silliness. While I know it's normal for pilots to go through a rigger of questioning and scrutiny, there's much to be said for this pilots skill keeping the plane intact and no one died unlike the stuff making the news today.

  2. Harley is a good looking pup!
    We just watched Airplane last week. Still just as funny although it could never be released today.

  3. Hi, Birgit!

    Fond as I am of Jimmy Stewart and Ernie Borgnine, it's a wonder I never got around to watching Flight Of The Phoenix. Based on the exciting trailer, it looks sensational. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend another survival drama, Society of the Snow, the gripping true story about the plight of members of a Uruguayan rugby team after their plane crashed in the freezing cold Andes mountains and they had to resort to cannibalism. Mrs. Shady and I watched it a few weeks ago.

    "...and don't call me Shirley!" I'm telling you, Birgit, I can't think of another film with as many laughs as Airplane!, not even It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, and that's saying something. Watching the trailer just now also reminded me how many great stars appeared in the disaster comedy. Leslie Nielsen was a hoot.

    Wow! Sully looks like a great mayday movie. I'm going to tell Mrs. Shady about it because we never saw it and she is practically president of the Tom Hanks fan club.

    A few months ago, I binge watched as many air disaster films as I could find on my Roku. There were a few good ones, including Flight (2012) starring Denzel Washington as a pilot who saves lives by making a miracle landing. Same as Tom Hanks' character, Denzel's faces troubling questions in the aftermath about how he handled the situation.

    "Woof woof" to my bowwow buddy Harley! I love when you post pictures of him. Has he enjoyed any finger food lately? :) Take good care of yourself and your smooch pooch until we reconnect late in the month, dear friend BB!

  4. I love Airplane! It's such a goofy film and holds up well over time. Never saw the other two.

  5. I've seen all three of your picks and they are excellent choices. So many plane (or other) crash movies from which to choose and wouldn't you know that none comes to mind at the moment. For a while my wife and I started watching some TV series about plane crashes and it was pretty interesting although it did get repetitious. How many plane crashes does one need to watch? Especially when I'm thinking of a near future plane trip I might be taking soon. Except I'm more concerned about the actual flight than any possible crash. I hate flying these days.


  6. BIRGIT ~

    Believe it or not, I haven't seen that Uncle Jimmy movie. I rarely watch War movies. But 'AIRPLANE!' is hilarious, so I own it. Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up _____ (your habit here).

    So, the first May Day movie I think of is 'THE WICKER MAN'. No, not the atrocious remake, but the original British version from 1973, starring Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee.

    I don't ordinarily watch Horror movies any more than I do War movies, but there are maybe half-a-dozen that I think are really remarkable, and 'The Wicker Man' (which I also own) is one of them. That is hands-down one of the creepiest movies ever made, with a surprise ending that is literally unforgettable.

    Even though it's such a disturbing movie, it's one I periodically return to. It has the proverbial "can't look away from the train wreck" effect on me.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  7. Harley is adorable. :) Great picks.