Friday, March 2, 2018

Mt. Rushmore of Movies & Oscar Questions

As I peruse Blogs I follow, I came across this new blog, 2 Dollar Cinema, who, in honour of President's Day, you choose the top four of anything cinematic and explain why you chose that these 4 should be carved into some mountain, hill, sand dune, whatever... You can choose any topic from best 4 Marvel people, best fantasy character, worst stars ever, best character adapted from a book to the screen...whatever you like. Here are the rules:

And of course, the business end of this thing I'm not paying you for:
  1. I'd like to have all posts done by Friday, March 2nd (where I'll create a master list, linking back to all of your, er, both of your sites), but it's cool if you finish way before that. Or later. I honestly don't mind.
  2. Send me a heads up/steamy nude pic on twitter @twodollarcinema , reply in the comments below, text me, e-mail me (, fart in my general direction, whatever you want, when you've finished, okay? That would be mighty kind of you.
  3. In your post, please use the rad banner my wife designed when she should have been working.
  4. Share the announcement with every single person you've ever met. Or being that we're all bloggers, you're digital friends.
  5. Be awesome. And if you're here, already know that you are anyway.
Sorry for the black and white..I just copied the rules and pasted them.

Since the Oscars are on this Sunday, I decided to pick the top 4  film people who never won an Oscar and getting an Oscar before you die doesn't count:)


Yup, the Master of Suspense, considered one of the best directors ever and copied many times over, has never won an Oscar. We all know the rotund profile of this man from his great tv series and his voice which is unmistakable when you hear it. He has directed such classics as Rebecca, Suspicion, Shadow of a Doubt, Notorious, Strangers on a Train, Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, North By Northwest, Psycho...yup no win for this brilliant man.


He was suave, sophisticated, well-dressed with another great voice that many mimic. He has starred in many great films that could not have succeeded if not for his nuanced performances. He could do comedy, like Arsenic and Old Lace, to drama like None but the Lonely Heart and Penny Serenade and created great, if not complex characters. It looked easy for him to move about the screen and he had no problem looking goofy probably from his days in the circus. The problem is that he was never taken seriously as an actor because of his self-effacing charm and that is a shame.


Always a bridesmaid in a horrid sea green taffeta dress and never a white meringue. This regal lady was often nominated but never won and she lent an air of sophistication but with a lot of layers hidden on that patrician face of hers. She could also display her fiery red hair hotness when it called for from the great film Black Narcissus where she was not even nominated to Heaven Knows Mr. Alison displaying hidden emotions of love and lust with her frequent co-star, Robert Mitchum...did I tell you she plays a nun in both films. For Pete's sake, she lost to Elizabeth Taylor who won for a wretched flick called Butterfield 8 (Liz even hated this movie) because Liz almost died of pneumonia. We know Ms. Kerr best for The King and I and An Affair To Remember.


Talk about sass and not giving a rat's ass! This is one dame who loved acting, never had any airs and would rather talk to the camera guys and grips than her fellow actors. She gave such solid performances in films like Stella Dallas, The Lady Eve, Ball of Fire and Double Indemnity but never won a thing. She could go from an outright tear jerker to screwball comedy to a nasty femme fatale. She was never a timid gal but could showcase her soft side equally with her killer look at the man she was about to devour. Heck, she made that horrid wig look good in Double Indemnity and who could forget how she exuded sex just with an anklet with the hapless twit falling for her at that moment.

Now comes my Oscar list, which I make every year, because many people always try to predict who  will win so I take a different slant. I know many of you will not watch the Oscars this Sunday but if you catch a glimpse, give me some feedback. Actually, some of these questions can be answered now. I also would like to know which film or who you think was snubbed.

1. Who was best Dressed?
2. Who was worst dressed?
3. What drug were they on?
4. What is the worst film/person to have won?
5. What or who are you happiest that they won?
6. Best Acceptance Speech?
7. Worst Acceptance Speech?
8. Who did you want to punch in the face?
9. Who do you wish will win..or lose?
10. Rate the host

Love to know what you think. Any Mt. Rushmore ideas? Watching the Oscars at all? Have a great weekend!


  1. Fun idea! I'll say Captain Picard, Riker, Data, and Worf carved into a mountain.
    Passing on the Oscars though. Rather skip all the political ranting and just catch the winners the next morning.

  2. Ah, Barbara Stanwyck. As a kid in the '60s, she was just "that old lady from The Big Valley" to me. But as an adult, I saw her in The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (Kirk Douglas' first film) and thought "Wow, was she hot in her heyday!" Films I've seen her in since then have only confirmed this. sigh

  3. I'm not familiar with your 3rd and 4th picks, but I'm surprised the first two never won anything. Wow.

  4. I'm with you, all four deserved an Oscar. Deborah Kerr in The Chalk Garden and Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison stick in my mind. Rosalind Russell is another one who ought to have got it. She was great in His Girl Friday.

  5. Never realized Hitchcock never won one. Wow indeed. I'll skip the political crap and just check the winners in the morning.

  6. I usually just hear the recap, rarely do I watch it. Takes too long

  7. I am in awe that you chose to do this. It sounds like fun. My friend Sally and I are going to see all the shorts tomorrow, so I am sure I won't pick the winner. Been two previous years, and only picked one of seven categories correctly. Seven hours of movies is a bit long, but we do it every year now, so I will survive again this year. Hope the project works out for you. I would love to see the results of the poll.

  8. Not familiar with Kerr, but it always amazes me that the others never won, especially Hitch. And Stanwyck in Double Indemnity, wow. Just wow. I love every bit of that film.

  9. Some of my best movie moments were spent watching the four you mention. I never see movies anymore until they come out on DVD unless someone drags me out - which is why I saw Dunkirk already. If I don't see the new Star Wars movie soon I'll forget where the last one left off, lol. I won't be watching on Sunday, just reading about it on Monday.

  10. Kerr and Stanwyck were excellent but I especially agree that Hitchcock and Cary Grant should have won. It's surprising that they didn't isn't it?
    Pop some popcorn and enjoy the Oscars.

  11. A lesser Mount Rushmore:

    American Hustle - Amy Adams - John Adams
    North by Northwest - Cary Grant - Ulysses S. Grant
    Cool Hand Luke - George Kennedy - John F. Kennedy
    Raiders of the Lost Ark - Harrison Ford - Gerald Ford

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  13. Actually have the Oscars on in the other room as I peruse blogs. I'm recording, so I'll go back and watch in about an hour or so, after I finish being online. Someone is singing right now, so it must be one of the song nominees.

  14. I don't watch the Oscar's, but I always enjoy your posts about them. And Deborah Kerr was a beauty - wasn't she? Love that hair.

    Have a great week, Birgit.

  15. Birgit,

    I'd like to see "Double Indemnity". In December DH found a comprehensive list of the best flicks ever made and this was one that made it. I think we found it on iTunes but was a bit too pricy, so we'll wait and watch for it to show up on one of our streaming services. Barbara Stanwych was a beauty and multi-talented actress. We saw "Christmas in Connecticut" on Amazon Prime in December that she starred in and we enjoyed very much.

  16. Deborah Kerr did a wonderful job in An Affair to Remember and The King and I, didn't she?