Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Oscars

The 2018 Oscars are now history and, as per norm, they were long but I wasn't as bored as I thought I would be. I may have been mesmerized by the beautiful Oscar set that reminded me of Art Nouveau to an undersea kingdom. It was not at all tacky like so many were in the past...which I miss because the Oscars are supposed to be tacky so they, obviously, didn't get the memo. I thought some of the presenters were great like Ashley Judd, Annabella Sciorra and Selma Hayek. They were eloquent, without being nasty, and positive yet they showed emotion from what they had to deal with in the past. Rita Moreno wore the same skirt that she wore back in 1962 when she won her Oscar... she should have kept it in the closet and Sandra Bullock decided to ruin her face with cheek implants and black eye make-up that made her eyes look like 2 pissholes in the snow. The best presenters were Maya Rudolph and Tiffany Hadish who were laugh out loud funny. By the way, the In Memorium segment missed Nanette Fabray  which I think was a crime. Without further adieu, here are my answers to the questions I raised on Friday's post but I will do the first 2 questions last.

1.  What Drug Were They On?- Roger Deakins for Best Cinematography for Blade Runner 2049. This man has been nominated something like 13 times before finally winning and glad he won but, it is not so much what he said but how he was on stage that made me think he just sniffed a line of coke. I might get blasted for this but he was fidgety, touching his nose often...made me think of some of the clients I see. A runner up is Frances McDormand who is being heralded for a great acceptance speech but her nervous laughter and talking made me think she keeps a big knife in her purse-cue the Psycho music.

2. Worst Win?-Remember Me song from Coco. Now, none of these songs really were that great when you think of previous songs that were nominated and won, but this song was a bit of a drag. I would have either gone for This Is Me from The Greatest Showman or Mighty River from Mudbound.

3. Best Win? -I know some will disagree but I am so happy that Gary Oldman won for his tour de force performance as Winston Churchill. He  played Churchill so well showing, not only the man's strength but the depression that often plagued the man.

4.  Best Acceptance Speech?- I almost went with Allison Janney because her first sentence was great but I went with James Ivory who I thought was eloquent and gave a touching nod to his former mate, Ismail Merchant. Oh, he won for best adapted screenplay, "Call Me By Your Name."

5. Worst Acceptance Speech?  Ya know, I can't think of anyone in particular because no one dragged on or made snide comments so overall, they were boring thanking people.

6. Who Deserved a Punch in the Face?-I hate to say this because he is Canadian, but Shane Vieau, who was part of the trio who won for Best production design for Shape of Water, is an idiot. The moron purposely had his tux made with short arms, he wore running shoes and stupid sunglasses. Take the frikken sunglasses off you Jack Nicholson wanna be. He seemed to take pleasure in showcasing his assholeness on the podium and even backstage. Not impressed!

7. Whom Do You Wish Would Win/Lose?- I was hoping for Gary Oldman to win and I got my wish and I was praying that Dunkirk would lose in the big awards area and I also got my wish. Maybe I am a bit of the old guard but I found Dunkirk overdone  and "splashy". I also thought they made a big goof when I saw a new glass building and pretty pastel coloured buildings in the background on the beach in a couple of scenes. I was ecstatic that it did not win for best score! It was loud and irritating and took away from the film in my humble opinion.

8. Rate the Host- Jimmy Kimmell did a good job overall with making jokes about all the big news of the day(s) from Trump to his turnstile staff to the sex abuse scandal that has rocked Hollywood. I could have done without him taking some of the stars across the street to surprise an audience watching a movie. Overall he was good but nothing amazing. I can also say that if I was the host, I would have stared blankly at the camera, peed myself and, feeling like I was in some horrid dream, crawl towards the exit.  Now on to fun...

9. Best Dressed- There were some that were quite stunning like Allison Janney, Ashley Judd, Octavia Spencer, Greta Gerwig and Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther and a man) but I have to give it to Jennifer Garner who looked ravishing in this dress.

I would love to wear this dress.

10. Worst Dressed-There are so many to choose from that I could not choose the worst so I need your input and will put the 3 worst here and you choose which makes you want to wretch.

I was wondering what happened to my 1991 drapes. For any who care, her name is Andra Day

Maya Randolph and Tiffany Hadish killed it as presenters-they were hilarious but Maya's outfit looked like she came prepared in case Harvey Weinstein wanted to try to grope her-I call this the chastity dress.

Her name is St. Vincent....um...yup. I have to find out what her real name actually is, maybe it's lady Bird:). Anyway, it looks like she just came from David Copperfield's show and she is trying to hide the Bird cage but one can see where she is hiding it...ghastly!

Male Honour

Adam Rippon-male figure skater decided to go all S & M on us and then forgot to put on his socks and proper shoes as they look like just nice slippers. I mean really! WTF?!

So your thoughts? How did you like Maya & Tiffany? Did anyone think Jennifer Lawrence layered on the makeup too much? Did anyone else think Jane Fonda was going to elbow Helen Mirren out of the way? Which nut would you pick as your worst dressed? Sorry for the lengthy blog post:)


  1. haha those last four deserve the worst indeed. Sounds like the dude in the trio was full on arsehole indeed.

  2. Well, I didn't watch the Oscars because I don't have TV at home, but I had no emotion vested in any of this year's films so I didn't care.

    I hadn't heard that Nanette Fabray had died.

    Those outfits that you showed were all pretty bad, but the first was the worst, in my opinion.

  3. Hi Birgit ... can't really pass comment only saw some of it -= and don't know who half the people are ... I think the third dress is the worst ... but the first is pretty odd too ... cheers Hilary

  4. I'd be hard pressed to pick best dressed as so many of the dresses always look ridiculous. Gal Gadot wore hers well though.
    I didn't mind the Coco song winning.
    I thought Dunkirk was great - reminded me of Nolan's first movie, Memento, which was brilliant. At least it did win some Oscars. Del Toro deserved that Oscar and for more than The Shape of Water.

  5. 6. Definitely seems like he was trying too hard to be cool.

    9. I like her, but I think this look is overrated. Ashley Judd'd dress was better. But they both were guilty of ground-dragging which always annoys me. I didn't watch the show, so i don't know who was best-dressed. Based on a quick internet search, looks like Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie dressed well.

    10. St. Vincent or Andra Day. Maya's dress is boring, but those other two belong in your 'What drugs are they on?' category.

    I only saw Lady Bird, Atomic Blonde, and Wonder Woman. So I didn't really have any strong opinions about who should win.

  6. Oh man I don't know what St. Vincent was thinking wearing that dress.

    I disagree on Dunkirk and Oldman but oh well, I can't be mad because he is a great actor.

    I noticed the manic laugh too, I was starting to think I was blowing it up in my mind but I guess people are just being nice. Because that was one crazy ass laugh. But, I like her. So I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt haha

    Loved Rudolph and Hadish too, they were hilarious

  7. I read and watched clips the day after for highlights. You've given me more to check out. Rudolph and Hadish would make great hosts next year. From the photo you posted, Maya reminds me of Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader.

  8. Maya Randolph's was indeed the worst.

    I thought Gary Oldham's performance was brilliant.

  9. I loved how they carried their shoes. How many of us have done something similar?

    I fast forwarded through most of the speeches, so I can't comment on those. And I don't pay attention to what they're wearing. (I just can't get into it.) But I agree about the stage. It was rather stunning.

  10. You do make me laugh Birgit....I didn’t watch this year as I knew I would end up shouting at the tv and throwing something...but Gary Oldman deserved his Oscar....and someone needs to show these people how to dress with style...xxxx

  11. I did not watch the Oscars but I did see Dunkirk. I thought that score by Hans Zimmer was fantastic. It was actually the first thing I mentioned when my friend and I were leaving the theatre. As for those outfits for worst dressed, over the years I was often wondering how much someone would have to pay me to look so ridiculous.

  12. I didn't watch the Oscars, I don't see many movies any more. I actually quite like that long red dress. But those other two, one looks like a bathing suit gone wrong and the other like sails taken down too quickly and not stowed.

  13. I didn't see the Oscars- but I did enjoy reading about them here. Love that blue dress- very flattering. Glad to hear that the speeches were all pretty good this year.

    Very entertaining post.

  14. Believe it or not, I actually watched the Oscars. I sat through 7 hours of short films the day before, and wanted to see if any of my picks won. I was actually surprised at Kobe Bryant's cartoon win. Being a big Lakers fan, I was not expecting his film to win.

    Needless to say, I had not seen any of the films this year. What else is new, right?

    I am NOT a fan of Jane Fonda, so pairing her with the talented Helen Mirren was the worst in my opinion.

    As much as I like Frances McDormand in film, her acceptance speech really DID make me think she was on drugs.

    Thanks for the review!

  15. Loved this post. I don't watch the Oscars--why I don't know--so I always enjoy your recap.
    I'm so glad Gary Oldman won. He nailed everything about Churchill.
    Don't you just love the color of Jennifer's gown?
    And Andra Day's gown....oh my goodness.

  16. I think reading your review is way better than watching the Oscars! You have a way with words, Birgit. I confess I have actually seen St Vincent on stage - she made an album with David Byrne and they toured together. I think her outfit is intentionally kooky so for worst dressed i’ll go with Andra Day who presumably didn't mean to wear your 1991 drapes.

  17. I liked reading your review more than I enjoyed watching the Oscars.


  18. Adam Rippon really shouldn't have been invited dressing like that

  19. I actually didn’t watch it this year, but I saw Jennifer Lawrence at the end and had to look again because it almost didn’t look like her.

    Jennifer Garner’s dress was stunning! And an amazing color, too.

  20. Excellent account of the Oscars. Loved Garner’s dress as well!


  21. Great list. Too bad I missed the live but internet is fast anyway. Jennifer Garner. Wow! Who needs a man, huh?

  22. Thank you for all your comments. I’m sorry I am not doing this one by one but I had a bad week....nothing major. First, i believe Sandra gets worst dressed but St. Vincent in that ugly bathing dress, gets the same marks from many of you. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Frances McDormand sounded a bit nuts. Gal Gadot looked good but she is, now, too skinny but I love her. There is something about Jennifer Lawrence I don’t care for but haven’t put my finger on it. Her dress was nice but her hair and make up was a mess...it was like the morning after major drinking...way too much make up. Well, another year goes by and let’s see what movies make it big

  23. I didn't see the Oscars, but am sad to hear the news about Sandra Bullock. I understand these stars are under huge pressure, but it's tragic to see them destroy their faces.

    Agreed on Jennifer's dress--it's gorgeous. Love the color. As for the worst-dressed, it's impossible to say. I'd have to give the women a three-way tie.