Friday, January 17, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks-2019 Releases

I am writing this on Wednesday, January 15th which marks 2 years since my mom died. I miss her every day and long to hear her wise words which I have not heard in 10 years because of the dementia that took her mind. I can be thankful that she always knew me, she was a spitfire to the end and always gave hugs. I hope she is with daddy and they are enjoying their moments together. Now, on with the show..the Oscars are out and I have seen very, very, very few. I hope to remedy that before February 9th. Why are the Oscars on so early?? Wandering through the Shelves has some great themes this year so check it out. Here are my 3...


This is the final(so they say) film in the Avengers saga. There will be other films about the players but this is the finale of these films showcasing all the Marvel super heroes from Ironman to Captain America and Dr. Strange. Too bad Deadpool was not in this because he would really shake things up. I have to say, this movie is well acted, has a great plot and keeps the gigantic group of people all together showing them just about equally. It is also surprisingly touching which gave it heart. The evil guy was truly annoying especially his soft way of talking...he was irritating to say the least. Worth watching. Oh yeah, the effects are amazing.


Oh yes, this is an excellent film that continues from the great tv show that was on PBS. The Crawley family receive a formal letter that the King and Queen will be visiting their home for one night sending the house into a frenzy. The staff are ready to be on their toes to deal with the royal visit but get their noses out of joint when the King’s stuffy staff come and decide to rule over the home. All the regulars are here along with the great writing, the beautiful setting and the clothes. They should have been up for best costumes in my book.

3.  JUDY-2019

This film got mixed reviews because there isn’t much of a plot and people  felt bored but, to me, they missed the mark of this film because it is a character study of one of the greatest film stars and singers that ever graced the screen, Judy Garland. To say this gal was mixed up is an understatement because she had many layers from loving mother, great singer, addict, volatile, bitter, lonely..the list can go on and on. Renee Zellweger, not a favourite of mine, nails the part of Judy in her last year of her life. She was missing her cues, flubbing lyrics, ridiculed on stage but still carried weight and still wanted to please her audience and love her children. We also see the very young Judy on the set of The Wizard of Oz, when she is first given uppers and downers so she can finish her scenes. Yup, started with this classic.

Which 3 would you pick?

Rather than show a picture of my mom, I decided to show a chicken egg she created. It's an actual egg that she cut and placed an angel inside with little stars surrounding the angel. She was a great artist and now she is an angel.


  1. I'm sorry!
    Definitely Avengers Endgame. Plus Stranger Things season three and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Plus season two of What We Do in the Shadows. Such a funny show.

  2. The loss is always there, I lost my Dad two years ago in December, but in a way it becomes a part of you which is good because it makes sure you don't forget. For me it makes it somewhat easier hope it does for you.

    I haven't seen any of these. I was so upset to miss Downton but it came out at a chaotic time for me and by the time I had a chance it was gone but I'll definitely catch up with it sooner rather than later.

    I'm Avengered out and stopped going to any of them several years back. If it had been pretty much anybody else but Zellweger I would have been on the Judy flick like white on rice but I just can't with her. One correction the pill taking didn't start with Oz but years before when her mother would give Judy and her sisters pep pills to get them through their vaudeville act. It's appalling no matter how you look at it but in fairness they were seen as wonder drugs at the time and the harmful side effects and chance of addiction weren't understood like they are now.

    Movie going at the theatre was at a minimum for me last year and I only went three times so those ended up being my choices for the week.

    Rocketman-Chronicle of Elton John’s early life, rise to stardom and semi fall and rise from the ashes all set to his music. Shot very much in the fashion of The Who’s rock opera Tommy and anchored by a brilliant turn by Taron Egerton who does his own singing and who was absolutely robbed of an Oscar nomination!

    Knives Out-Fun, stylish mystery in the Agatha Christie fashion with an eye-popping cast, though both Jamie Lee Curtis & Toni Collette are underused, and amazing production design. Does it make a great deal of sense? Not particularly but an enjoyable ride.

    A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood-Bitter Esquire writer Lloyd Vogel (Matthew Rhys) who has major daddy issues it grudgingly assigned to do an interview and brief article on Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks). Dead set against believing anyone could be as pure of heart as Mr. Rogers appears to be he initially sets out to expose him only to discover that in this case he was mistaken. He comes away from their time together a better man. Rhys is good in the lead but this film is owned by Tom Hanks who though he doesn’t necessarily look or sound like Mr. Rogers captures his humanity.

  3. My sympathies for your loss, Birgit. Your mom is with you, in spirit and in that lovely decoration she created. ♥

    I enjoyed Avengers: Endgame but was sad that Iron Man died. He was my favourite. ☺ Haven't seen Downton Abbey the TV series or the movie. Maybe, one of these days. Judy looks like a fascinating character study! I will look for it online.

    Three faves from 2019: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Hustlers, John Wick 3 (a guilty pleasure 😉)

  4. I wish it got easier with losing our parents, but it doesn't. It just gets gentler, but its always there with that loss. I haven't seen any recent movie so can't tell you what I would pick for the Oscars. I do want to see Judy some time down the road (or over the rainbow LOL). I know I couldn't sit still with the Avengers as long as it was so I had my DIL tell me about it and which characters passed on in it.


  5. Endgame is the only I've seen and I really liked it.

  6. Judy sounds fascinating, sad too.
    Thanks for these reviews, Birgit.

    Love and light regarding the loss of your mother. Mom loss is so dark and lonely. Virtual hugs to you.

  7. Avengers Endgame is sure tops on my list, even if they screwed Hulk up. Deadpool in it would have been grand. Not sure what other ones I'd pick, not many stand out. Stranger Things Season 3 was probably tops for TV though.

  8. Commiserations on your mom’s anniversary 😢.

  9. I haven't seen Judy but I loved the other two.

  10. I loved the first two and haven't seen Judy. I am wondering how many movies I did see in 2019 (at the theatre). Not too many.Hope you're having a wonderful new year! So far that is. Hugs-Erika

  11. Sadly, I don't think I've seen a single movie from 2019 other then The Irishman. It was very good and it was fun to see all those guys working together again but I wouldn't call it fantastic. Oh well, maybe that will change in 2020. What I can do is list the three movies I'm most anxious to see based on what others here have already mentioned. "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood" definitely caught my eye. I would also be very interested in "Judy" since you so highly recommend it. I am usually a fan of biopics. "1917" would be the third.

    Mom would get a kick out of your little tribute to her. I miss her too :-)

  12. Hi Birgit - mothers are special aren't they - and I miss mine after 8 years - remember the loving times - you will I know. I've seen one or two of the films ... and I hope to see 1917 soon ... cheers Hilary

  13. Hi Birgit...a beautiful picture of the egg your Mum made....she and it will always be with you looking over you.....
    Just had a wonderful afternoon watching Downtown abbey...I laughed at Dame Maggie and cried at the end....perfect xxxx

  14. Glad to know you liked Endgame as I think it's a much better film than it should've been. To me, it's more than just some superhero epic-blockbuster film as it had characters you cared about and could relate to. Plus, the climax really echoed the grand cinema of the past.

  15. Hugs. I'm thankful you have lovely memories of your mom.
    I must be the only person in the world who hasn't seen Downtown Abbey in any form.

  16. Best to you. I wish warmth and comfort for you as you remember your mother.

    We don't see many new movies. Maybe 4 total this year? I'm partial to Star Wars, of course, and also liked Little Women and Captain Marvel.

  17. I'm so sorry for your loss. The anniversaries are the worst.

    I think I only saw Star Wars last year. I believe the Oscars are so early because they were trying to create more interest in them, so they made them closer to the year they're celebrating. I do remember when they were in March.

  18. Birgit,

    I sorta lost track with the Avengers and I really don't have plans to catch up on the series. Films about super heroes don't grab me like others and I find I have to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy them. I rarely see movies the same year they release. I wait for them to show up on my streaming services, mainly because nothing commands my attention like it once did. I know the anniversary of loved one's passing is always so hard. I think often about DH's parents on their birthdays and the anniversary of the death. The situation with his boyhood home fall into the hands of his dad's care giver, more so the way it was handled, is painful. I try to not even think about it and it really upsets DH. OH well, I hope your day improves and your sorrow lifts. Thanks for visiting, my friend!

  19. What a sweet tribute to your mother. Creating art from an egg shell is really difficult. Bravo!

    The only movie I saw last year was Downton Abbey. Sadly, I liked the TV series much more than the movie. The movie had great scenery though, and I loved seeing all the characters one more time. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insights!

  20. Hi Birgit! I love Endgame and the Downton Abbey movie is pretty good too! Man I haven't seen JUDY yet but I really want to. Renee is such a good actress, glad to see her comeback!

  21. I am sorry for your loss, Birgit. I have an aunt with alzheimers. Watching "illness" robbing the mind barely describes the helplessness a relative feels. When she says who are you? I realize poor auntie is very advanced. - Avengers is always a winner at the boxoffice, Disney owns the marvel brand now. I read they made a lot of dough last year off all the super heroes which is a trend they'll find hard to keep but amazing and amazinger is what they do.

  22. I loved the ending to Avengers, with the exception of Iron Man:(
    Dementia/Alzheimer's is such a difficult disease to deal with. And it's hard to lose our loved ones.

  23. A bittersweet tribute to your mother, dear Birgit. Her angel is fabulous. She was quite the artist.

    I don't get to see first run movies, so saw none of these. However, I want to see 1917, if for no other reason than the cinematography.

    "Judy" did good at the SAG awards, and so did "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." "Downton Abby" wasn't even mentioned, but "The Crown," shown on Netflix and not on the big screen, was.

    Sorry I'm late visiting. I've been ill.

  24. Your mom is probably teaching the other angels how to be creative and bragging about her daughter:)

  25. I only really like Downton Abbey up until about season 3, so I wonder how I'm going find the movie.

  26. An interesting perspective on Endgame. Admittedly, it's one of those movies that I sort of lost perspective over. But I guess it really does what it's supposed to.

  27. Aww, the egg ornament is beautiful. I lost my dad almost eight years ago and reading your post made my heart break for you. The anniversaries are so hard. Hugs to you!