Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Happy Almost moi


What a fu#@^! Year I had, but 57 is gone by tomorrow and I will be 58. The next 2 years I can't switch the #s around or that would make me much older than 29.  My friend, VJ sent me this naughty book which I love. It brings out the lumberjack in me.

It's all about the year 1964 and these were the top 3 songs that hit #1 around my birthday.


The Beatles came to America and really upset the apple cart. It was one of the biggest events to happen for them, the people around this band, and the freaky fans. TheBeatles appeared on Ed Sullivan and the crowd of gals went crazy. This topped the charts for many weeks even though it was written back in 1962 and was out earlier.


This song was written by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich along with Phil Spector who also produced it. Jeff and Ellie had married and Jeff thought of this type of song. We have heard it many times, over the years especially in many romantic comedies.


This was actually written and produced by Smokey Robinson  who loved Mary Wells' voice. I do too and think it's an excellent rendition. I have to admit I loved it in Sister Act. 

Any songs from 1964 that you love?


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    Happy last day of 57 and soon to be 58, dear friend! Shucks, I have pairs of underwear older than that! I have opened bottles of blue cheese salad dressing in the back of my refrigerator older than that. You're what folks in my neck of the woods call a "spring chicken."

    Imagine how exciting it was for me to be a teenager in the spring of 1964 when all this great music was on the radio, on TV and on my record player. In my personal record collection, I have The Beatles' Tollie single "Love Me Do" pressed on royal blue vinyl. It cost a pretty penny. You found a great YouTube video to post because it has excellent sound quality, plus sharp images of the band performing and the teenage girls swooning. The Beatles were a phenomenon, and the expressions on those girls' faces reveal the band's tremendous impact. The girls at my school went ape over the moptops.

    As you might recall, I recently posted a rare restored video clip of The Dixie Cups performing their signature song on the LA-based TV music show Shivaree.

    Sultry soul sister Mary Wells had a smoky voice. Unfortunately, she took ill and died at age 49. "My Guy" takes us back to a happier time when she was on top.

    I know these #1 hits like the back of my hand. They are essential songs on the soundtrack of my youth, recalling the year I was age 14 and the popular music scene was exploding with great songs in various genres including the categories represented here - English Merseybeat pop, girl groups and Motown. Needless to say, the excitement meter was pegged week after week during the mid 60s when you were a baby.

    Once again, happy birthday to you, dear friend BB! Have a fine day and I'll be back tomorrow to meet you in the balcony-- "At The Movies!"

  2. ♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR BIRGIT ♫ 🎈🥂🍾 I'm so glad the horrible year is behind you. Onwards and upwards! 👌 In 1964 I was 9, and I remember all three songs. Good stuff!

  3. Happy birthday! I prefer later Beatles to the jaunty early tunes. My Guy is definitely my favourite here.

  4. Happy almost birthday! I'll try to remember tomorrow, but you know me, brain like a sieve...

    I thought "Sister Act" was a tremendous movie, both as a music fan and as a Catholic. I'll likely never hear those songs the same way ever again.

  5. Always liked Chapel of Love. Happy Birthday.

  6. Happy Birthday Birgit, I hope you have a marvellous day, Kate x

  7. Happy birthday! 1964? I was in 7th grade and just getting into pop music from a more serious perspective. This was the start of some great years of music.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out