Thursday, June 23, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks- Islands

 Oops..forgot to  post...really exhausted yesterday 

Islands....Canadians love going to Islands like Cuba, the Dominican, never mind the cruise ships that stop at many islands. We do this between November to April because we bitch about our winters. I, personally, would love to go to Bora Bora ever since I saw a travel show about it when I was 8. Once I started thinking about movies taking place on islands, I realized how many are really out there. Did I ever tell you how I got shipwrecked on an island with a cute boy with blond hair? We grew up and decided to make babies or try to make them? Yeah, I am Brooke Shields...hahaaaa. Another great theme from Wandering Through The Shelves and can't wait to see what everyone else will choose. One day I will choose Shutter Island...I promise but here are my 3...


This is my favourite version of the famous Agatha Christie story called " Ten Little Indians" based on that horrid rhyme how each little Indian died. A group of people have been invited to this creepy island by some rich dude with an agenda. They are met by the housekeeper and her husband who will wait on these people who all seem to be a pillar of the community. A secretary is also along for the journey. Very soon, they realize they have been judged a found guilty for a crime they committed and are murdered. This is a great movie with a fun cast of characters and it is from one of my favorite books by Agatha Christie which I have read several times.


I saw this flick decades ago and would like to see it again because, even as a kid, I was annoyed by how her hubby treated her and that she was thought of as a piece of meat. It is the 50s after all and men are men. It stars David Niven, Ava Gardner and Stewart Granger as 3 people who survive a ship wreck. Ava and Stewart are a bickering married couple with Niven as his friend and right hand man. She vats her eyes at Niven who takes the bait not thinking she just feels neglected. Soon both men want her and think that they can share her. I thought it was ok but nothing major and I wanted her to tell both men off and leave them. Oh well, it's supposed to be a sweet, romantic comedy. I need to see this again.


This is a Disney movie that made a ton of money and us a rollicking good adventure. The Swiss family want to get away from the Napoleonic wars and start a new life but didn't count on the ship being attacked by pirates and the crew leaving the family high and dry. The ship runs aground in a deserted island and the family decide to make the best of it building a beautiful abode in the trees  that  would make Tarzan jealous. The pirates are still around and the family decide to scare them off. When the pirates grab another ship, the 2 boys decide to save a young lady only to find out later that it is a girl. Teen boys just love to love, baby, and create some tension before they must deal with the pirates again. This is a good movie from days gone by during Disney 's heyday when Walt was still alive and the studio was not an evil empire. I hope to see this again.

Which island movies can you think of?


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    Shucks, dear friend. I've been saving a seat for you in the balcony since 6 am. I thought you ghosted me. I got a lump in my throat and tears flowed. While waiting for you, I ate three tubs of popcorn and drank two super-sized cups of Mountain Dew. I needed to get up several times to stretch my legs and pee! :)

    The "Ten Little Indians" theme has been played-out in numerous films. As a wannabe sleuth, I never get tired of the genre. Hundreds if not thousands of horror-slasher movies released in recent years feature groups of high school or college friends getting together in a remote location and getting picked-off one by one by a killer. The children's song is cute and I really want to see And Then There Were None.

    The Little Hut looks like a hoot. I loved seeing Steve Allen do the intro and tag on the trailer. As a boy in the mid 50s, I was somehow allowed to stay up late to watch Steve as host of The Tonight Show. In the mid to late 50s, I was a regular viewer of The Steve Allen Show. He was a very funny guy and introduced many giants of comedy on his show.

    I might have seen Swiss Family Robinson at some point, but I don't remember much about it. By 1960, I was hooked on intense horror and sci-fi. Family-oriented films cranked out by the Disney studios failed to hold my interest.

    The island films I'd like to name are the three sci-fi horror adaptations of H. G. Wells' 1896 novel The Island of Dr. Moreau. The first talkie based on the book is Island of Lost Souls (1932) starring Charles Laughton and my favorite silent era "it girl" Leila Hyams. The second sound film adaptation is The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977) starring Burt Lancaster and Michael York. Finally, there's the 1996 release of The Island of Dr. Moreau starring Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer.

    Enjoy the rest of your week and have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend BB!

  2. Lots of films can fit in this theme but that's lots of films I'm not quite remembering. A few have come to my mind:

    South Pacific--This movie had a big impact on me when I saw it as a child in the fifties. I bought the VHS several years ago, but haven't watched it in quite some time. It's a good film though.

    His Majesty O'Keefe (1954) a Burt Lancaster film based on a true story about a guy who sets up a business in harvesting & trading copra or coconut oil used as fuel. I saw this last year and became so fascinated by the story that it led me to research further after I watched it. It's an interesting story that I'd never heard about before watching the film.

    Castaway--the Tom Hanks film about a guy stranded on an island. I'm sure just about everyone has seen this one. It's a very nice film.

    Lord of the Flies--great film based on a great book. I read the book when I was in elementary school and have seen the film several times.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  3. Hmmm...I haven't seen any of these movies, but they all sound interesting! Great picks!

  4. I've only seen your first choice. My pick would be a local one for me: Somewhere in Time on Mackinac Island.

    1. Shady- love that Steve Allen intro. Love your picks
      Arlee- never heard of the Lancaster film. Need to see it.
      Ronyell- thanks!
      Denise- love that movie!

  5. Fun choices!

    This is probably the most accomplished version of 10 Little Indians though I have a soft spot for the '65 version with Fabian and Shirley Eaton. It's nowhere near as good but I like it anyway.

    I wanted to like The Little Hut more than I did but Ava was both ravishing and game in it.

    Can't tell you how many times I watched this version of Swiss Family Robinson when I was a kid on The Wonderful World of Disney program though I haven't seen it in decades now.

    What I thought of right away was the Robinson Crusoe story in its many iterations. There's so many but the first three that come to mind are the 80's Crusoe with Aidan Quinn, the 70's terrible Man Friday with Peter O'Toole and the 60's Disney adventure Lt. Robinson Crusoe U.S.N. with Dick Van Dyke.

    1. I’m a week late🥀. I saw that Robinson movie a lot when I was a kid...typical Disney movie for that time. Peter O’Toole made lots of duds. I think I saw that Van Dyke movie as it sounds familiar

  6. Oh wow, blogger is letting me comment. The Hut sounds weird. For island movies I can think of South Pacific and Lord of the Flies. My husband and I spent about 5 months of vacation on a tiny island, Nevis, a volcanic peak in its center, lots of palm trees, etc. I did not get shipwrecked on an island like you, smiles.

  7. The above comment from anonymous mentioning Nevis is from me, Terra.

  8. I know I watched a version of And Then There Were None in school but I can't remember if your pick was what I saw. It's been so long..I'm getting old. lol

  9. Canadians go to Cuba? Did not know that.
    And Then There Were None: Excellent. Gotta love Agatha Christie.
    Hope you are feeling good.

  10. I haven't seen any of your picks. However, I have seen a more recent UK TV mini series of And Then There Were None starring Charles Dance and Sam Neill.

  11. I'm very intrigued by this list. Might watch them soon :D Thanks!

    1. Sandra- glad you can comment. No idea what is going on. Must be frustrating. Yes, we could always go to Cuba.
      Terra- never heard of Nevis but sounds wonderful.
      Brittani- If you are getting old, I am getting ancient
      Wandering- I’d like to see that newer version
      Damyati-I hope you do see these.

  12. I've only seen the first film Birgit, hope you are well, Kate x

  13. Hi Birgit - the Agatha Christie one is the only one I've seen a few times - and Swiss Family Robinson is too saccharin! The Little Hut I've never seen ... thanks for these thoughts - cheers Hilary

  14. Hi Birgit, I read all of Agatha Christie's book as a teenager and watched most of the movies based on them, but I don't remember this one. Must check it out! I believe I saw the David Niven film a long time ago. Somehow, it reminds me of the Robert Wagner-Natalie Wood-Christopher Walken saga. Never saw The Swiss Family Robinson - I have a hunch I'd agree with Hilary's assessment about it. The first movie that came to mind is an old favourite: Father Goose, starring Cary Grant and Leslie Caron. Love that "Filthy Beast!" ☺

  15. I remember watching The Swiss Family Robinson when Disney showed movies on Sunday night on broadcast TV. Catching that time slot each was a big deal at our house when I was a kid and thinking back on the days sure does put a smile on my face. What sweet memories and sweet times!

  16. BIRGIT ~

    Fantastic cherce with SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON! I loved it as a kid (saw it repeatedly in the theatre) and I still love it as a so-called "adult". I own the DVD and watch it when I need a quick trip back to the innocence of my 1960s youth.

    Another cherce for me would be THE BLACK STALLION. It doesn't take place exclusively on an island, but a large portion of it does, and it is a real cinematic treat; just flat-out gorgeous and creative photography.

    Similarly, TOM SAWYER (1973) doesn't take place exclusively on an island, but a fun portion of it does.

    Lastly, HEAVEN KNOWS, MR. ALLISON is probably my #1 favorite Robert Mitchum movie, and that one is a World War II island picture with Deborah Kerr. It's really about the character relationship between a soldier and a nun... and a bottle of sake. Extremely underrated movie!

    ~ D-FensDogG

  17. Love your list, and not seen the Swiss Family Robinson for ages. None in common this week.. although Brooke Shields does get a mention...

  18. Some classic Scottish island films! Whisky Galore is set on the fictional island of Toddy and was actually filmed on Barra. I Know Where I’m Going was filmed on Mull. We’ve stayed in the featured hotel (Western Isles Hotel in Tobermory).

  19. Hi sis... I'm surprised you didn't list one of our favourites as kids... though I can't recall the title. But a bunch of sailors are stranded on an island and one of the things they encounter is a giant crab. Mysterious Island?

    I see the Island of Dr. Moreau was mentioned by Shady. Much of the setting for King Kong was on an island. And Jurassic Park!

  20. I've never heard of the first two, but I have the last film. Never saw it, though. I think, based on your synopses, these were great films to feature for the theme.

  21. The Little Hut has an interesting theme doesn't it. A star cast though.
    Hope your weekend is wondrous.

  22. I have only seen The Swiss Family Robinson before. I did however watch it every single day one summer (a sibling was obsessed with it). Sounds like great picks! :)

  23. I must have watched Swiss Family Robinson decades ago. But now, this small snippet is practically intolerable. It's so corny. Ha. I appreciate the memories, though. We thought Disney was the world's greatest. Didn't we?
    Be well.