Wednesday, August 31, 2022

School is About To Begin. I Always Hated This Time


If you have been reading my blog, you know that I was quite bullied in Grade school but, especially high school. On top of that, I'm a bright kid, at least I think I am, but I had trouble learning the way they taught us, I was an average C student except for Math...Yuck to Math. Anyhoo, I am picking 2 songs that I always equate with my high school years and my hubby picked one that he could relate to when he was a teen.


I actually went to quite a few school dances especially when I became friends with a girl, from another school, who took me under her wing and told me to be free with dancing and not care what others think. She was golden to me. This song, written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, was always the last song to be played. Now, no one ever asked me to dance so I would sit and watch the many kids slow dance to this song but, as the tempo quickened, the kids had no idea what to do. Some still tried to slow dance while others tried to start to fast dance the way white people know...boring. I was always laughing by this point because of their utter confusion about how to dance.


This is my hubby's song that he though of first. He doesn't remember high school at all (he got into trouble...a lot!) but he always enjoyed being on his own, drawing, in his bedroom and this song would be playing. He loved Led Zeppelin too and he liked KISS. My hubby actually had the Gene Simmons dragon boots that he would walk around the mall proudly. I bet I passed him one or 2 times and i would have laughed. I wish he had those boots now because they might be worth something.


This song, written by the late, great Freddy Mercury, has always been special to me.  I am not into sports at all and this song is often played at sporting events. I listened to it because it gave me strength when I was spat upon, tripped, told no one would ever love me and I am a waste and to go and kill myself as everyone would be better off. Every year my mom brought me to the emergency because the brats tried to break my right fingers or hand. My hand was just sprained but it did swell up. When I was held up by my neck so I could not touch the floor and they told me that, when they get the chance, they would slice my throat from ear to ear especially if I told someone about what just happened, I knew this song came in handy. Nasty bastards aren't they? Well, when I heard this song, it gave me strength because I am a Champion! I showed no fear and would walk, on my own, to classes. Mind you, I made sure I was in the library during free periods. I had no time for losers and that's what they were. I kept thinking that. One always remembers these horrible times but, I am so happy itbis the past. It shaped me for who I am today which is not bad. I'm blessed with a wonderful hubby, a good home, great friends in the real world and the blog world, wonderful pets and many great fond memories. That's what counts.

Aren't we all Champions. So what makes you think of school, music wise?


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    It always make me sad when you remind us that you were bullied in school. The extent of it, the severity, is shocking. I wish that I could turn back the clock, come to your defense and put those means kids in their place. Please remember that those terrible times are in the past and today you are loved and admired by many.

    The difference in our ages is evident as I examine your list of songs from your high school years. Zeppelin's "Stairway," regarded as one of the greatest rock songs of all time, was played heavily on FM radio in 1971 and '72. By then, I was already married and working as a TV news reporter and anchor. Great as "Stairway" is, I can't fathom it being played at school dances for the reason you mentioned. It is a listening song, not a dancing song. I won't post the link here on your blog, but urge you or anyone else who has not yet seen it to watch the tremendous performance of 'Stairway" by Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, along with Jason Bonham, at the Led Zeppelin tribute at Kennedy Center back in 2012. It is one of the greatest live performances in rock history. Keep in mind that there is a different song entitled "Stairway To Heaven" that was a hit for Neil Sedaka in 1960.

    I well remember Sir Elton's "Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long, Long Time)" dominating radio and performed by the artist on TV during that same early 70s time period. Penned by Elton and composing partner Bernie Taupin, "Rocket Man" drew inspiration from a short story by sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury, a song written by Tom Rapp for his psychedelic folk-rock band Pearls Before Swine, and reportedly from Bernie's sighting of a shooting star or possibly a distant airplane in the sky. The song also shares a theme with David Bowie's 1969 hit "Space Oddity." Tell your hubby I love Kiss, too, and that I met the fab foursome and interviewed drummer Eric Carr when the band appeared at a Tampa Bay venue near the start of 1986. "I'm not worthy!"

    I can easily understand how and why you adopted the Queen song "We Are The Champions" as a way of empowering yourself and coping with the traumatic abuse of nasty schoolmates.

    I could name thousands of songs that remind me of my school years, but one that just popped into my head is a minor hit song that reminds me of my high school senior trip to NYC in May or June of 1967. The song is "Come To The Sunshine" by the California-based sunshine pop group Harpers Bizarre. The single was just starting to climb the chart on its way to a top 40 finish and was playing on someone's radio as I and my classmates rode the train into New York. It was my first glimpse of the Big Apple and I remembered feeling excited, feeling like I had "arrived." The song became linked with that powerful feeling and the moment has obvious stuck with me all these years.

    Please smooch my sweet-breath bowwow buddy Harley right on the lips and have a wonderful day, dear friend BB. I'll be waiting for you tamale in the balcony-- "At The Movies!"

  2. For kids who were/are bullied, school is not a good place. Sometimes it is hard to fit in with what at that time seems to be normal. Of course now we know it wasn't really normal, was it? Nice songs today. I hope you have a nice day for the end of August also. hugs-Erika

  3. Kids can be really cruel. None of are alike. We're beautifully unique. It's too bad that when one is young that they do not understand this and just accept everyone the way he/she is instead of belittling them. I remember making fun of a kid because her weight but it didn't make me feel good. I felt horrible and I'm glad that it did because I don't think I made fun of another classmate again. Hopefully, you're overcome those horrible days to shine brightly. Great music!

  4. I am SO sorry this happened to you, dear Birgit. I was a loner because I was smart, but never bullied because I was often every teacher's pet. Today, it's sometimes even harder because of social media and kids being bullied on the internet.

    I love all three of these songs. My friend Joseph who plays steel drums plays Stairway to Heaven and I love it. These songs are not the songs of my youth, but while my school chums were playing disco I was listening to these.

  5. Hi Birgit - love the songs you both chose ... bullying is awful ... I'm so unmusical - but we did do a dance from West Side Story ... I enjoyed that!! Hopeless otherwise ... cheers Hilary

  6. Your experiences are awful, I’m so sorry. I was never part of the “in-crowd” but I usually managed to pass under the radar and avoid the bullies. Of your songs, you have picked one which has real significance for me in my last year at school - Stairway to Heaven. I fell in love to it! Sadly unrequited. Oh well, I got over it!

  7. Oh my, what a terrible experience. I just can't with the bullies. Don't you just wish they had a horrible life after you never had to see them again? The song that immediately pops in my head when you mention high school is "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order. That sound will always be high school to me.

  8. Just a bit before my high school experience. But sorry you were bullied.

  9. How awful, Birgit! But as you said, it's what made you the strong, confident woman you are today. ♥ Xenophobic bullies tormented me in elementary school in London (Ont.), but thankfully, we moved back to Germany and it got better. As for songs from high school, there are SO many, it's hard to pinpoint just one. James Taylor's Fire and Rain (1970) is good, rife with memories. And I LOVE Led Zeppelin.