Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The Wrong Week To Stop Sniffing Glue

 Hello, my blogging friends and I hope you are all doing well despite COVID19, tornadoes, hurricanes and Bob.  Sorry, I had to put that last one in because it just seemed to work. 

Ok, I have had some, shall I say women’s issues when I am way past the menopausal shit. In the spring I had a procedure to remove a polyp from my uterus and it was found I have Endometrial Uterine Hyperplasia. Seriously, I can’t believe I remembered this term. Basically, I am producing too much estrogen which increases weight gain, menopausal shit and, if left unchecked, cancer. To ensure I will not get cancer, I decided to have a complete hysterectomy including the ovaries. I would be seeing the Dr. in September because they are very behind with surgeries due to covid. In the summer, I started bleeding again..not much, but that is not normal. Between the doctor on vacation and screw ups with the labs (like one under renovation so it was closed), I finally got my ultrasound done. Thankfully, that looked normal. I will have the operation the day after our Thanksgiving, a Tuesday and coming home Thursday. I did see her(Doc) last week and she explained how the procedure will be done, etc.. 

Now comes the week of hell that was the near the end of August..

Finally, On Tuesday, August 24th, I found out my actual operation will be on October 12th and, even though I need it, since I don't want cancer, I felt a sense of ...ick. It has become reality and my fears and concerns became more heightened. I felt like I am in a race with cancer and I want to beat it to the finishing line. The good news is it will be done, it is a surgery but routine and, I hope, I can work, after a month, lying in bed with the laptop on my actual lap. The doctor said it should not be a problem. I have not been off work for any extended period of time since I started with Credit Counselling over 30 years ago.

Aug. 25th...I texted someone near and dear to me that I would love to speak with them. They told me they do not want to talk and hope the procedures go well. They stated I am very judgemental and insensitive in every conversation they ever had with me and had to hold their tongue often. To say I was hurt is an understatement especially when I am dealing with my health. I am better now and when the person wishes to speak to me, I will be hear but no more texts or emails. Things get lost in the translation so I hope this person will be open to seeing me one on one and have a good conversation. This person is hurting too and I need to be open to what I may have said or done but I can not walk on eggshells. 

Aug. 26th-My hubby, around 6ish, was doubled over in severe pain. Finally, I convinced him to go to the hospital here which...is a blecchy hospital to be honest. At first I thought appendix but how he was crying out in pain, and my hubby can take a lot, I thought...Kidney Stone! We waited for 3 1/2 hours and left around 1:30 with my ADHD husband ranting and raving about the hospital. 

Aug. 27th-Hubby went to the hospital in Burlington and was well-received and got diagnosed with a kidney stone but it was too big to pee out. It had to be lasered-.blasted out just like it was a death star. He came home and was happy with the result and knowing he will be ok.

Aug. 28th-I visited my best friend  but came home around 6pm to hear my sweet hubby back in agony! I asked if he can travel to Burlington but he said he couldn't take the drive. I mentioned this hospital and he said no way. I gave him 2 percoset  and they did nadda! Finally by 10 pm I told him I will call 911 so the ambulance will come and he will be in another area of the hospital. I couldn't be with him because of covid, so I waited and called and waited until 4am. I finally went to sleep but called 4 hours later and still...nothing. I ate and did some meditation before I went to see him. Finally, he was getting a room and had to await surgery for the kidney stone. From Saturday night to Wednesday, he was told he he will get the operation so no food or drink. By 8:30/9pm, he was told "No operation today". He was given the saddest ugliest sandwich I had seen or a muffin. On top of that, he was on morphine every 4 hours to stop the pain. Wednesday, I picked him up and was told he had the operation but hubby corrected me,... they just placed a stint in his ureter and sent him home with more percoset. Since then, he has been ok and has been careful not to do too much.

Did I mention he has a hernia which is painful and has to be dealt with also? So yeah the next 3 weeks will be operation home. I almost feel like buying that game, Operation," and having some fun. My hubby is now having his Kidney stone removal next week Tuesday (it was supposed to be Oct. 5th). On Sept. 28th, he will have his hernia operation and Oct. 12th is my operation. My hubby heals quickly, amazingly so, so he should be ok when I go in. I heal very slowly because of my connective tissue disorder so I will just be reading and watching movies. 

Did I mention we still have no bathroom downstairs because of the burst pipes from 3 1/2 yrs ago?  Yes, well, we had the plumbers in right after the week of hell. Michael worked on the insulation before he got hit by the pain. He wants to lay the floor down after his operations but before mine so we can get a toilet in there otherwise I will be climbing stairs and ...well, that will not be pretty. It's hard enough to climb the stairs at 3am with my constant pain never mind an operation. The contractor we hired is so busy he will be coming to do our bathroom in Dec. By then, I hope to be much better. 

So....that has been my situation of late. There are always bright spots...my family, my friends, my animals, a good job, a home. I am lucky. 


  1. "What do you make of this, Johnny?" "Oh, I can make a hat, I can make a brooch, I can make a pterodactyl..."

    You poor kids! Prayers and good wishes for both of you. I can imagine your husband has been in agony... and you! I hope they don't find cancer.

  2. Oh Birgit, what a series of catastrophic events! Love and best wishes for a full recovery to you both.

  3. Well, crap - that is a lot of crap at once! Prayers your husband is good to go now and your surgery goes well.

  4. Hi, Birgit!

    When I saw the title of your post, I thought for an instant it was going to be further light hearted discussion of Airplane! Then I realized you probably had serious matters to discuss.

    Wow, dear friend... thank you for taking time to explain the extent of your medical issues and hassles with medical care facilities. With everything that's been happening on your side of the screen, it seems incredible that you were able to maintain a blogging schedule all this time. Your efforts to make the rounds and comment on my blog and the blogs of others were nothing less than heroic.

    I am sorry about your friend taking offense at your bluntness. I appreciate people like you who speak their minds openly and directly. As I might have told you, Mrs. Shady is like that, and so was one of my favorite aunts who was constantly telling me I'm "too skinny." Oh, if Aunt Dolores could see me now!

    I hope things start to fall into place for you guys. I hope your and your hubby's procedures go without a hitch. I also hope that you can figure out at least a temporary solution to the downstairs plumbing problem. It worries me to think of you climbing those stairs. Try to focus on how you will feel when these pesky medical matters have been resolved. Think how it will be to have a long stretch of days off and get some much needed rest with your laptop in your lap.

    Thanks again for taking time to bring us up to date on what's been happening in your world. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers, dear friend BB.

  5. Sounds like both of us will be spending time in a hospital. I have an ultrasound, endoscopy and colonoscopy scheduled. And just hoping my gallbladder is okay or that's coming out too. Hope all goes well for you and hubby.

  6. Wow! I'm sorry you're dealing with so much. I appreciate the explanations of the medical stuff. As for the personal issue with the friend, that's hard to understand. I've never once thought of you as judgmental. Maybe they misconstrued something. I hope they decide to communicate and work it out. I know it hurts. Keep us informed about everything, please, if it's not a problem. I'll be thinking of you.


  7. Oh my, you've been through it. I'm so sorry. It'll be so nice when you're on the other side of this, but to go through it... Yeah, what's that saying? When you're going through hell, keep going. I hope you make it to the other side soon.

  8. I feel for you, dear Birgit. It's great that after all the misery and heartache you both have endured these past few months, you end on such a positive note. Let's hope this positivity keeps you going through this upcoming operation, dear. I think about you a lot and now that I know what is wrong, I'll be thinking about you and your husband even more. Please stay safe while waiting for your operation.

  9. Birgit,

    WOW! I have you and the hubs in prayer. You might consider getting a small bucket to keep in your room so you won't have to go up and down stairs to empty your bladder. That might prove to be tricky but so is walking for the first few days to week afterwards. I know, I've been there done that. I had almost a full hysterectomy in 2001. The doctor left my right ovary for hormone production but I think after a few years it stopped working. My problem was the multitude of ovarian cysts that formed and my left ovary had attached itself to my uterus from a previous surgery making it appear twice the size it should be. This was causing me some really bad back pain and difficulty walking. I could tell almost immediately after the procedure that I felt better despite my soreness. Hopefully, you'll notice a positive improvement, too. I'm glad they caught this early and you've elected the proactive measure to prevent the big C from being a problem. Y'all take it easy now. Hugs!

  10. Oh my Birgit, you both have been through the mill, so sorry to hear it. I'm sure you are looking to come through it all. I hope the operations go well for you both.
    What a pity that your friend has taken offence, perhaps it will sort it's self out too, take of yourself, Kate x

  11. Thank you everyone for your true kindness and support which I really need right now. Your words have touched my heart and I thank you all.

  12. My goodness, Birgit, you sure have been dealing with some awful situations! My heart goes out to you and your hubby.♥ Mine had kidney stones a few years ago and was in total agony. May your operations go well and I hope you and your friend can clear up any misunderstandings. Sending ((HUGS)) and wishes for a speedy recovery down the QEW!

  13. Oh Birgit - I feel for you ... so much going on for you both - I can't imagine the troubles ... so with thoughts and lots of healing care coming your way. One silly thought - a commode might be an option - not ideal I know ... or something similar - as you will need something ... all the best - Hilary