Thursday, September 30, 2021

Thursday Movie Picks: TV Edition-Non-English


Ughh...not liking this theme, to be frank as I have no clue...sorry. I will check out Wandering Through The Shelves to see what everyone else has chosen and, I bet, there will be a lot of Japanese anime, Just so you know. Hubby has had his 2 operations and is now resting as best as he can. On Monday he gets the sting removed, the next day I go for my pre-op and then comes mine. Anyhoo, I had fun this week with my own twist on this theme...

1 "FRIENDS" (1994-2004) IN GERMAN



When I was in Europe some shows came on, dubbed, in the language of the country we were in, and it was always fun watching these shows. My favourite was watching Bonanza in German which is a hoot which is why Benny Hill parodied it so well. Unfortunately, I can't find it on Youtube but it is hilarious. ("Was Ist Los, Pa" Hoss (Benny) speaking to Ben Cartwright).

So, tell me, which language (not English) would you prefer to listen to when watching Friends?


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    Day by day, you and your hubby are checking boxes and getting these unpleasant medical matters handled. I am happy to know he is AOK and recovering. Soon your procedure will be behind you as well, and you will be able to stand down, sit down and lie down. Thinking of you, dear friend.

    This theme is a brain buster for sure, and I can't add anything, except when Ricky Ricardo exclaims, "¡Ay, caramba!" on I Love Lucy. Does that count? :)

    I took several years of German in high school and college, and to me, Friends sounds pretty funny in German, but I just wanna smack French Phoebe. It seem likely that certain languages translate the humor of English dialogue better than others. It would make an interesting study. I used to watch and enjoy The Benny Hill Show.

    Take care, dear friend BB. Try to enjoy the rest of your week and weekend. I hope to see you again soon with more encouraging updates.

  2. Continue to pray everything goes well.
    The Netflix show Dark comes to mind although I've only watched a couple episodes. It's in German. Also watched the first episode of Squid Games the other night. That one's from South Korea.

  3. Oh man this is great. I wish I would've thought of doing this because this week is HARD. I hope your husband is feeling better!

  4. The original 'Professor T' in Flemish. Italian TV 'Thou Shalt not Kill". I know there are others I have watched, but titles escape me at the moment. Since I have to read the subtitles, it makes it difficult to multi-task and watch at the same time.

    Hope all goes well with the stent removal for hubby.

  5. Glad all is progressing along without too many bumps, hope it continues that way.

    I agree this is a tough one but I love the way you went with it! I don't even have that option, I never watch any series in another tongue so I'm out for the week.

  6. I don't much like this theme either and I've got nothing. I was never a Friends viewer so I wouldn't watch it in any language, but if I absolutely had to I guess I'd go for Italian. And only for a few minutes.

  7. Yeah, I'm left out in the cold this week, too.
    I got nuttin'.

    English is the only language I understand and speak so, needless to say, I don't spend much time (like... NONE, nada, zero, zilch) watching TV programs in another language.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  8. Good to hear that your Hubby is recovering and good luck with your upcoming op too.
    I certainly wouldn't like to see Benny Hill in any language, I thought his shows were disgusting, and strangely I was never into Friends.
    Take care of yourself, Kate x

  9. I don't want to watch Friends in any language, including English. I've never seen it and don't feel compelled to start now. When it was so popular, I was too busy to watch it or much of anything else. I'm glad your husband is doing well.


  10. Heh.
    Wow. Well I'm glad two are in the rear view mirror.
    Hang in there.
    Thinking of you.

  11. I seem to recall running across a Monty Python something in German. That's probably where I'd go with this theme, although I think it was the movie... No, it might have been a TV special... Who knows? This theme would flummox me, too.

  12. I was delighted to read your husband is better and you are quickly on your way to being well, too. At least that's the plan, right?

    I've never watched Friends and never will. I won't watch it in English, much less any other language I can't speak. I don't feel so bad this week, since I don't seem to be the only person left out in the cold.

  13. I watched Welcome to Sweden earlier this year., a short-lived sitcom starring Amy Poehler’s brother, who follows his Swedish bride home. So there’s lot of Swedish in it. It’s kind of Ted Lasso before Ted Lasso, but less British and, well, more Swedish.

  14. Having trouble figuring out your theme 😉! Glad your husband is recovering and all the best for your own procedures x

  15. One we've been watching recently: Call My Agent! French. Really good.

  16. Not sure you will see this, but to answer your question about the mural I showed on Sunday, the Hogan, which is the blue and white image is the center of our Wichita flag. It was a clever way to make our Wichita flag a bit different and yet show pride of our city's flag.