Friday, October 7, 2022

What i Watched in September


A Dahlia from our garden. It's just so pretty and it reminds me of my Oma who loved this flower. So, it's time to let ya know what I watched in September and I will try to make it short.....hahahaaaa.


Katherine Hepburn plays a spinster who travels with, "I need a bath", Canadian Humphrey Bogart up the African River during WW1 and decide to do a little destruction for the war effort not thinking they will fall in love. Great movie and the behind the scenes are just as juicy. Poor Kate needed a vomit bucket off camera but Bogie and the director  John Huston were fine. The reason? They only drank booze.


Talk about a fun movie where 3 security guards that work in an art museum find out their favourite art pieces have been sold to make the art museum look towards newer art. The decision? Steal their favourite art piece. It's funny and sweet with William H Macy stealing the scenes as a guard who must strip baked in front of his favourite art piece.


Al Pacino plays a slightly nutty actor who has lost his way. Al playing someone off kilter? Hmm big surprise. I wanted to like it more than I really did. 


I'm surprised all the kids who hate the song, "Baby, it's cold outside" gave nit demanded this film be annihilated. Sorry, kids but get a life. I love this movie which is about how a free wheeling rich man, free of any burdensome wife, gets hitched to a luscious Italian gal who lusts after him and he succumbs. Awwww, poor slob. His valet, the great Terry-Thomas, is aghast that his boss married and doesn't kick her out. It's fun, silly and shows how, in the end, we hold the cards. 


An excellent quiet western starring Tom Hanks as a man who brings the news to all the different towns out there only to come across a young girl who only wants to go vack to the Indian tribe that raised her. I love this film.


Gary Cooper is hired by his friend, Anthony Quinn, to run his oil fields while Gary tries to rin away from the nutty, but lustful wife of Quinn, played by Barbara Stanwyck. Ruth Roman is the nice gal who falls for Cooper. It's a fun flick that is predictable but still fun. 


1. RIPPER STREET-2012-2016

Excellent British TV show starring Matthew McFadyen as inspector Reid who is haunted by the recent Jack the Ripper murders but still must deal with the squalor of Whitechapel. He has his trusted right hand man, Bennet Drake and they come across a drunken, but brilliant American doctor  Homer Jackson. Hubby and I binged-watched this series and loved every moment. See it if you can.


The jury is still out on this remake but I'm enjoying it.  This QUANTUM LEAP is taken out of moth balls and a new man is now jumping around into other peoples' lives. My heart does belong to Scott Bacula.


My guilty pleasure that I started watching and my mom watched it too. We would talk and bitch about the dances and the music they picked. It's gone through some firing Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews for no reason...typical of today and then bringing in Tyra Banks...ughh. now, Disney grabbed it and have it on their channel. I thought that would be it but my ex can grab it and download it for me to watch. I enjoy it and feel my mom is beside me bitching about the music.

What have you watched?


  1. You watched a lot of things I've never seen before! (aside from DWTS, which I used to be very into)

  2. Hi, Birgit!

    I need to be brief, too, because Mrs. Shady's on the warpath, demanding that I pry myself loose from the blogs and help her with household chores. Woe is me!

    Just listen to the diction of that narrator on the trailer for The African Queen. That's what I'm talkin' about! His voice alone is enough to compel me to buy my theater ticket.

    Wow, all these years I never realized that there is a hyphen in the name of one of my favorite English funnymen - Terry-Thomas. I haven't seen How to Murder Your Wife starring Jack Lemmon, Virna Lisi and Claire Trevor, but it looks great. Terry-T was a hoot in Mad Mad World:

    Russell Finch : [mockingly] All right, we'll press on with all possible dispatch.

    I skipped the two Westerns because I am not a fan of the genre. Mrs. Shady and I subscribe to Brit Box and are hooked on all things English, especially police, crime and mystery series. I will tell her about Ripper Street.

    I didn't follow the original Quantum Leap starring Scott Dracula (correct spelling), and therefore I am not stoked about watching the remake. However, if BB gives the series her endorsement, then I'll look for it and give it a try.

    I don't watch Dancing With The Stars because, lo and behold, it contains too much dancing and not enough car roll-over stunts. :) However, I am fond of Julianne Hough, one of the dazzling dancing stars on the show, because she impressed the heck out of me as leading lady of the 2016 horror-thriller movie Curve. Who knew the lithe and lovely Julianne is also Scream Queen material?

    Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend BB!

  3. You watch so many interesting things. The most interesting thing I've watched lately is "Chernobyl." It is a 2019 Historical Drama, and one of the best shows I've ever seen. At the moment, I'm re-watching "The Lord of the Rings" movie series. I adore these films.

  4. Lovely dahlia. I know nothing about any of these (except African Queen) so can’t comment on anything else!

  5. Hi Birgit, I LOVE "How To Murder Your Wife" so much, we have a well-worn VHS of it! Right up there with "Avanti" on my list of fave Jack Lemmon comedies. ☺ Tried to watch the new Quantum Leap, but as a huge fan of the original, it didn't "sit" right, somehow. Same thing happened with the new Magnum. My mother also loved Dancing with the Stars and I have seen a few episodes in passing. That's a gorgeous dahlia. Your garden must be stunning. ♥

  6. I haven't checked out Quantum Leap yet, but maybe. I've been watching The Rings of Power on Amazon Prime. I have to sit here with my Guide to Middle Earth and lookk up names and places. It's like being

  7. I haven't seen any of these- but I did watch Quantum Leap back in the day. I am curious about the new one. Love that Dahlia. Beautiful!

  8. That dahlia's stunning, BB.
    I haven't seen any of them. If you didn't say that was Ricki Lake, I'd have had no clue. She really let herself go since then.
    Love to you.

  9. My wife wouldn't watch past the first episode of the new Quantum Leap. I can understand though. The original cast is what really made this show. I just can't get into the new cast. I'll continue to record it and fast forward through the episodes unless they get interesting.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  10. Birgit,

    We've seen The African Queen and How To Murder Your Wife, both excellent old films! I'm surprised that we haven't watched, The Maiden Heist. That looks like a lot of fun! The series Ripper Street is intriguing. I will definitely check into this one. Quantum Leap I want to know more about. I didn't watch the original series so I don't have any preconceived notions. As you may remember DWTS is one of our guilty pleasures, too. I just love it, despite all the funky changes they've made in recent years. I can't wait to watch the new season. :)

  11. Hi everyone-My dahlias look great, courtesy of my hubby. I'm glad you liked most of the movies-Shady the Gary Cooper one is about Oil Fields and takes place present day not the wild west but it does have the feel to it. yeah, I am watching Quantum Leap and I like it but not love it as it is not near the original. I agree about Magnum PI too. I have not see LOTR series since I don't get any specialty channels. Oh well.