Wednesday, November 10, 2021

I’m AOK and fun with Music


So, I was going to write earlier, a separate post, but time got away from me-I’m a bad, bad girl. I ended up not going to the emergency( Kill me later) because that night, I bled less and I have been bleeding less and less so the scare I had that past Saturday must have been my body adjusting. I am still weak but I am walking, not far, but I am walking. I am watching movies galore plus all the extras on the DVDs because I am a movie geek. I will call my dr. On the 16th to just make sure all is ok but I think I am on the road.

Now, this week, for music fun, I decided to go back to my teen years and chose 3 songs that were big in my day and ones that made an impression on me and here they are...


I do like Led Zeppelin, believe it or not, as they are one of the best bands ever with great music and intelligence behind their songs contrary to the popular songs of today. This particular song was the ending to every school dance to the point that I was sick of it. I was never asked to dance so I would watch the fellow kids and teens slow dance to this song but, as the song got closer to the end, the tempo picked up and these kids had no clue what to do. It always made me laugh out loud as some tried to continue to dance slow while others tried to dance fast and had no clue how to. It still makes me laugh.


I have the CD, “Bat Out Of Hell” and aside from the title song, the rest are famous and great to listen to. I was a very naive 13 yr old country girl living on a sawmill dancing to this song, not at all knowing what the true meaning was. All these songs are just so suggestive sung by an overweight, sweaty guy who makes me go..”Ick” but that’s ok because these songs are priceless and I just love this one.


The B52’s are a wacko band that truly seem to have taken one too many LSD hits, but I love them and when this song came out, it was a huge hit. When I was a teenager, very innocent and timid, I met a girl named Tracy, who went to another school, and she brought me out of my timid ways and helped me to dance like no one was looking and no one cares. In the city I now live in, There was a disco called Charlie Chan’s in the basement of a restaurant in a plaza. Never mind that it was probably a fire trap, Sunday’s were all for us underage people who wanted to dance, have fun and dance while drinking Coca Cola. This song was played every time and boy would we all dance to this song when the part came up where the singer says "Down, down, down” we would all slowly drop down onto the floor before we ended up on our backs kicking our hands and legs up in the air like dying flies. Abruptly, we would get up and continued dancing...such fun.

Which songs were played always during your teen years?


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    I am delighted to see you posting on time this week, dear friend, and to know that your bleeding continues to diminish. Shirley, that's a good sign that you are on the road to recovery. I'm happy to learn that you are taking baby steps back - brief walks to regain your strength and stamina. Dr. Shady advises you to take it slow and easy, and NOT to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel at this point. There'll be plenty of time for that later.

    Yessum, I agree that "Stairway To Heaven" is a classic rock recording. Like you, I wonder why it was chosen to end every school dance given that it gradually transforms from a gentle slow dance-friendly ballad into a steamrolling rock song. If I had been there, I would have asked you to dance, BB - the first dance, the last dance and every dance in between.

    So, when Meatloaf kept chanting "We're gonna go all the way tonight," did you think he meant all the way to Schenectady?

    Mrs. Shady has always loved the B-52's. I admire bands that bring something new and different to the music scene. Their quirky performance of "Rock Lobster" is fun to watch. I always enjoy your stories about dancing at Charlie Chan’s, your city's "Shady Dell." I think we all had a "Tracy" in our young lives, someone who showed us how to overcome our shyness, loosen up and wave our hands in the air like we just don't care. The way you described falling to the floor and dancing on your backs reminds me of the time I did the same thing at a wild frat party. It was a toga party and the basement dance floor was deliberately flooded in two inches of beer. As I danced to the live band that was playing the gig, I dropped to the floor and danced on my back for a while, just as you guys did. I spent the rest of the party soaked in beer, but that was my idea of a great time back then.

    Thanks for reporting in and sharing music and memories with us, dear fried BB. I hope you continue along the road to wellness (and Schenectady) and I pledge to return tamale to meet you in the balcony "At The Movies!"

  2. Hope you really are getting better and do see the doctor anyway.

  3. Hi Birgit - glad to read you're healing ... long may it continue - love the selections you've given us - cheers Hilary

  4. Happy you're on the mend.

    The B-52's are from my neck of the woods - they started in Athens, GA, near the University of Georgia....

  5. I am glad to read you are better. Now to mend properly.

    I told my friend who plays steel drums he has to play Stairway to Heaven when I die. He used to play it when he was doing solo gigs in Wichita. Now he's in California and I may outlast him!

    Love your choices this week, dear and laughed at the LSD comment, too.

  6. Glad to hear you're feeling okay. Bleeding's not good. Hopefully you're right and it's just your body adjusting.

  7. So glad you're feeling better.
    Ya gotta love Meatloaf:)

  8. I love these songs as "Rock Lobster" is just a great jam as it just represents the finest music of Georgia as we're still in a good mood with the Braves winning the World Series.

    How can anyone know about "Stairway" as the album where that song came from just turned 50 years old a few days ago. I got the record on cassette in the 90s when I was a teen. Yet, I think Physical Graffiti is their crowning opus.

  9. In the late '70s, X and I were dating and we went disco dancing, so it was all "Do The Hustle" and Bee Gees and The Stones "Miss You." That was the only time in my life that I danced. I love your anecdote about dancing to Rock Lobster.


  10. Hi Birgit, I'm happy to know you are feeling much better! You like Led Zeppelin? That is a surprise! ☺ Your anecdotes are such fun, especially the one about dancing to Rock Lobster. Meat Loaf had such a powerful voice, it makes you forget about his appearance. He did lose a lot of weight later on.

  11. Birgit,

    The only song from your teen years I recall is "Stairway to Heaven" which is a beautiful soft rock ballad. Do check with your doctor about the bleeding. I don't recall having any issues whatsoever after my hysterectomy. Take it easy, my friend. Hugs!